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DAAD Scholarships for All Students – APPLY NOW

The goal of the DAAD scholarship is to create graduates of responsible character with the expertise and knowledge for the profession and national leadership. In this art, we will guide you through how to apply for this award with success.

DAAD Scholarships for All Students - APPLY NOW

What are DAAD Scholarships?

DAAD scholarship is among the prestigious awards in Germany alongside other scholarships offered internationally to students who are completely covered. DAAD scholarship is intended to cover the student’s tuition and different needs related to education, such as meals, books, and transport.

DAAD Masters Scholarship 2022

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) DAAD (German: Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) is the most prominent German support organization in international academic cooperation.

The scholarship provides foreign graduates from developing countries in all disciplines and a minimum of two years of work experience to pursue a postgraduate degree or Master’s degree in an accredited public or German university.

Additionally, in certain circumstances, earn a doctoral level and gain an academic qualification (Master’s/PhD) from Germany.

There are several similarities between the US with those in the German educational system for higher learning, and there are two significant differences that you must keep in mind when you think about studying for a master’s degree in Germany:

In Germany having a bachelor’s degree permits the student to be enrolled in the Master’s program. It isn’t feasible to enter the Ph.D. program with only an undergraduate degree.

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If you’re considering the Ph.D. program, you must have earned the Master’s degree. Find out more about how to pursue a Ph.D. from Germany.

In addition, they usually demand that your bachelor’s degree be in the same area (i.e., you’re a major) for the Master’s degree you’re interested in, a so-called “field of studies requirement.” In some instances, universities will also ask for work experience as a part of the application procedure.

Contact your institution directly to inquire about the requirements for applying to their Master’s programs.

What You Need To Know About DAAD Scholarships For International Students

The German Academic Exchange Service is the most significant funding agency globally, supporting international exchanges of scholars and students. Over 1.5 million scholars from Germany and abroad have been awarded DAAD money.

DAAD is an independent, federally-funded, and self-governing, state-funded institution that offers higher education institutions in Germany, representing the 365 German universities.

Students from high school who want national recognition are eligible to submit an application to be considered for Wendy’s High School Heisman ScholarshipThis is a scholarship offered in Germany for international students. It is available to undergraduate and postgraduate students who would like to attend university in Germany.

Level of study

 This is a grant in Germany for students from abroad, it is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students who want to pursue their studies in Germany.

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DAAD Scholarship Benefits

The benefits are as follow;

  • The scholarship will pay up to 750 euros per month
  • Insurance coverage for personal, health, and accident insurance as well as personal liability insurance coverage.
  • Travel allowance
  • One-off study allowance
  • Additional benefits are:
  • Contribution to tuition fees that can be at the expense of an institution (max. EUR 500.- per semester)
  • Subsidy for rent in the month
  • Monthly allowances for household members.

DAAD Scholarships Duration

A postgraduate or Master’s degree earned in Germany:

Between 10 to 24 months, based on the duration of the program you choose to study.

The scholarship is granted for the length of the expected time of study of the program of study chosen (up to 24 months). To be eligible for further financial assistance following the first year of study in 2-year courses, the evidence of academic accomplishments to date will be required to prove that the program will be successful during the regular study period.

If applicants are already living in Germany at the beginning of the semester of their two-year Master’s or postgraduate program when they submit their application are eligible to apply for a scholarship to the second year of their studies.

In the case of a study time during a study period in Germany in the course of a postgraduate degree or Master’s degree earned in the country of origin:

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One academic year is usually sufficient, and a second academic year is not feasible.

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DAAD Scholarships Eligibility

You must have a primary qualification (Bachelor, Diploma, or comparable academic degree).

For students from artistic disciplines and the field of architecture, The DAAD has a variety of subject-specific scholarship opportunities.

How to Apply for the DAAD Scholarship

The German application for the scholarship 2022 has to be submitted directly to the appropriate university. Application (or documents) submitted to DAAD will not be sent to the relevant classes! Applications must be made either in English or German for consideration.

Upload the following documents on the DAAD portal

Online application form

A complete curriculum vitae, in tabular format (max. three pages)

A brief statement of the academic and personal motivations to pursue a study program in Germany (letter to motivate; 1 to 3 pages)

Admission letter to the study program

Scholarship deadline

The German scholarships typically begin on the 1st or earlier if the student is enrolled in a language class prior to starting the study program.

The DAAD scholarships are an opportunity for all students to take advantage of and we encourage you to apply now.

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