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How to Successfully Apply for Toyohashi University of Technology Mext Scholarship 2022

Applications for 2022 are now open for the Toyohashi University of technology MEXT Scholarship in Japan.

One gets to travel, see around the world, learn new things and also meet new people, all these you get while getting an education at a reputable school.

Unfortunately, it is just a fantasy for many people as travelling and studying abroad is expensive.

One must consider travel costs, food, housing, transportation, tuition, and many other expenses. It’s not something one can do easily unless they are capable and have the means.

This article will explore everything you need to know about the MEXT scholarship, from what it is and how you can apply to all the requirements you need to qualify for the scholarship.

The MEXT Scholarships are of different types. One could look into each of them to know which they can go for, and they all have their unique requirements that must be met to qualify for the scholarship.

In addition to meeting the outlined requirements, one will also need to pass a few examinations to receive a recommendation from an embassy.

This scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for those who desire to travel to Japan to study but do not have what it takes to do so.

The Toyohashi University of Technology offers Fully Funded Scholarships to Study Masters and Doctoral Degree Programs.

The scholarship will cover all the student’s Expenses. The period of the Master Scholarship is 2 Years, whereas For Doctoral Scholarship is 3 Years.

Toyohashi University of Technology MEXT scholarship
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What is the Mext Scholarship?

The MEXT scholarship stands for (the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Scholarship) and is also known as the “Monbukagakusho”.

This is a scholarship given out every year to help international students enroll in Japanese universities.

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The MEXT Scholarship is a student program for those students who wish to be part of a Japanese university. No matter which level of the MEXT scholarship one applies for, there are two main requirements for getting accepted:

  • Get recommended by a Japanese embassy or consulate-general.
  • Get recommended by a Japanese university of your choice that takes you to study.

On will achieve the first through their application process, which requires a form to be sent to the local Japanese embassy close to you.

The second will be achieved by applying to different Japanese universities and stating clearly in your submissions that you are applying for the MEXT Scholarship.

To apply for this scholarship, you must be a citizen of a country that has a diplomatic relationship with Japan, and you must also have a valid student visa.

How to Apply for Mext Scholarship 2022?

Below are the following application instructions to apply for MEXT Scholarship 2022:

  • Visit the website of the Japanese Embassy of your country.
  • On the Education/Scholarship tab, you will see the MEXT scholarship.
  • You will have to Download the MEXT scholarship application form and fill it out.
  • You will have to submit the required documents to the Japanese Embassy of your country.
  • The Japanese embassy will conduct a written test.
  • After the written test, an interview will be conducted for the candidates.
  • Then, the successful candidates will be informed through email or the embassy website.

About Toyohashi University Scholarship:

  •   Country: Japan
  •    University: Toyohashi University of Technology
  •    Course Level: Masters & Doctoral (PhD.)
  •    Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  •    Application deadline:31st January 2022.
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Fields of Study:

Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanical System Design
  • Materials and Manufacturing
  • System Control and Robotics
  • Environment and Energy

Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering

  • Electronic Materials
  • Electrical Systems
  • Integrated Electronics
  • Information and Communication Systems

Computer Science and Engineering

  • Computer and Mathematics Sciences
  • Data Informatics
  • Human and Brain Informatics
  • Media Informatics and Robotics

Applied Chemistry and Life Science

  • Molecular Design Chemistry
  • Molecular Functional Chemistry
  • Molecular Biological Chemistry

Architecture and Civil Engineering

  • Architecture and Urban Design
  • Urban and Regional Management

Requirements for Toyohashi University of Technology Mext Scholarship

Below is the list of required Documents by the MEXT scholarship:

These documents must be provided to apply for the Toyohashi University of Technology MEXT Scholarship 2022 in Japan:

  • The Application form for the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship
  • The Field of Study and Research Plan
  • The Official Academic Transcripts from both undergraduate and graduate schools (Originals or Certified copies)
  • The Certificate of Graduation or Provisional Certificate from both undergraduate and graduate schools (Originals or Certified copies)
  • The Publication list for MEXT Scholarship Application
  • Abstract of Thesis (if it is completed) or a description of the thesis research in progress
  • A Proof of high performance or good achievement record
  • A Recommendation Letter
  • A Photograph
  • A Certificate of language proficiency
  • A CV (Any Format but must include all of your academic and employment histories.)
  • A Photocopy of your passport
  • A Declaration sheet for MEXT Scholarship Application
  • Academic Performance Entry Sheet

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Eligibility Criteria for Toyohashi University of Technology Mext Scholarship:

  • All the International Students outside Japan. Eligible Nationalities: Check Here for eligible nationalities
  • The Applicant Must hold a Bachelor’s Degree for Master Degree Program.
  • Must own a Master’s Degree for the Doctoral Degree Program.
  • The Applicants must have been born on or after 2nd April 1986.
  • An English Test Score or English Certificate from University.

The Official Website of Toyohashi University of Technology Mext Scholarship

To know more about MEXT Scholarship 2022, do visit the official website:

kindly visit the Official website of the Toyohashi University of technology MEXT Scholarship.

If one successfully qualifies for the MEXT Scholarship, they will receive the following:

  • 120,000 yen monthly for undergraduate students.
  • 146,000 yen monthly for Japanese Intensive Course students and research students.
  • 147,000 yen monthly for master’s program students.
  • 148,000 yen monthly for doctoral program students.
  • They will get an economy class air ticket to Narita or Haneda International Airport in Japan. (Currently, the MEXT Scholarship does not cover additional travel costs from the airport.)
  • A Waived or refunded application fees for the university.
  • A Waived admission fees for the university.
  • A Waived tuition fees for the university.

Roughly, one will receive around a minimum of $1,000 monthly to live, eat and travel in Japan and have all their tuition costs covered.

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