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15 Best Paying Jobs in Natural Gas Distribution in 2022

The natural gas industry has many professionals and offers a variety of job opportunities. Working in this field can be a good career path because of the top-paying jobs offered and the experience you get.

Natural gas exports are employed in various locations, including offices or fieldwork, making it possible to find work within your preferred setting. This article will review the top-paying jobs in the distribution of natural gas.

Natural Gas

How to Work in the Natural Gas Industry

If you’re looking for the highest-paying jobs available for natural gas distribution, the best essential tips to know are

Do not get intimidated by the industry of oil.

Your current position, education, and work experience will not keep you back. There are various kinds of natural gas jobs for engineers of all levels, including pipeline jobs that require welding engineers to turnarounds in oil refineries that require the management of talent acquisition.

Many fields, including construction and power, offer transferable abilities. Headhunters are looking for people with skills and the desire to study.

Discover your passion

Petroleum jobs do not just involve being on offshore rigs or drilling platforms. Numerous different skills are required throughout the natural gas project’s entire life cycle, moving from concept to decommissioning and then, finally, refining.

Obtain engineering experience

Numerous major natural gas firms, including Shell, Chevron, BP, ExxonMobil, and Total, offer apprenticeship programs to provide you with an insight into the work in the field. However, to be considered for the program, you need to have completed your studies in a related area.

Do not be worried that you did not pursue STEM-related engineering subjects. There are still programs that are in various locations which are keen to educate students to become engineers.

Take into consideration the advantages and drawbacks of having a job within the oil sector.

Jobs in the oilfield and offshore change constantly, and requirements for engineering change when projects are developed. The energy sector provides a wealth of opportunities to travel around the world and various challenging technical problems to resolve.

Being a part of the natural gas engineering industry allows you to travel worldwide while stimulating your brain.

It is crucial to recognize the issues faced by working in international engineerings, like being from family and friends and working all day, meeting strict deadlines, and working flexibly to meet project requirements.

Move up the ladder to get your foot into the market and acquire the expertise to grow your career. In exchange for the hard work you put in, you’ll be rewarded with an exciting career path over the long term and financial benefits.

Are the jobs In the Natural Gas Distribution Sector Worth it?

Yes. Apart from the excellent salary and other benefits, working in the natural gas sector has many advantages, and many of them aren’t available elsewhere. These benefits include:

Competitive Health Advantages

Natural gas firms employ a wide variety of employees, and each group uses healthcare differently. Therefore, the industry needs to offer affordable health benefits that satisfy the requirements of all employees.

This is why numerous companies offer customized medical and health benefits. Junior employees, for instance, could be entitled to lesser and more practical uses than employees in higher jobs.

Opportunities for Advancement

The natural sector offers thrilling career options and opportunities to advance. Beginning with an education degree from high school and moving up from the bottom and moving up to the highest levels.

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While highly skilled professionals will be sought-after in this field, many people of the Generation X Boomer generation will soon retire, which has left many firms scrambling to fill vacant positions.

They are often open to hiring students or recent high school graduates and provide them with the necessary training to assist them in advancing their jobs.

Continual Education and Training

Training and learning regularly help the employees in the Natural Gas Industry and the companies.

Training employees and providing them with opportunities to acquire new skills increases efficiency in general performance. This is an essential element in the retention and advancement of employees for the natural gas sector.

Companies want to keep those employees they have put their money into and help them grow in their careers.

Work-Life Harmony

The long hours needed by employees and the hours spent away from home are the most distinctive feature of working in the natural gas sector.

Natural gas companies know about the current situation and are prepared to offer flexible working hours and recreation, and time off.

This helps employees stay away from burnout and stress. However, it also increases the overall satisfaction of employees and increases productivity.

Vacation Possibilities

Since the natural gas industry covers the entire globe, you’ll probably travel between different countries between the project sites.

Specific oil jobs require work on the ground, and some need work on rigs located offshore or in the water. It’s not just about diversifying your work-related setting, but you’ll be able to avoid burnout by not repeating the same routine every day.

Payrolls that can be in the market

The natural gas sector pays well, and in fact, it’s one of the top-paying industries. In the same way, there are plenty of possibilities for advancement, especially for those just starting out There is also the chance of earning more.

Drilling engineers pipeline operators, geoscientists, pipeline operators, and field engineers are highly sought-after, and their pay is also very high. Contrary to other fields when the cost of oil increases as do the wages of gas and oil workers.

15 Best Paying Jobs in Natural Gas Distribution

The distribution of natural gas business employs different kinds of professionals, ranging from engineers to accountants, chemists, and accountants. The highest-paying jobs in the natural gas distribution industry include:

1. Driller

Salary: $50,862 per annum

Drillers are workers in construction who operate large drilling machines. They need to be educated and adhere to the safety guidelines for equipment. Drillers can choose which tools to use according to the materials they’re drilling into.

Drillers employed in the natural gas industry link pipelines to natural gas pockets in the underground. Drilling is significant to the use of energy and is among of the highest-paying jobs in natural gas distribution.

2. Gas technician

Salary: $53,682 for the year.

One of the highest-paying jobs in the field of natural gas distribution is gas technicians. Gas technicians are employed using natural gas pipes and faucets as well as appliances. They install and repair industrial and domestic equipment and machinery. They could also be responsible for making sure that pipelines are correctly connected to natural gas extraction facilities.

3. Distribution expert

Salary: $54,710

To transport goods Distribution specialists work in conjunction with transport networks. They operate machines to load and unload vehicles and interact with suppliers.

Distribution specialists within the natural gas sector work with construction teams in order to find the equipment and materials needed for completing a task. They can transport equipment to a gas harvesting facility. It’s among the highest-paying jobs in the field of natural gas distribution.

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4. Contractor for drilling

Salary: $54,833 per annum

Contractors that specialize in the operating of drills are known as drilling contractors. Since they are contractors, rather than employees of a big construction firm Drilling contractors are typically accountable for the maintenance and supply of the equipment they own.

Drilling contractors from the distribution of natural gas drill down into the ground to discover natural gas pockets. They may employ their equipment for the distribution of natural gas.

5. The supervisor of the distribution center

Salary: $58,771 per annum

The professionals who oversee warehouses and distribution centers act as supervisors of distribution centers. They oversee logistics along with construction companies and utilities to ensure that the equipment used in the natural gas sector is moved at the right time to its proper location.

Directors of distribution centers work together with their teams to ensure that products get through their facilities and to the most appropriate individuals. It’s one of the most lucrative jobs in the field of natural gas distribution.

6. Construction supervisor

Salary: $60,000 per year

Construction supervisors oversee construction sites. They work closely in conjunction with construction workers to assure the specifications of their clients are fulfilled.

Construction supervisors also work closely with engineers and architects in order to make sure that the construction is code-compliant and free of errors.

They are employed at gas harvesting sites within the gas sector. They assist in the design of systems to collect it efficiently and quickly. It’s among the most lucrative jobs in the natural gas distribution industry.

7. Project accountant

Salary: $61,016 per annum

Project accountants are professionals in finance who handle the finances and budget of a project when it is running. They collaborate alongside project managers and engineers to ensure that every stage in the process is completed within the deadline and budget.

Project accountants might perform occasional audits to eliminate any discrepancies within the account. Project accountants typically manage the pipeline’s finances in the natural gas industry.

A good accountant plays a crucial function in managing funds, along with numerous others. Discover: Accountant Job Description Template For 2022

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8. Designer

Salary: $62,419 for the year

Designers are employed in various fields and are generally responsible for generating innovative strategies and solutions. Designers working in the natural gas sector work with construction and drilling teams to design timelines and delivery methods.

They could be working on developing pipeline systems that move natural gas away from the source to its destination.

Designers can also assist by looking at the process of production as well as suggesting methods to increase efficiency. This is among the highest-paying jobs in the field of natural gas distribution.

9. Transportation manager

Salary: $63,449 per annum

Transportation managers supervise a group of professionals in transportation to ensure that they move as efficiently and efficiently items and materials as they can. This usually includes operators and drivers.

Transportation managers in the natural gas sector collaborate with their teams to obtain the supplies needed by the construction team for building pipelines. Transportation managers also manage the transport of personnel to and back to their worksite.

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10. Operations manager

Salary: $63,595 per annum

Operations managers manage the various teams that are involved in the creation of a service or product. They ensure that they can meet their development goals in terms of deadline and budget.

The managers of operations working in the natural-gas sector interact directly with the pipeline’s construction team to ensure they have the necessary equipment and supplies. They also collaborate with local officials to determine the best route to take for the channel. It’s one of the highest-paying jobs in the natural gas distribution industry.

11. Distribution manager

Salary: $70,741 annually

The distribution managers are experts who supervise teams of employees at distribution centers. To ensure that their products are high quality, they perform tests and repairs on products that leave their facilities.

Distribution managers within the natural gas sector work with construction teams to supply the necessary materials to construct pipelines and gas distribution to customers.

They also build relationships with vendors and seek out materials at affordable costs.

12. Project manager

Salary: $73,922 per annum

From beginning to end, project managers are in charge of every aspect of a project. Project managers involved in the natural gas distribution plan their logistics with pipeline teams, distribution teams, and utilities.

They interact with their clients regularly and provide information on how they progress with the project from beginning to end. It’s one of the most lucrative jobs in natural gas distribution.

A certification in project management will give you an advantage in the market. Discover: Top 15 Best Project Management Certifications For 2022

13. Project engineer

salary: $75,818 per annum

Engineers are responsible for the technical and engineering aspects of the development process. They estimate the number of materials needed, conduct research on the site, and design efficient solutions.

Most project engineers work on-site instead of working in an office to better communicate with their colleagues.

Project engineers in the gas sector examine natural gas fields to find the most suitable locations to drill and which equipment to employ. It’s among the most lucrative jobs in the natural gas distribution industry.

14. Health officer for the environment

Salary: $76,036 per annum

Environmental health officials ensure that safety and health codes are being followed. They check workplaces and safety facilities, and these places ensure that workers aren’t in danger due to unsafe methods.

Environmental health officials are familiar with federal and local building codes and can decide whether a building is safe to live in.

15. Construction manager

Salary: $77,238 for the year.

Construction managers ensure that their teams are well-organized and oversee construction sites. They must delegate work and develop work schedules for their workers.

Construction managers are specialists in techniques for construction and can instruct workers on the best ways to operate the equipment and heavy machinery necessary for their projects.

They typically use drilling equipment and the different tools needed to build the natural gas industry pipelines. It is among the most lucrative jobs in the natural gas distribution industry.


The natural gas distribution industry is a great place to work with many opportunities for growth.

The 15 jobs listed are some of the best-paying jobs in 2022.

If you are looking for a career in the natural gas industry, these are great places to start.

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