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How to Apply for Danish Refugee Council (DRC)

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has provided humanitarian aid and development programs in Yemen since 2008.

DRC concentrates on aiding refugees or migrants and people displaced due to conflict or natural catastrophes and focuses on areas facing access issues.

DRC offers protection and emergency WASH and mining risk education and the other regions and has headquarters situated in Sana’a, Aden, Hodeidah, and a number of other sites across Yemen.

As a response to the tense and ever-changing humanitarian crisis in Yemen, DRC has assumed the lead role in coordinating responses in IDP hosts.

The work at IDP sites involves working with local and international organizations to coordinate the implementation of humanitarian initiatives, assist local community-based mechanisms for managing sites and examine standards, needs, and inefficiencies.

Danish Refugee Council

Duties and Responsibilities

The Mine Action Medical Professional is responsible for carrying out instructions according to the instructions of TFM or as laid out within the SOP’s of HDP.

The principal responsibilities and duties include:

The MA Medic must keep up-to-date information about work location and the contact information for all pertinent health facilities in the area.

Ensure that the medical equipment is in good condition and functions as stated in the Medical SOP and SOP on-site for requirements.

Stay alert and ready at all times during clearing operations on the job.

Ensure that the Ambulance or safety vehicle is in place and equipped to evacuate a casualty.

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Maintain a high degree of hygiene for the entire workplace and the Ambulance always.

Check the legitimacy of medical equipment and other equipment daily.

Any issues or concerns regarding medical coverage equipment, medical kits, or other equipment in the area of operation for the Leader of the Team.

When there’s an incident or accident that requires medical assistance, the doctor will provide the required assistance to stabilize patients until MEDEVAC or CASEVAC is available or transfer the injured person to the nearest appropriate medical facility.

Create a CASEVAC plan for each working Site Map and write it following the HDP SOPs

Conduct a Casevac exercise at least once per month when establishing the new task site or when a request is made from the DRC HDP TL or DRC HDP TFM, or DRC HDP OM.

A MA Medic is required to utilize a handheld radio or another communication device (cell telephone) to track the progress of mining operations and keep a connection to the HDP Radio Operator.

  • Take direction and report to The MA Team Leader as directed by the MA.
  • Conduct periodical refresher/continuation medical training for all project staff.
  • General support is provided in the context of the HDP operations in the theatre.
  • Offer relevant emergency room ambulatory experiences in trauma-related situations.
  • Effectively communicate with physicians and hospitals that you are receiving from.
  • Make sure that a high standard of conduct is met. c8vSo1x Dml9Rv
  • Coordination and management of the Site
  • Make sure that the staff is fit before heading out on the field
  • Check that the Ambulance is in good condition and kept clean throughout the day.
  • Make sure that you are integrated with the other DRC sectors
  • Perform other duties and tasks as directed by the Line Manager.
  • Support and assist other DRCHDPsectors in their daily activities.
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To succeed in this job, you should be able to:

  • Minimum two years of direct experience as a nurse or paramedic
  • Excellent computer skills and Internet usage.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal abilities.
  • Exiting or resigning from governorates targeted for.
  • Excellent time-keeping and prioritization skills.
  • A commitment and understanding of HDP/DRC’s aims and values.
  • Strong relationships with the local community and other key individuals.
  • Creative, ethical, reliable, energetic, and passionate.
  • Ability to handle several tasks under pressure and to adhere to tight deadlines
  • All DRC employees are required to be able to demonstrate the following essential competencies:
  • Always striving to be the best – and continuously seeking ways to grow professionally.
  • Leading by example – showing an attitude of positive initiative in situations when leadership is needed.
  • Communication – the ability to be attentive, provide space, and communicate concepts and thoughts to other people with respect.
  • Integrity – adhering to the highest ethical standards for professional and personal life.
  • The language: (indicate your fluency)
  • Professional proficiency in written and spoken Arabic as well as English.
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DRC will grant applicants an agreement that will expire in 2022 on the 31st of December and is renewable based on the performance and funding.

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Duty Station (Mocha)

The terms and conditions of employment will be in line with the Danish Refugee Council’s Terms of Employment.

This job will be placed in Band (NMH) Level (1) as well as report to the DDG Tech Field Manager.

Process of application

Are you Interested? You can apply for this position by clicking Apply Now or the link below.

All applicants need to submit an application cover letter and their CV that is up-to-date (no more than four pages).

Both documents must be within the same format as this job note. CV-only applications will not be taken into consideration.


The Danish Refugee Council is an international non-governmental organization that has been providing relief and development assistance to refugees and internally displaced people since 1950.

The Danish Refugee Council offers a comprehensive range of services to refugees and IDPs including food, water, shelter, medical assistance, and education.

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