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The 2023 SBW Berlin Scholarship /Apply Now

 This blog post is about  The 2023 SBW Berlin scholarship which is ongoing! and it is mainly for persons studying abroad. this post will help you to know the application procedure, benefits as well as the  qualifications to be awarded this scholarship

SBW Berlin Award 2022-2023 fully-funded scholarship for students from abroad. The scholarship is available for undergraduate and master’s degree students. This scholarship grants a 100 percent tuition fee waiver, monthly stipends accommodation, travel allowance, and many other advantages.


SBW Berlin supports educational projects throughout the world. Through our SBW Berlin Scholarship, we help to promote international progress and the diffusion of knowledge and education.

SBW Berlin Scholarship SBW Berlin Scholarship supports young foreigners who come from families with financial hardships and utilize the skills they acquire while studying in Germany to help fund long-term projects for non-profit organizations, particularly in their countries of origin.


We offer our scholarship for Master’s and Bachelor’s degree programs within Berlin and Potsdam in accordance with the student’s academic achievements as well as their personal talents and their social requirements. In general, all science and artistic fields can be supported. In some circumstances, we may also help with vocational education at Berlin and Potsdam. Study funding within your country of residence as well as in another German Federal state is not covered.

Scholarship Outline

  • Level of Study: Undergraduate, Masters
  • Institution(s): SBW Berlin
  • Learn in Germany
  • Opportunities Focus AreasAll fields
  • Program Duration: Based on the choice of degree.
  • Deadline:15th of May till the 30th of June And  November 15 through  December 31 each year.
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Scholarship Scope

SBW Berlin Scholarship provides the recipients with the following advantages:

  • Room in our shared flats for students in Berlin
  • The cost-of-living allowance is the amount that is calculated by section IX.
  • Tuition fees
  • Maybe you can also get a travel allowance for the trip you take to Berlin prior to the beginning of your studies as well as for your return journey after you’ve finished your studies.

Qualification Criteria for the 2023 SBW Berlin Scholarship

To be eligible for SBW Berlin Scholarship, the applicant must meet all of the following conditions:


  • Required Language: English.
  • World Countries Eligible: All world countries.
  • Age Limitation Age range 18-30
  • The applicant must be at least one year prior to the start of their college degree or fully enrolled for their first or second or maximum. third semester of recognized state universities (in Germany or abroad) or apply for a Master’s degree after or prior to obtaining the Bachelor’s degree. The average grade is correlated with an average German standard of 2.0.
  • Candidates who can show a very modest net income. The household income of the applicant does not exceed the median income officially declared for their country of residence. The household income of all members, as well as any income sources for families (e.g. through employment, business activity such as property, child benefits,s or pensions), are taken into consideration.
  • Extra-curricular Activity Experience: Candidates who have professional or volunteer experiences in the non-profit sector.
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How Do I  Apply For The 2023 SBW Berlin Scholarship?

The 2023 SBW Berlin Scholarship

Please follow the below instructions for submitting an application to be considered for this scholarship.

Be sure to have acceptance, admission, or proof of your admission to a college or university within Berlin or Potsdam.

(1) Fill out your application on the form.

(2) Fill in your contact and personal details and upload your photo.

(3) Provide details about your previous and current education.

(4) Provide more information on the following:

  • Your parents and other members of your family.
  • Most recent university or school certificate
  • Highest school leaver certificate
  • Highest degree earned from a university
  • The current job and the career you want to pursue
  • Training, in the case of vocational training applications
  • Professional experience and internships
  • Your talents, hobbies, and passions
  • Travel abroad experience
  • Volunteering experience

(5) Include the following documents:

  • Motivational note (1 or 2 pages)
  • Copy of your university or school diploma that indicates your GPA
    and an overview of the grade
  • A copy of your top academic diploma (high school diploma, university degree) with
    Your grade point average as well as an overview of your grade
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If you have copies, the following documents are also available:

  • Admission to university or proof of your admission to a university
  • Internationally recognized certificate of language for the language you speak. you
    Studies will be taught
  • All previous work or training, apprenticeship, internship certificates as well as references
  • If you’ve started learning: so far, you’ve received university diplomas and records
    of accomplishments (graded and of achievements (graded and)

We encourage all applicants to provide the following documents in addition to their application that isn’t required:

  • Two or three letters of recommendation from school teachers, professors, or employers, for example.
  • proof of the household’s net income

Notification: Non-certified copies and translations are acceptable to submit an application. If the applicant passes the screening process, certified copies of certain of these documents will need to be provided in the confirmation.

(6) The application, along with all documents and certificates must be sent in

German or English via email to 27******[email protected]***

The final decision as to the amount of the award of a scholarship (starting the next semester) is granted could be made

Expected to occur around the time of the first week of February and at the start of August each year.


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