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9 Jobs you can do After Completing a Master’s in TESOL

The field of TESOL could be a rewarding one if you’re interested in languages. If you’re thinking of obtaining an advanced degree in TESOL, you may wish to be aware of the opportunities for employment available to you.

One of the most well-known kinds of TESOL jobs is teaching, and there are plenty of related jobs to TESOL that aren’t in education.

This article will look at nine possible jobs after completing your master’s in TESOL.


What’s a Master’s level in TESOL?

Master’s degree focusing on TESOL is a master’s degree that focuses upon teaching English as an additional language.

It stands for teaching English to people who speak Other Languages. Sometimes, it is being used with Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

There are three degrees of TESOL education, including bachelor’s, certificate, and masters.

The majority of TESOL programs integrate theoretical knowledge with hands-on teaching experience.

Most master’s degrees in TESOL last two years and are usually designed to accommodate the needs of a wide range of students.

You might want to consider pursuing a master’s degree in TESOL If you’re looking to teach in higher education institutions or in areas where there are strict requirements for teachers and competition.

For instance, a highly competitive region in the world for TESOL jobs in the Middle East, and having the degree of a master’s can make you stand out if you’re looking to teach there.

9 Jobs you can do After Completing a Master’s in TESOL

Here are the nine jobs you can apply for with the master’s degree you earned in TESOL. For the most up-to-date Indeed salary, follow these links:

1. Adult Education Teacher

The average salary in the United States: $29,691 a year

Principal responsibilities: Adult education teachers assist people who want to enhance their education in fundamental literacy, GED training, and English as an additional (ESL).

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Adult education teachers typically work in nonprofits, community colleges, and correctional institutions.

Because their students are adults and may have responsibilities outside of school, teachers of adult education must be flexible with regards to things like class schedules, class load, and deadlines.

2. Academic advisor

Average national salary: 40,320 dollars per annum

Principal responsibilities: Academic advisers typically work in colleges to assist students in achieving the academic standards they set.

They can also guide on personal issues which could impact the students’ academic progress.

Academic advisers usually have meetings with students at least once per semester, but this could be flexible as students may request more sessions or need less guidance.

They are typically in charge of knowing the most current requirements for academics and university policies are available to students and follow up with students who seem to be struggling.

3. Training for corporate trainers

The national average salary is $49,032 for the year.

The primary duties of corporate offices might hire corporate trainers for the necessary professional development and education of their employees.

This could be a suitable alternative for those who have an education but don’t want to work in education.

Corporate trainers have responsibilities that could include creating training materials, managing the budget for training, and providing management with information on the progress of training.

4. Private tutor

The national average salary is 54,174 dollars per annum

Principal responsibilities Private tutors offer individual tuition to learners of every age who might require additional assistance in their studies or are studying for an examination.

Tutors are usually freelancers whose work can be carried out in various settings, including a student’s residence or school.

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Their duties can include creating personal lesson plans and plans of instruction, evaluating areas where students could benefit from improvements, and assisting students in learning how to improve their studies.

5. ESL instructor

The national average salary is $55,957 a year

Principal responsibilities: ESL instructors work with students of all ages whose first spoken language doesn’t include English.

They are primarily focused on teaching students to effectively communicate English by writing, reading, and speaking.

Because ESL teachers teach students from diverse backgrounds and with differing English ability levels, it’s essential for them to be proficient communicators, flexible in their teaching techniques, and aware of different cultures.

6. Instructional designer

The national average salary is $63,783 per annum

The primary responsibilities of instructional designers are to create learning systems, including curriculums and educational resources, and tools.

They study the latest developments in education technology and integrate these into the teaching process.

They can also serve as an advisor to schools by assessing the needs of their students and advising them on which technology is most beneficial for them.

Instructional designers also provide training to teachers and school staff on the latest learning systems and technologies and methods for using technology for teaching purposes.

7. Trainer for teachers

The national average salary is $66,258 per annum

Primary duties: Schools recruit teachers to train their teachers’ abilities. Trainers may be regular school employees or freelancers.

Trainers are often present in classes to observe the instructor regarding their teaching style and how they conduct their classroom.

They provide an evaluation that includes suggestions and goals.

Their duties could include one-on-one coaching, conducting seminars or sessions for training, and aiding in the improvement of the education curriculum.

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8. Curriculum leader

The national average salary is $77,252 annually

Principal Responsibilities: Curriculum directors collaborate with schools to improve the curriculum by reviewing materials and making suggestions.

Their main responsibility is to make sure that the curriculum of the school including the requirements for courses, textbooks, and tests, are conforming to any federal or state-specific requirements.

Other duties include assisting and mentoring teachers, reviewing evaluation procedures, and acting as a link between school administrators and teachers to aid in communication.

9. Head of the department

The average salary in the United States: $80,599 annually

The primary responsibilities of department heads often referred to as department chairs, are to manage departments at universities by managing staff and faculty, establishing departmental plans for improvement, and communicating their department’s needs to the other departments of the University.

They may also be professors in their department.

Other examples of a department’s responsibility include regular meetings with other departmental and University leaders, hiring faculty, managing the department’s budget, and ensuring that the department’s goals are aligned with the university’s overall goals.


A master’s degree in TESOL can lead to a variety of careers in the field of education.

The 9 jobs highlighted in this article are just a few examples of the many possibilities that are available to those with this degree. With a little research, you can find the perfect career for you that will make use of your skills and knowledge in TESOL.

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