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How to Apply & Qualify for the Imagine America Scholarship 2022

Imagine America Scholarship 2022 is available for grants of up to $1,000 scholarships for adult learners with low or no secondary education as well as to high school seniors as well as recent high school graduates 19 and older who wish to pursue a careers education to pursue courses in vocational and career colleges or technical education at one of IMS’s 400 career schools.

Of course, you’ll be required to meet certain criteria and follow the easy procedure steps outlined below.

The Imagine America Foundation provides three scholarships for college students; Imagine America High School Seniors.

The Military Award Program (MAP) for military personnel and the Adult Skills Education Program (ASAP).

Imagine America Scholarship

What is Imagine America Scholarship?

Imagine America scholarship is sponsored by the Imagine America Foundation (IAF).

It is a career education grant offered to high school students who wish to pursue post-secondary education in participating colleges across the United States.

Learn about Imagine America Foundation (IAF)

The Imagine America Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving education for career advancement in America by offering scholarship programs as well as raising public awareness about the crucial role played by schools for career development, conducting studies, and recognizing the accomplishments of students and professionals who are involved in career-related education.

Students must show financial need to be eligible for this award.

The Imagine America Foundation (IAF) has been providing support to the community of career colleges since 1982 when it was founded.

IAF offers scholarships, awards, and financial aid information research on faculty and research, recognizes achievements in education for career advancement; and promotes and supports career colleges’ advantages for the general public.

Learn about Imagine America High School Scholarship

The Imagine America High School Scholarship Program was launched in 1998 to award high school students scholarships.

The annual scholarship program has assisted hundreds of school students to get a college education in numerous career schools across the United States.

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Every year, each secondary school across the United States and Puerto Rico can nominate up to five seniors graduating in the coming year to receive a one thousand dollars Imagine America scholarship.

What is the Military Award Program?

The Military Award Program (MAP) is a government-sponsored aid program that awards one $1,000 scholarship to eligible active-duty military members or reservists discharged with honor or retired veterans from a United States military service branch.

The MAP beneficiaries should plan to attend the college or university participating in IAF programs. IAF programs.

Whatever category of student applicants belong to being an Imagine America member means you’ll be eligible for numerous advantages.

It’s free to join IAF’s portal sign-up. IAF portal, you must create an account and log in.

You can download the IAF mobile app, follow your application, get notifications on your status, and access the entire IAF library with ease.

IAF app provides tools and tools that are perfect for all students of different ages and high school counselors, Career College, and university college administrators.

The process of matching your school to scholarship opportunities, applying, and checking the status of your application is now even more simple.

Scholarship Level

Imagine America Scholarships are awarded to high school graduates and are qualified active duty service members, Honorably discharged reservists, or veterans from the United States military service branch pursuing a post-secondary career and vocational college program or technical job education at one of IMS’s 400 partner schools for career education.

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Host Nationality

Imagine America Scholarships are awarded by and hosted in the United States.

If you’re an overseas student and would like to attend school within America, United States, Check out the most prestigious scholarships that are available to study in the United States

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Scholarship Benefit

The Imagine America Scholarships annually awards an unrenewable cash award of $1000 to allow applicants to fund their education.

Eligible Nationality

Imagine America Scholarships is available for students of legal age with citizenship in the United States.

Also, if you want to study in a different country, read these detailed and easy-to-follow instructions on applying and winning the Scholarship.

Scholarship Number

The number of applications for the Imagine America Scholarship was not disclosed.

The selection criteria for the Scholarship are determined by merit.

Eligibility for Scholarship

The applicants must meet the following requirements to be eligible for Imagine America scholarships:

Are you likely to succeed in graduation from a post-secondary school

Have a grade points average of 2.5 or more

Are you in a genuine financial need

Volunteer community service in the senior year

Scholarship Application Procedures

The application procedure for the Imagine America Scholarship, 2020, can be completed via the Scholarship’s website or mobile application.

The process is as follows:

  • Apply for this Scholarship via the IAF portal page OR download the Imagine America mobile app.
  • Create a login profile and follow the steps to guide you through the steps.
  • Select your status as an alumnus, student, or alumna job seeking.
  • Complete the details to create your profile.
  • After you’ve created your account, you’ll be prompted by an email to click “Apply for Scholarships” in the menu navigation.
  • In the section titled “Type,” select “HS” if you’re graduating from high school in the calendar year of this year.
  • Choose “ASAP” if you are an adult student of 19 years old or more.
  • If you’re a student in the military, choose “MAP.”
  • Find your school in our alphabetical list, then click on your school, then go through your details
  • Submit your application.
  • Take a look at the Financial Planning Made Simple (FPMS) video. This is a requirement for all applicants.
  • If you’re a high school student, your guidance counselor will forward your application for evaluation.
  • After they have approved the application, it is sent to the school for examination.
  • If you’re interested in the “ASAP” Scholarship, select your school by sorting “Program of Interest” or by state. From there, you can look over your scholarship information, and you can choose whether to submit your application.
  • Complete the National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT) Student Success Assessment.
  • When you have submitted your career college scholarship application, be sure to look over this IAS Students Roadmap for Success.
  • Monitor your status through the IAS application.
  • Give your parents an email with a URL to parents Roadmap towards Success.
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You can visit the scholarship website to apply for this Scholarship at the website at

Application Deadline

Interested candidates can submit the applications to Imagine America Scholarship, 2022, through December 31.

You can obtain more information about the Imagine America Scholarship on their official scholarship website:

Are you eligible for the Imagine Scholarship after high school graduation?

No. You must be in high school to be qualified for this Scholarship.

What GPA is required to be eligible for the Imagine America scholarship?

You must be a student with an average grade of 2.5 or higher to be eligible for the Imagine America Scholarship in high school.

How much does Imagine America Scholarship worth?

The Imagine award is worth more than $1000.


The Imagine America Scholarship is a great opportunity for students to further their education.

The Scholarship provides financial assistance and access to resources to help students achieve their academic goals.

I encourage all students interested in pursuing a degree to apply for the Imagine America Scholarship.

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