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List of Jobs for MBA Graduates With Highest Pay 2022 – Apply Now

An MBA can provide you with valuable commercial capabilities and help build confidence, which is why if you’re seeking work in any business sector that involves commercial, you’ll be able to become more important.

This article explains more about what is, describes the types of jobs.

The MBA It is also possible to enhance Your Profits capacity and Average MBA Earnings to Stanford MBA graduates who graduated over three years later Graduation is more than $220,000.

Harvard MBA graduates can expect to earn around $210,000, while those who graduate from the INSEAD MBA make an average of $180,000 over the first three years after the program.


Meaning of MBA

MBA is a Master of Business Administration degree offered by business schools. The typical time for this advanced degree is two years.

An MBA shows that you possess crucial management and business abilities, including analysis, long-term strategy, and leadership.

MBA courses typically incorporate economics, accounting, and marketing classes, and students can choose to specialize in business.

Reason You Should Enroll for an MBA

The MBA can enhance your professional marketability and improve the quantity and quality of jobs you get. Nearly 98 percent of Wharton MBA graduates are expanding their job opportunities in full-time positions.

The MBA can also help build leadership skills and professional networks.

One of the biggest benefits of this particular degree can be that MBA holders typically earn greater salaries because their employers believe that they have more basic business skills and knowledge.

For instance, financial analysts who have an MBA typically earn much higher wages than those with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

Highest Paying Jobs for MBA Graduates

If you’re contemplating taking the plunge and getting an MBA or are just finishing your degree and seeking a job post Graduation.

Whatever the case, you’re headed in an appropriate direction. If you’ve completed or are planning to earn an MBA, These lucrative jobs might be available to you:

Management Consultant

Management consulting can be described as problem-solving.

Modern enterprises are faced with a myriad of issues that can adversely affect the efficiency of their operations.

Companies need to adapt to the ever-changing marketplace and rapid technological advancements.

Companies often require help making necessary changes for their finances. Business consultants can aid clients to achieve efficiency with suggested changes.

The typical MBA salary for management consultants begins at 165,000 per year, a rise in the revenue potential.

After ten years of completing the MBA, senior partners of firms like KPMG are likely to make between $450,000 and 650,000 per year.

Business Operations Manager

The responsibilities of a Business Operations Manager include monitoring business performance and analyzing the cost-benefit, and monitoring the production KPIs.

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To be the most successful business operations manager, you need to have expertise in the same or similar roles, be able to manage every aspect of business operations, and establish objectives for your company.

Additionally, you must possess excellent leadership abilities and be able to communicate the vision of your business at every level.

Business Operations Managers earn an average of $220,000. The highest-paid 25 percent earned $277,000 while the bottom-paying 25 percent earned $70,000.

Chief Financial Officer

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is the top executive accountable for the firm’s long-term financial objectives.

Alongside other senior managers, they seek out investors for funding, perform forecasts or analyses of profit, and ensure that financial reporting is on time and precisely.

CFOs holds an MBA in finance or accounting.

The annual average salary of the Chief Financial Officer is contingent on many different factors, and the average yearly pay of CFOs was $393,377 per year.

However, people in the top 25 percent could even 499,992 dollars a year.

Investment Banker

Investment bankers manage the financial aspects of their investments.

They are responsible for issuing debt and the sale of corporate equity and support for client mergers and acquisitions and guidance regarding investment opportunities, including derivatives.

The median salary for a US investment banker can be as high as $200,000 per year is $93.33 an hour. Beginning salaries start at $52,098 annually, while the highest-paid employees earn $263,750 per year.

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Senior Project Managers

Project managers with senior experience are usually thought of as more skilled project managers.

You can outsource larger and more complex projects and supervise several projects at once.

The specific specifications and job descriptions differ from one company to the next.

The median salary for high-level project executives is $208,231; however, the typical salary range is $168,536 to $1911,122.

Marketing Manager

The marketing manager promotes the company’s products, designs pricing strategies, and oversees the budget.

We are also looking to acquire new customers and grow our business further.

The national average pay for marketing managers is $184,000 annually, and the highest-paid 25 percent amount to $198,000.

Financial Manager

Financial professionals provide financial support and advice to help colleagues and clients make informed business decisions.

As a manager of finances, you require a thorough knowledge of the financial system and its processes and a sharp mind to manage complicated and intricate analysis and modeling.

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Financial managers earn an average of $160,000. In addition, the top 25% earn about $180,000.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Analysts in Business Intelligence (BI) analysts assist corporate executives to guide and develop ways to improve intra-departmental and inter-departmental collaboration that aids in better decision-making.

The median wage to business analysts who have many years’ experience comes to $131,000.

The median wage for analysts with less than one year of experience is approximately $95,000.

Chief Technology Officer

A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) will be the person accountable for the technical requirements and research and development needs of an organization.

The CTO’s responsibilities include communication with executives from other departments and analyzing the latest technologies that could benefit the efficiency of the business and overseeing the application and utilization of existing and new technology across every department.

An entry-level chief technology officer may make an average of 102,000, and Mid-career employees make around $135,000 on average.

Highly experienced Chief Technology Officers with more than 10 years of experience could earn up to 185,000 dollars annually.

Private Equity Associate

A private Equity Associate is a high-level manager within the investment banking industry who discovers potential investors, helps with the acquisition of investments, and conducts due diligence with current clients of the investment banking industry.

They can guide you on your business’s journey from start to the very end.

The top affiliates of private equity funds make between $110,000 and 140,000 as a base salary, and they can earn as much as twice that amount, including closing bonuses.

It all depends on how competent they perform.

Operations Research Analyst

Analysts in operations research are individuals who have quantitative thinking skills and can critically think, tackle difficult problems, and provide solutions.

Businesses are employing operations research analysts to enhance their processes.

Analysts in Operations Research earned on average $98,000. The top 25% earned $112,680 per year.

Senior Data Analyst

Senior data analysts design detailed and well-structured plans for analysis, including management data and billing, insurance, and other analysis of datasets and, more urgently, critical statistical analysis. Analyze data sets.

The median pay for top data analysts of $97,816. The median additional cash pay for senior data analysts is $14,817.

Product Manager

The product manager manages finance, development, and marketing teams to create new products.

The products are produced in time and within budget, and they also have to be accountable for marketing strategies and decide what features the product must include.

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The annual average pay for a manager of products is $95,000, and product managers usually possess an MBA focusing on project management or marketing.

Business Operations Manager

Business operations managers aid the various departments within a company in collaborating to reach their final objectives.

Additionally, we make choices regarding what our customers might purchase, and we develop policies for the company to help employees operate effectively.

The median salary for Operations managers is approximately $80,00 per year and the profit share of $9,000.

Marketing Specialist

They assist in the design and implementation of marketing campaigns.

They also help manage your company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, ensuring design and branding consistency across all platforms.

The median annual salary for marketing professionals is $78,000, and marketing specialists who have an MBA can earn as much as $65,000.

Healthcare Manager

Health care managers, also referred to by health managers, manage, direct, and oversee health care and other health services.

They can lead clinics across the entire facility and particular departments, clinical areas, or even groups of doctors.

The typical pay for a healthcare administrator is $85,000 annually. The highest-paid 25% of healthcare managers can earn as much as $100,000.

Accounting Manager

The accounting manager supervises the accountant. Establish processes and systems to analyze and report financial information.

Ensure that your business complies with regulations and promotes improvements to business processes.

The median salary for an accounting manager is $78,216 annually, and you may earn a bit more if you have an MBA.

Sales Manager

The sales manager is responsible for leading and directing the salespeople in your company.

Create sales goals and assignments, create plans for sales, study the data, assign regions and sales training, oversee sales team members, and be involved in the selection and firing process.

The median salary for a sales manager is $70,000 annually, with an annual cash bonus and an average of 30% commission per sale.

IT Manager

Information technology managers are the people who assist companies in navigating the ever-changing maze of modern technology.

The median salary for a US director of information technology is approximately $68,000 per annum

Public Service Manager

The public service manager oversees one or several national policies or programs and is directly responsible for the support, operational, or management tasks for the institutions or divisions of institutions of different sizes and accountability and complexity.

The average wage for a public sector manager is $65,000 annually.


The Jobs for MBA Graduates With Highest Pay are in consulting, finance, marketing, operations, and information technology.


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