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How to Become An Aircraft Mechanic in 2022

Occupation as an aircraft mechanic can be very lucrative. However, you’ll need attention to detail, a deep knowledge of planes, and most importantly, proper training.

A high school diploma or equivalent is required to be employed as an aeroplane mechanic. In addition, to earn a living in aircraft mechanics, you could need accreditation from an FAA-approved maintenance technician training school.


What Does An Aircraft Mechanic Do?

Airline travel is among the most secure modes of transport currently available; commercial and military sectors depend on it to ensure efficient operation.

Due to the massive demand for airline services, guaranteeing that aircraft are adequately maintained is crucial. In the end, the need for aircraft mechanics is increasing throughout the decades, and the mechanics of aircraft are the ones who perform regular maintenance on all kinds of aircraft.

An aviation mechanic can spot risky aircraft situations and then perform maintenance, repair, and replace parts of flying machines, such as aeroplanes and helicopters. They make sure that all the mechanical components of an aircraft comply with the safety and operating standards. The following is a complete list of the aeroplane mechanic’s obligations:

Inspecting Aircraft Systems: Inspections of aircraft involve the inspection of the aircraft’s parts. Regular checks are carried out by aviation mechanics to spot possible flaws and to confirm that the plane is fit to fly.

Diagnosis of Operational Issues

Conducting tests to determine the cause of a malfunction is a vital part of the work of an aircraft mechanic. They can run tests on engines, electrical systems or safety equipment, and any other component that makes up an aeroplane.

Measuring Aircraft Parts

This includes measuring aircraft parts using gauges and other instruments to determine the minor levels of corrosion and wear as time passes.

Studying and analyzing instructional manuals

Manuals for mechanics on aircraft are also used to gain knowledge about special equipment and then use the manuals to solve problems.

Cleaning Mechanical Parts

Aircraft mechanics increase the efficiency of their maintenance by cleaning both the outside and inside of their aircraft regularly. They tend the mechanical components to keep the plane in top state and to stop the risk of corrosion, rust, or the accumulation of chemicals.

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Updating Maintenance Records

Documentation in detail is essential to complying with industry standards and ensuring that passengers are protected throughout the day. Aviation mechanics are in charge of recording and tracking every aspect of their repairs, maintenance and modifications and how their efforts affect the plane’s performance.

Knowing the function of an aviation technician, let’s look at the mechanic for an aircraft pay.

How Much Do Aircraft Mechanics Make? 

Aircraft Mechanic Salary

The salary of a mechanic for an aircraft varies on many variables like education and specialization, certifications and locations, and the industry and expertise. On February 25, 2022, the median aircraft mechanic’s wage within the United States was $90,408, according to However, the range often is between $78,760 and $101,915.

If you’ve now learned about the different roles played by an aircraft mechanic and the mechanic’s salary, you’ll know that this is a great one to pursue, and, If you’re a person with a love for aviation, you should explore the passion. Let’s examine the abilities required to become an aeroplane mechanic and how to become one.

What Are The Skills Required For An Aircraft Mechanic?

It is necessary to have a blend of technical and soft skills to be a successful aviation technician. In the end, developing your expertise in a handful of critical areas will help in preparing you for a career as an aviation mechanic.

These are the most crucial skills you need for becoming a mechanic in the aviation industry:

Attention to detail

Inconsistencies in the mechanics of a small part can cause significant problems for an aircraft Attention to detail assists mechanics in identifying things that aren’t right or damaged, so aircraft mechanics should pay particular concentration on the smallest of details.


Aircraft mechanics employ critical thinking, problem-solving, and troubleshooting skills to find the cause of mechanical issues within their vehicles. Troubleshooting requires applying logic and reasoning to analyze all possible reasons for the case that occurs within the aircraft.

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Repairing an aircraft is physically demanding work that requires endurance and strength. The mechanics of aircraft can work for several hours working on one repair job, so you need to be able to concentrate and endure any discomfort until the task is completed.


Aircraft technicians utilize their reading skills when reading plans, manuals and maintenance procedures. Therefore, the ability to understand and read the instructions is a must be able to.


A booming aviation mechanic’s career depends on the teamwork and communication skills of pilots, engineers, and other technicians. You need to effectively communicate in writing to accurately document repairs in maintenance reports.

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How Do I Become An Aircraft Mechanic?

The work that an air mechanic does is incredibly technological. In; order to get the job, there are certain requirements that you have to meet. The path to becoming an air mechanic in various ways, including formal education or work experience.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can be an air mechanic:

You can enrol in a technical school

Going to a technical college with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) accreditation is the first step toward having the necessary qualifications to pursue an aviation mechanic’s career.

You’ll have to spend a lot of time at Aviation Maintenance Technician School (AMTS) studying the fundamentals of aviation mechanics before going on towards 750 hours, in particular airframe and powerplant education.

You’ll be taught all of the components and elements that make different kinds of aircraft operate at technical school before you can earn an aviation mechanic’s salary.

Earn a high-school diploma or GED

High school graduation is among the fundamental requirements to become an aircraft mechanic. To start this process as a mechanic and to begin earning a salary as an aircraft mechanic, you need to have an official high school diploma or a GED.

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You should consider taking elective classes in the area of aviation mechanics, If possible. Engineering, math, science and construction classes can help you build solid academic foundations to pursue a career as an aviation mechanic.

Choose a specialization

Choose the type of aviation mechanic you’d like to become before you begin building your technical knowledge.

Aircraft mechanics can choose from two sub-specialties that are acknowledged by the FAA the airframe mechanic and engine mechanic.

Airframe mechanics are accountable for the whole design of aircraft and their interface systems. On the other hand, mechanics of engines are responsible for the construction, repairs, maintenance, and construction of aircraft engines and fuel systems.

Therefore, you need to decide which one you prefer before you begin, graduate and earn an aircraft mechanic’s salary.

The complete FAA certification exam

Once you’ve acquired the necessary training or knowledge, before being certified to work and earn money, you’ll have to study for the certification test, which comprises written tests or oral interviews and field assessments.

You will also have to perform an actual demonstration and an in-person interview conducted by an experienced examiner following your successful completion of the written exam. The FAA website has sample tests and other resources that you can use to study for your examination before making the time.

Obtain inspection authorization

You can request inspection Authorization within three years’ working experience as an aviation mechanic. IA is the advanced level, expert-level certification for mechanics in the aviation field.

IA certified mechanics in aviation can conduct FAA-mandated aircraft inspections, authorize significant repairs, and operate repair shops. This certification means you can get a higher aircraft mechanic salary.


If you are interested in becoming an aircraft mechanic, there are many schools that offer programs in this field.

The training you receive will be comprehensive and will give you the skills you need to work on a variety of aircraft. Aircraft mechanics are in high demand, so this is a great career to consider.

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