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Full List of National Merit Semifinalists 2022

National Merit Semifinalist List 2022 and the Finalist List 2022 has  announced the long-awaited.

Are you aware of what is the National Merit Scholarship Program is? It’s a scholarship program that offers scholarships to high-school students who have demonstrated outstanding academic capability and extraordinary aptitude in the fields of humanities, the art business, mathematics, and sciences. 

The program is managed through the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC), a privately-funded non-profit corporation.

High School winners receive $2,500 each to attend college in the USA.

National Merit Semifinalist

About National Merit Scholarship

The National Merit Scholarship Program is specifically designed for High School Students in the United States of America. 

Students can enter the Competition by taking their Preliminary National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (SAT/NMSQT). (PSAT/NMSQT).

This document is the initial screening requirement for about 1.6 million people each year. 

Names of students whose PSAT scores are sufficient will keep them in the running for a scholarship award.

Host Nationality:

National Merit Scholarship is awarded in various states within the United States.

Scholarship Worth:

National Merit Semifinalists will receive benefits of up $2500 to help fund their education or receive merit scholarships sponsored by a university or a corporation.

Commended Students

Each year in September, around 50k high school students who have high scores on the NMSQT or PSAT receive an invitation to call them up for a later Commendation. 

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This is to acknowledge their extraordinary achievement.

The students are ranked by an internationally applied Selection Index score that may fluctuate from year-to-year and is usually less than the required level to qualify for National Merit Semifinalists in their states.

While Commended Students cannot participate in the contest to win National Merit scholarships, some of them do get into the race for Special Scholarships offered by companies and corporations.

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National Merit Semifinalists 2022

In the early part of September, approximately 16,000 students, out of high scorers of 50,000, receive notification that they’ve been selected as National Merit Semifinalists.

To ensure that talented academic youngsters from across the United States are included in the pool of talent, Semifinalists are chosen according to a representative basis for each state. They are the top-scoring applicants for every state.

NMSC offers application materials for scholarships for Semifinalists via their high school.

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To be eligible for the National Merit Semifinalists, National Merit Semifinalists need to be promoted to Finalist in the contest by meeting high academic standards and the other requirements outlined in the materials given to each National Merit Semifinalist.

Eligibility for National Merit Semifinalist 2022

The National Merit Scholarship Program is an award-winning scholarship program that offers scholarships to students in high school who have demonstrated academic excellence.

To be eligible to be considered for this scholarship, students must be eligible for National Merit Scholarship Program, and students must take the NMSQT or PSAT and be within the upper 1% among test takers.

National Merit Finalists 2022

In February, around 15,000 National Merit Semifinalists received notices via mail to their homes that they had moved up to Finalist status.

Principals of high schools are informed and given certificates to present to the Finalists.

Criteria for Selecting a Winner for the National Merit Scholarship 2022

All winners of Merit Scholarship awards are chosen from the Finalist group based on their abilities, skills, and accomplishments–without regard to gender, race, ethnic origin, or religious preference.

There are a variety of data accessible to NMSC selection committee members to review the academic record of the Finalist as well as information on the school’s curriculum and grading system.

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 Two scores from tests and the school’s official’s written recommendation, details on the student’s involvement and leadership, as well as the Finalist’s essay.

How many scholarships are there National Merit Scholarship Finalist

A total of 15,000 applicants will then be finalists for the awards before Feb. 31st.

Determined by academic and extracurricular records, including recommendations, essays, and recommendations.

Finalists are awarded the $12,500 National Merit Scholarship or a merit scholarship offered by a company or college.

National Merit Finalist Winners 2022 Announcement:

The National Merit Scholarship Program winners will be announced at the end of February.

 Students will receive up to $2,500 annually during four consecutive years of undergraduate studies at any accredited college within the United States. 

We wish to congratulate all these winners, and we wish them the best for their academic future.


The National Merit Scholarship Program is an excellent chance for students who have demonstrated academic excellence.

The program offers a range of benefits, such as the opportunity to earn scholarships and awards and give students the chance to further their studies at the best universities in the country.

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