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Questbridge Scholarship Award – Everything Applicants should know

The Questbridge Scholarship is one of the most need-based scholarships that are available to high school students all over the globe. This scholarship program is highly competitive in the USA and helps students who cannot afford a university education.

Questbridge Scholarship Award is available to help outstanding students who can’t afford a university education to rank 10-12 colleges of their choice. It allows them to apply for a fully-funded west bridge scholarship to any of these universities if they are eligible.

Questbridge, in partnership with 40 top colleges in the United States, offers a fully-funded scholarship through the National College Match grant to high school students who have financial limitations but are academically sound enough to pursue a university education.

Questbridge National College Match scholarships cover all costs of college and university financial requirements. These expenses include tuition, housing, board, travel, and study aid material expenses without parental contribution. The scholarship is fully funded, but students may need to work or save.

Questbridge Scholarship Eligibility and Requirements

To ascertain legibility, applicants for the Questbridge scholarship awards must meet the following requirements:

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Citizenship criteria

Questbridge Scholarship Funds are only available to citizens of the United States of America and permanent residents of the United States.

Academic history

Questbridge Scholarship applicants must demonstrate exceptional academic performance in high school and contribute to school growth.

Grade obtained

Questbridge Scholarship applicants must have the following grades

  • Primary A’s in the most difficult courses, including honors, AP, or IB.
  • Scores above 1310 on the SAT/IB Level
  • ACT Composite scores higher than 28.
  • The class rank is in the top 5-10% of graduating classes.
  • Strong writing abilities, intellectual ability, and determination can be demonstrated through essays and recommendation letters.

Financial status

Eligibility is determined by the financial situation of Questbridge scholarship recipients. The following criteria are considered for this category:

  • Students with sponsors earning less than $65,000 annually
  • All aspects of asset, ownership, savings and investment by sponsors are considered.
  • Questbridge scholarships are available to students whose parents have died or are divorced.
  • Candidates must have graduated from high school by summer 2022 and be enrolled as a freshman at college by fall 2022.
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Steps to Apply for Questbridge ScholarshipAwardQuestbridge Scholarship Award

These are the steps applicants need to follow to apply for the Questbridge scholarship.

  • Create an account online by visiting the website at Follow the account instructions. These steps include creating a password, confirming the password, email details, username, and full name.
  • Keep your registration. Before applying, applicants must complete the online form and give accurate information.
  • You can complete the Application by entering personal information like name, address, and email address.
  • The ability to answer questions and write well will increase the chances of getting a scholarship.
  • You can follow up on information posted on the website. Always check your email for any status updates.

Register for the Questbridge Scholarship Award.

The applicants should provide the following documents:

  • Online Application for National College Match that includes two essays
  • You will need two letters of recommendation from teachers who are experts in core subjects.
  • Applicants should provide reports from high school counselors.
  • You should have a high school profile.
  • A transcript from high school should be submitted.
  • Standardized test scores, either SAT or ACT.
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Quest scholarships are open to students who meet the above requirements.

Before applying for the Questbridge scholarship award, applicants must have all the required documents.

The scholarship board will verify the information before granting the scholarship.

Questbridge scholarship awards are awarded to students who have been granted a scholarship.

For more information, applicants should visit the website.


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