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About Scholarship Info Guide is a website dedicated to giving students and scholars the much-required help regarding their studies and obtaining their degrees in every discipline to help them graduate and get their certificates both online and in real traditional classrooms.

The site covers scholarship information, university reviews, internships, student visa, study loans, and grants for students locally and internationally. Giving them an edge for help with their studies.  

It also covers online courses and fields on how to get admission to study online in the best online colleges for all students majoring in different areas and disciplines. Helping students make the best decision on which online universities or colleges to apply for. helps students from developing countries get the necessary scholarship to study in a world-class university and get a prestigious certificate from these renowned schools and institutions.


Our goal is to make sure that students all over the globe get access to studies in renowned institutions and schools all over the world. This is our priority, and this makes us focus on updating our information constantly and making sure we give the latest funding tips to our audience. We list all degree opportunities (currently over 350,000 programs) in different destination countries.   


  • To create a platform for students and professionals to always find availability to scholarship and fundings.  
  • To provide online courses and degrees for students helping create more flexibility and ease to study anywhere.
  • To help connect students with online tutors and advisors and help them achieve their education dreams. 
  • To build the next world leaders through education and learning. 
  • To help students with the admission process and requirements through the course of their application.

We hope to serve our audience with standard information on various scholarship and online programs to help make learning and studies more fun and enjoyable for all generations of scholars, students, and professionals.