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UK Student Visa Requirements 2022 – How to Apply

Many forms and documents are required to fulfill requirements for the UK student visa conditions.

You’ll require an international passport that should have a validity of at least 30 days from the date of your visit to the UK. The United Kingdom.

Visit your nearest immigration office to pick up a passport, or fill out an online application for it.

There are two categories for students within Tier 4 in the system based on points. These include those in Tier 4 (General) students as well as students in Tier 4 (Child) students.

The Tier 4 (General) category is intended for students who are coming to the UK to pursue higher education. applicants must be at minimum 16 years old. Likewise, Tier 4 (Child) category is designed for youngsters aged between 4 and 15 years old who are coming to the UK to pursue their studies.

Children aged between 4 and 15 are only able to attend free schools with no fee.

UK Student Visa

Cost of UK Student Visa

The cost for the general visa for Tier 4 General Visa is PS310 which amounts to around 148,167.30 dollars.

The method of payment could be made online using either a MasterCard or Visa card or through a demand draft made from the visa center as well as a certain branch of Standard Chartered Bank or by cash in the Visa application center and the branches from Standard Chartered Bank.

UK Student Visa Requirements

Students are required to submit the following documents that are mandatory along with documents supporting academic and financial documents.

Check this checklist prior to submitting your application or visiting the consulate to get your visa interview.
  1. A completed student visa application form.
  2. An acceptance letter for the course. The educational institution you have chosen to work with will send your an acceptance certificate (CAS) as well as an invitation letter to enter the country.
  3. There is an official and unconditional offer of admission to a study that you wish to study. The visa letter should be issued not more than six months prior to when you apply for it, as applications that have visa letters longer than six months old are rejected.
  4. The applicant must fulfill all requirements of the rules of immigration.
  5. Evidence of funds amount you have to prove will be used to pay for the first year of studies and expenses for living up to 9 months. You must also prove that you’ve had the money for a minimum of 28 days.
  6. The amount you’ll require will depend on whether you’ll be studying in or outside of London and the date you will finish the 28-day period should not exceed one month prior to the date you submit your application.
  7. You will need to show the following sum of money to pay for your basic living expenses (excluding the cost of tuition) for an amount of up to nine months for a total of Amount of PS800 (380,979.30 in nairas) monthly if reside in London and 600 PS (285,734.47 in nairas) monthly if reside outside of London.
  8. A payment confirmation receipt for Visa fees and payslips
  9. The original mark sheet/provisional certifications/mark sheets
  10. Score sheets of tests like IELTS, GMAT, TOEFL and others.
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How to Apply for UK Student Visa

There are a variety of steps to fill out a UK students visa applications. The Visa application is processed in three weeks from the date of the application being submitted.

Step 1 – Check if you qualify

You have to prove that you are eligible for official admission to the university, school, or college in which you want to pursue your studies. This is referred to as a “confirmation of acceptance to study (CAS). and enough funds (also called maintenance or funds) to cover your tuition and living expenses for living in the UK.

Step 2 –Make sure you have all the mandatory documents for UK Student VISA prepared

Documents are crucial when it comes to obtaining an UK Student Visa

  • A thorough Visa Application form (This is mostly done on the internet)
  • An invitation letter that has been approved in the event that you are being sponsored by a relative or friend member
  • One passport photograph that satisfies the specifications of the Visa fee
  • A valid passport for international travel with a page that’s unfilled on both sides
  • Evidence of financials (e.g. an original bank statement not more than three months old)
  • Confirmation of bookings for accommodation and flights
  • Original marriage certificate, if you’re traveling with your partner
  • Birth certificates to your kids, if you travel with them
  • Recent utility bills
  • Transcript of your Institution within the country, if you’re going to study for a master’s degree.
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If you are traveling for business you will need to include: a letter of invitation/confirmation of training/confirmation of conference; and full details for an authorized representative from your company and their contact details.

Note: A steady income of N200,000 or over is considered to be a secure amount. Anything less than that and the embassy could be hesitant to believe that you will be able to return to Nigeria.

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It is also possible to attach additional documentation to make your application more convincing.

Step 3 – Register online

You’ll need to sign up and establish accounts on the official UK Visa website. After you’ve submitted the form online you’ll receive an email with the number of your application.

You must print and sign your completed application. The online appointment calendar to make an appointment with the center for visa applications.

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Step 4 – Pay your application fee

You can pay the visa application fee through;

  1. Payment at Standard Chartered Bank. The bank will make a demand draft in favor of “The British High Commission’.
  2. Demand drafts from a nationalized or international bank. The demand draft should be made payable to “The High Commission of Britain’. High Commission’. The cost of this service at the bank are subject to change.
  3. Pay at the center for visa applications after you have submitted an application for visa.
  4. Pay online with your Visa credit card, or MasterCard debit or credit card.

Step 5 – Go to the center for application to apply for visas on the date you have been given.

You must make a reservation and then attend your appointment at the center for visa applications to submit your application along with a face photo, and fingerprints.


Children or spouses receive Children or spouses are granted a Dependent Visa to the same time that the main applicant but this is only applicable to only the master’s applications only. Students cannot bring dependents along with them when they travel to the UK.

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If you are a student visa, your dependents can apply as ‘dependents of an Points Based System migrant’ and each dependent must submit a separate application form and pay a separate cost.

In addition to your own maintenance fund, you will need to provide an additional PS600 per dependent for each month you are applying to receive up to nine months’ maintenance fund.

You can apply for an award to help pay the expenses of maintenance for your dependents. However, the letter of the scholarship must clearly state that the funds are meant to be used for dependents.

Additional Information

It is not possible to get a Post Work Visa with Student Visa If you’d like to work there following your studies, then you have to apply for the Tier 2 Visa (meant for highly skilled workers). You must apply for a work visa on your own.

If you’re taking part in a bachelor’s program and above at a UK institution that’s included in both the ‘UKBA sponsor list as well as the list of recognized institutions that are recognized by the UKBA, you are able to work up to 20 hours per week and be fully employed on summer vacations and holidays.

Your spouse can be employed in the UK in the event that the leave is longer than 12 consecutive months. If the visa you were granted was for less than 12 months or if you are taking part in a program of study that is below that or equivalent, your spouse will not be able for employment in the UK.

Where To Apply

The process for obtaining the UK Student Visa is totally online however you’ll need to visit the UK Visa Application Centre to undergo an interview with biometrics.


The UK student visa requirements are straightforward and easy to follow. Complete both the online application and the interview, and be sure to have all required documentation ready.

Be prepared to answer questions about your academic record, financial stability, and reasons for studying in the UK.

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