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How to Apply For Pat Tillman Military Scholarship 2022

Military service members and their spouses can secure postgraduate and undergraduate education funds starting in 2022, thanks to the Pat Tillman Military Scholarship.

Veterans of the USA are highly regarded for their devotion towards the nation. This recognition is displayed in various ways, including scholarships.

Learn more about how you could apply for Pat Tillman’s military scholarship in the article.

Pat Tillman Military Scholarship

About the Pat Tillman Foundation

The program was established in 2008.

The Pat Tillman Military Scholarship provides active-duty service members and veterans and their spouses by providing academic scholarships, a nationwide network, and opportunities for professional development that empower them to be a positive influence in their own country and around the globe.

Our goal is to connect and empower extraordinary military veterans and their spouses to be their generation’s next private and public sector leaders dedicated to giving back beyond self.

Pat Tillman Military Scholarship has the law, medicine, business, technology, education, arts, and much more.

Who is Pat Tillman?

Pat Tillman was an American footballer who joined the army in the aftermath of 9/11. U.S. terror attack of September 2001.

On one of those trips, his group was ambushed, and his bravery helped his fellow soldiers escape the canyon.

This caused his sudden and tragic death due to fratricide in April 2004 when he was working with his unit, the 75th Ranger Regiment in Afghanistan.

Although the tragic death of Pat might have been one of most widely covered during the War on Terror, it is Pat’s character, life, and service that make up his legacy.

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Pat’s family and friends founded the Pat Tillman Foundation. Foundation, the Pat Tillman Foundation to carry the legacy of Pat Tillman by providing spouses and veterans of the military who follow those ideals of education tools and the support they need to achieve their highest capabilities as leaders regardless of which way they choose to serve.

Level of Study

The Pat Tillman Military Scholarship Program is designed to help active-duty military personnel, veterans, and military members who want to go into a university or college for graduate and undergraduate studies.

Host Nationality

Pat Tillman Military Scholarship is to be awarded by students in the United States.

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Eligible Nationality

This Tillman Military scholarship is also available to anyone who is a U.S citizen if you want to go abroad to study.

Quick and comprehensive information on how to apply and win a scholarship.

Scholarship Benefits

The Pat Tillman scholarship amount covers costs for education, such as fees and tuition, books, living and other expenses.

But the scholars receive more than just financial aid; They also receive the following benefits:

The ability to join members of the Tillman Scholar Community and leadership opportunities within the network

Invitation to attend the annual Pat Tillman Leadership Conference in Chicago, IL

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Registration for this year’s Pat’s Run in Tempe, AZ, or Shadow Runs across the country

Access to mini-grants that allow you to attend professional training opportunities (conferences, workshops, conferences, and seminars)

Invitation to the most prestigious partner conferences, including Inc. 500/5000

Access to affinity groups with a long history and networks of talent acquisition for top firms throughout the U.S.

Participation in groundbreaking research studies on the military and veterans community

Opportunities to volunteer and meet with veteran partner organizations, such as Team Rubicon, The Mission Continues, and Team RWB

Your stories and highlights, research, and volunteer efforts are available on your Pat Tillman Foundation website Pat Tillman Foundation website and social media

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Scholarship Number

It is a Pat Tillman scholarship with about 60 opportunities available to candidates.

The eligibility requirements for the Pat Tillman scholarship

The eligibility for the Pat Tillman scholarship is reserved for those who fit into the following categories. The applicant must be a

  • Active and veteran military personnel
  • Veterans who have pre-or post-9/1 one military service across all branches of the U.S. Military, such as the National Guard and Reserve
  • Spouses of specialists who are currently married and Active Duty members of support, for example, living spouses
  • Keep a full-time student status
  • Maintain a good academic standing (3.0 GPA or above))
  • Senior veterans or spouses who are pursuing an education as a full-time student:
  • Undergraduate/Bachelor’s level
  • A graduate or specialist degree
  • At a private or public, U.S.-based accredited institution of higher education.
  • Full-Time as defined by your school and your program of study
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The applicants will need to submit the following documents:

  • DD-214 Documentation of community involvement or impact of service like military spouses.
  • Respondents for (2) essay-related questions that explore these topics such as military and public service motivations and adventures; and education and career goals.
  • A character recommendation from a third person
  • 250-word bio

If an applicant is successful in the selection process, they may seek out the following additional guidance at certain points in the time of selection:

  • Students Aide Reports from FAFSA
  • Two photos of serving in the military, or together with your companion
  • Award of Institutional Economic Aid letter completion of an identity-check

Pat Tillman Scholarships Application Procedures

Applicants can sign up and start participating within the Pat Tillman Military Scholarship Program to begin the application process. Tillman Scholars Program today.

To start applying, click here:

Contact Information: If you have any questions, email at [email protected]


The Pat Tillman Military Scholarship is a great opportunity for students who are looking for ways to pay for college.

The scholarship provides a great opportunity for students to receive funding for their education, and it also honors the memory of Pat Tillman.

I encourage all students who are eligible for the Pat Tillman Military Scholarship to apply.



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