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How to Apply for GSMA 2022

The GSMA is a global association that unifies and represents mobile operators and organizations in the mobile ecosystem and other industries to develop, discover, and bring about innovation that is essential for positive business environments and the improvement of society.

GSMA mission is to unleash the full potential of connectivity, ensuring that individuals, as well as industry and society, flourish. 

Our efforts include pushing policy and tackling the most pressing problems for society, ensuring technological innovation and the interoperability features that make mobile work possible, and providing the largest platform in the world to bring together the mobile ecosystem during MWC and the MWC along with the M360 event series.


About the GSMA

“Are you passionate about the opportunities and challenges brought about by emerging digital technologies?

Do you want to shape the views of the mobile industry and policymakers for the next decade?

This is a fantastic opportunity for an experienced strategy/policy professional to contribute to GSMA’s position as a thought leader in digital infrastructure policy.

You will join a core program of the GSMA and will have opportunities to engage with industry experts, policy thinkers, and government stakeholders across the world.

The ideal candidate should be analytically minded, gets a buzz in researching the digital and telecoms landscape, spots opportunities for impact, and create innovative ideas.

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I welcome candidates who have an interest in shaping policy for technology and bring ideas and enthusiasm from a diverse set of experiences.”

Organization: GSM Association (GSMA)

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

Office: GSMA Head Office London

About the Role

You will aid in developing an understanding of regulatory aspects of the latest developments in the digital infrastructure and ecosystems by conducting research to better be aware of their strategic and policy implications.

You will study the challenges and opportunities for the mobile industry, and devise innovative solutions to policy issues through collaboration with our members and other key stakeholders.

You will work in partnership with and draw on the collective expertise of your colleagues, leading industry experts, government representatives, and consultants.

The most important responsibilities are:

  • Develop a work plan to assess and respond to new regulatory challenges and opportunities in telecoms and digital infrastructure policy
  • Create policy documents that are both strategic and deep-dive that are relevant to telecoms and related fields.
  • Keep track of global telecoms related regulatory developments, examine the publications of external policy research and consider the conclusions about the implications of mobile policy for this industry.
  • Conduct periodic reviews of the latest rules and regulations, and also develop and achieve consensus for the industry’s position
  • Create clear and accurate briefing documents, case studies, and presentations on topics related to regulatory to governance groups as well as outside forums.
  • Establish and maintain strong relations with policymakers such as think tanks, associations, and associations from key countries (e.g., UK) and create a detailed narrative about digital infrastructure policy and inter-related issues.
  • Facilitate stakeholder workshops for mobile industry executives as well as officials from the government to discuss the results of policy research and policy recommendations
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The candidate will possess the following qualities:

  • A minimum of 10 years of experience in a related field (e.g., policies or technology, consulting, research) CzOsDCJ Dml9Rv
  • Experience and knowledge of research in policy or strategic analysis with at minimum three years of in-depth experience in the telecoms/ digital technology or telecoms-related company or a consulting firm
  • An accurate understanding of major business drivers and policy levers in the tech and mobile industries
  • The ability to engage credibly with all stakeholders, including industry, government, the academic community, and other associations for industry
  • Expertly-developed analytical and research skills, with proof of the use of research evidence and other sources to support regulatory analysis and ability to comprehend the bigger picture and to deconstruct and summarize complex data
  • An active approach to ensure the progress of the agreed modernization goals for regulatory systems, which includes challenging the status quo and creating coalitions to promote changes
  • Effective verbal and written communication abilities in English, including report-writing and making presentations for executives.
  • Well-organized and enthusiastic about managing multiple projects, using a planned method of working
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What GSMA Offer

Working for the GSMA gives you opportunities to participate in the mobile sector. You can influence the direction of mobile technology, regardless of the role you play. We offer competitive pay.

Our benefits include excellent opportunities for learning and development and generous holiday allowances, the opportunity to take four additional days off to pursue professional development, and many more.

For more information about the GSMA career opportunities, check out our careers website and our LinkedIn page, and our Twitter account.


GSMA is a valuable resource for mobile technology news and information.

The website offers unique insights into the latest mobile trends and developments and is a great resource for both industry professionals and consumers alike.

I highly recommend visiting GSMA to stay up-to-date on the latest mobile news and trends.

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