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UNICEF Internship 2023 | Fully Funded + Certificate

There’s good news! The UNICEF Internship is currently available. This article will provide detailed information about the internship, its benefits, and the steps involved in applying.

International students are welcome to apply for UNICEF Internship 2022-2023. The internship lasts 6 to 26 weeks. UNICEF Internships will pay stipends, living expenses, and a lump sum to cover visa and travel expenses. The interns will also receive a grant to fund the internship project.

International students are welcome to apply for UNICEF. The length of the internship depends on where you live. Unicef will pay all living expenses, travel costs, and visa costs.

Students and recent graduates can get direct experience working with UNICEF through the UNICEF Internship Program. There are many opportunities for internships around the world.

UNICEF was one of few UN agencies that changed its internship policy to paid internships. Internships are available to students and graduates in various areas, including Program and Policy and External Relations.

Participants will have the chance to learn new skills, participate in a case competition and build a professional network. They will also get an inside view into small and medium-sized businesses and learn about our Global Business Organisation career opportunities.

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It will be a fully funded internship program in which applicants will be eligible for stipends, living expenses, a portion for visa costs, and any other funding that is relevant to the work. Interns will meet in multi-cultural settings. The internship will last between 6 and 26 weeks. Sometimes, the candidate will be required to work full-time.

UNICEF Internship Summary

  • Institution(s), UNICEF
  • Location Variable based on the availability of the opportunity
  • Internships: Social Work
  • Internship Period 6 – 26 Weeks
  • You can apply at any time during the year for an internship.

UNICEF Internship Benefits

UNICEF internships offer the following benefits:

  • Interns will receive a stipend during their internship.
  • All living expenses will be covered
  • To support travel and visa expenses, a lump sum will be paid.
  • A grant will be granted to the interns to contribute to funding the internship project.

UNICEF Internship Criteria

UNICEF requires that applicants meet the following requirements:

  • Languages Required: Fluent In English, Spanish, or French
  • Eligible countries: All countries
  • Candidates must be enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral program.
  • Candidates must be fluent in English, Spanish, or French.
  • Candidates must have a solid academic background.
  • Candidates must also be fluent in the language used by the office.
  • If a candidate’s immediate relatives work for UNICEF, they are not eligible.
  • Candidates should not be younger than 18 years.
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How do I apply for UNICEF Internships?

To win a UNICEF Internship, please follow these instructions:

  1. The official UNICEF website is where a candidate can find current jobs and other opportunities.
  2. Second, applicants need to determine which position they are best suited for.
  3. After being selected, they must create a profile on the official website.
  4. A cover letter will also be attached.


Visit the official UNICEF website to learn more about UNICEF internships.

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