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2023 Eastern Mediterranean University Scholarship

Ever wish to continue your studies in Turkey. 2023  Eastern Mediterranean University Scholarship is ongoing. In this post, we’ll discuss in detail the scholarship, its benefits, and the step-by-step application procedure.

Eastern Mediterranean University Scholarship 2022-2023 is a scholarship that can be funded for students from abroad. This scholarship is for master’s as well as Ph.D. studies. This scholarship grants 100 50 percent and 100 percent grants in Ph.D. programs and 50 percent scholarships for master’s programs.


High-quality education is provided at Eastern Mediterranean University through 108 undergraduate and school programs as well as postgraduate and doctoral programs offered through 12 faculties, 5 schools as well as Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School. While at the university, students have the opportunity to study an additional foreign language and participate in exchange student programs, and a wide range of social activities. Students are prepared for international career opportunities.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Masters, PhD
  • Institution(s): Eastern Mediterranean University
  • Research inTurkey
  • Courses Offered:
  • Business & Economics
  • Communication and Media Studies
  • Education
  • Architecture
  • Arts & Sciences
  • Dentistry
  • Health Sciences
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Pharmacy
  • Tourism
  • Program Duration:1-2 years for Master. 2-5 years for Ph.D. PhD
  • Deadline:January 18, 2022 / September 15, 2022
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Scholarship Coverage

Eastern Mediterranean University Scholarship covers 100 percent and 50 percent of awards in Ph.D. programs, and 50 % scholarships for Master’s degrees.


Eligibility Criteria for Eastern Mediterranean University Scholarships

To be eligible for Eastern Mediterranean University scholarships applicants must satisfy the requirements listed below:

  • Required Language: English
  • Inadmissible Countries: All world countries
  • Every Ph.D. program can grant either one 100 percent or two 50 percent tuition-free scholarships to students who are new to the program and Turkish citizens (separately) with the minimum CGPA for Bachelor’s degrees that is 3.00 instead of 4.00 or equivalent.
  • Each master’s degree program is able to award one scholarship of 100% and two 50 percent scholarships to Turkish citizens who are enrolled in the master’s program in their first attempt and have at least a Bachelor’s Degree CGPA which is 3.00 instead of 4.00 or the equivalent.
  • Additionally, a huge amount of tuition fees %50 scholarships are offered to new students from abroad who are enrolled in master’s programs.
  • English Language Requirement:  Master’s degrees that are taught in English and for all Ph.D. programs (in English and Turkish) Evidence of English proficiency is required. If you do not possess an official English qualification in the field of language that is compatible with the EMU requirements, your ability is assessed through an exam at EMU. Based on this assessment, one or more of the following scenarios will be considered:
    • You’ll take English courses, in addition to master’s program classes.
    • You’ll take in-depth English courses initially (with no graduate programs) prior to beginning your master’s program.
    • You’ll be excluded from participation in this program. English Language Support Program and start your postgraduate studies immediately.
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How to Apply for the Eastern Mediterranean University Scholarship

2023 Eastern Mediterranean University Scholarship

Please follow the steps below to be eligible for an Eastern Mediterranean University Scholarship:

(1) Fill out an application online form.

(2) A list of documents required to complete the application can be found below:

  • Attested photocopies of diplomas from a university or similar institutions (i.e. four years of study to earn the bachelor’s degree). English Translations are required when they’re in a other language than English.
  • A transcript that is official for the university level (Bachelor or Master) courses completed. A grade table or mark-up table for comparison if CGPA is not listed on your transcript. isn’t out of 4.00.
  • Three letters of recommendation (not needed in order to EMU students).
  • Include details of the application(s) to a scholarship or grant that you’ve made (add the required documents).
  • The documentation of the scores obtained in English or academic proficiency tests/exams. This is not applicable to programs in which the language used for teaching is Turkish. Native speakers must indicate their birthplace and their citizenship. Other applicants should present proof that shows the following English Proficiency Tests.
  • Please provide details about any grant or scholarship that you’ve received (valid for your current studentship in EMU) (add any supporting documents).
  • The passport photocopy or I.D. card.
  • Statement of Purpose or Intention (Please provide separate sheets of The reason for being a part of the program you have chosen in a way that explains your motivation and the specific areas that will be relevant to you in the field).
  • Specific documents for programs Architecture (Ph.D. and Master) Portfolio.
  • A passport-sized (approx. 6cm x 5cm) photos.
  • Proposal (for Ph.D. program applications).
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