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Apply now for the Google Summer Internship 2023 | $3300 Stipend + Certificate

Make the most of your google summer internships and get your ideal job in the area of programming computers. This article will explain a detailed Google summer internship, its advantages, and a step-by-step application process.

Google Summer Internship 2022 will be open to students from across the globe. The duration of the program will be three months. Google Summer of Code will pay a minimum of 1500 USD and up to 3300 USD according to your country of residence and your certificate at the conclusion.

The Google Summer of Code internship is an international program to engage more students in open-source software creation. Students collaborate with an open source company in a 3-month programmer project in their time off from school.

Take your summer off to write code and study open source development while receiving a small money-making stipend! Students who are accepted are paired with a mentor and are a part of open source communities. Many become lifetime open source developers. Google Summer of Code is available to all university students 18 years or older in most countries.

Google Summer of Code is an international program that introduces students to open-source software development. Students complete a 10- week programming project in conjunction with an open-source group during the time between the post-secondary academic program.

Since its beginning at the end of 2005, the program has brought together more than 16,000 students as well as 13,000 tutors and students from more than 118 countries around the world. Google Summer of Code has generated 38,000,000+ lines of codes for 715 free source companies.

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In the course program Google Summer of Code, students participate in a program that pairs them with a tutor from one of the participating organizations and gain exposure to real-world software development methods. Students can take a break during their school and college semesters, receiving a salary while working in areas that match their interests.

As a result, participants can discover and attract new developers to develop new features and hopefully remain to contribute to open source after the event is finished. In addition, more code is created and released for the benefit of all.

This is a remote (work at the house) internship. The entire development process is conducted online; you are not required to travel for the program.

Google Internship Summary

  • Institution(s): Google
  • Location: Online (Virtual)
  • Internship Focused Areas: Programming
  • Internship Time: The internship period is three months.
  • Internship Deadline: April 19, 2022. You can view the entire timeline by clicking this page.

Google Summer Internship Benefits

Google Summer Internship

Google Summer Internship will provide the following advantages:

  • A minimum of 1500 dollars and a maximum of 3300 USD Stipend, based on the country you reside in. Find out more here for more information.
  • The collaboration together with Big International Companies
  • Get Certificates at the End

Notification: Stipends are paid in two installments, one following every successful evaluation.

  • First Evaluation (paid July 19): 45%
  • Final Evaluation (born September 1): 55%

Apply in the following categories: CERN Short Term Internship (paid)

Eligibility Criteria for Google Summer Internship

The below requirements to be eligible to be considered for Google Summer Internship:

  • Required Languages: English
  • Country Eligible: All world countries
  • You must be 18 years old at the time you sign up.
  • It would help if you were in or accepted into a post-secondary educational program that includes an institution of higher learning, a university, a college doctoral program (masters or Ph.D.) undergraduate program or licensed coding institution, or a similar program on May 17, 2022 or has completed the program between the 1st of December 2021 between May 17 and May 17, 2022.
  • You must meet the requirements to be employed in the nation you will be in during your program.
  • You haven’t had the privilege of being accepted as a student in GSoC at least two times.
  • You must be a resident of an area that isn’t currently under embargo by the United States. Refer to the Rules of the Program for more details.
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What is the process by which Google Summer Internship works?


Students reach out to the mentor organizations they wish to work with and then write an outline of their plans for summer. Students will spend one month working with their organization before beginning programming if accepted. Students have three months to program per the deadlines they have agreed to with their mentors.


Open source projects can apply to become mentor organizations. After acceptance, the organizations will discuss possible ideas with students and choose proposals they want to mentor for the summer. They offer mentors who will guide students through the course.


Current contributors to the organizations can volunteer to mentor students on a project. The students and the mentors collaborate to establish the appropriate milestones and guidelines for summer. The interaction between mentors and students is an integral component of the curriculum.

How to Apply for Google Summer Internship?

Follow the below instructions to apply to win Google Summer Internship:

  1. Make an account for Google Summer of Code (GSoC).
  2. Make sure to submit your online application by the deadline.
  3. Create your idea on the subject.
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Tips for Google Summer Internship Application:

  1. The projects are all open-source. Contributing to them is possible even when you’re applying and after completing your application. Be sure to stay in touch with the community after you’ve submitted your application. This will show the organization your enthusiasm and commitment to them.
  2. Write a detailed proposal. What are you going to accomplish? What are you going to do? How will you achieve it? The most effective strategy you’ve got in mind is to think of an idea. Additionally, you can suggest additional aspects of the project when creating your proposal.
  3. Draft your proposal and then keep working on it. Don’t directly submit your proposal to the company. Mentors can assist you with the process. It is a good idea to ask them to read your proposal. They’ll have more insight into the work and can assist you in making your proposal as effective as possible.


To learn more details Google Summer Internship, please visit the official site:

  • Apply Now
  • Official Website


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