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How to Apply for Daad Scholarship 2022

If you have been looking to study in Germany with a scholarship, this article is for you.

We will be explaining what DAAD scholarship is, its benefits, and the step-by-step application process needed to apply for the 2022 DAAD scholarship.

This DAAD scholarship 2022 is not available for undergraduates but postgraduate students alone. To be approved/qualify for this DAAD, the student has to provide proof of two years of working experience.

Courses that are being approved under DAAD are those courses that have duration of more than a year and that are also less than three years.

The DAAD Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship for all international students. This DAAD scholarship is available to pursue a master’s or Ph.D. at top German Universities.

The DAAD scholarships cover 850 Euros for the graduate’s monthly payment and 1,200 Euros for doctoral candidates.

The DAAD scholarships give foreign graduates from both development and newly industrialized countries from all disciplines the chance to pursue a postgraduate or Master’s degree at the state or state-recognized top German university, and in exceptional cases to pursue a doctoral degree and to obtain/get a university qualification (Master’s/PhD) in Germany.

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Daad Scholarship Requirements for Masters

For you to be eligible for DAAD Scholarship 2022 for both Masters and Ph.D. in Germany, you as an applicant must meet the following criteria/requirements:

  • The Required Languages: German or English.
  • For international programs, the required language of instruction is English. You are required to submit an English language certificate, e.g., TOEFL or IELTS.
  • For other programs, the required language of instruction is German. You are required to submit a German language certificate, e.g., DSH or Test DAF. 
  • The Candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree (usually a four-year course) or a Masters degree in an appropriate subject.
  • The Candidates must have two years of professional experience at least.
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How to Easily get Daad Scholarship

The DAAD scholarship requirements are not so difficult to meet. To easily secure and get the DAAD funding, the applicants must first have completed their Bachelor’s degree or be in their final year of study.

There is no upper age limit for the DAAD scholarship, although there may be a maximum time to finish your Bachelor’s and take up a DAAD grant.

How to Apply for Daad Scholarship

  • The first step to applying for the DAAD scholarship is downloading the application form from the DAAD scholarship website. Then you fill in the form with your information.
  • The next step to applying for the DAAD scholarship is to download a Euro pas Specimen form to enable you to make a personalized CV with your hand-written signature.
  • Make sure that you also have a motivation letter that is also hand-signed and that lists your working history and references.
  • The universities may request a research proposal, which you must send with your application.
  • Make sure that you also attach a recommendation letter from your previous university.
  • Ensure that you also attach a professional referral letter from your previous employer.
  • There are English and German proficiency tests that you can sit for. These include;
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IELTS: The individual universities approval scores are set and determined by the course of study.

The German Language: This is a must test for students who choose to study courses that are taught in German. The TOEFL test is not accepted.

  • Besides the documents required to apply for the DAAD scholarship, one should also find out if other documents may be needed to facilitate their study.
  • One can apply directly for a course at any German university in various ways. German universities allow an online application, while some require you to send hardcopy applications through postal services.


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The Benefits of Daad Scholarship

  • The Postgraduate students get 750 Euros monthly allowance.
  • The Doctorate students get 1000 Euros monthly allowance.
  • Both the postgraduate and doctorate students get health insurance coverage.
  • There is a provision where the students can receive a travel grant.
  • The students also get to study for free in a German university
  • The students get accommodation for free at the university
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One can write and submit their application in either English or German. However, ensure to check the details of the application to be that they did not specify the language.

Students selected for this scholarship are given a chance to be enrolled in German universities.

The scholarship also comes with a monthly allowance that helps students cater for their daily expenses.

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