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How to Get Poland Student Visa

Poland has a rich history of education, with the Cracow Academy being one of the oldest universities in the world.

It was founded in 1364, and Poland has maintained its high academic standards since its inception.

Furthermore, the costs of living and education in Poland for students from abroad are considerably lower than the other European Countries…

What’s more? The denial of the Poland student visa is highly uncommon compared to other European countries.

The very rare refusal of a visa typically results from insufficient application documents, an error in the documentation or questionable contents of records or documents that have not been verified.

However, this shouldn’t be cause for concern because it’s a minor issue that can be addressed by reapplying for the visa and taking care not to repeat the same error that led to the visa’s rejection. If the denial is unclear, the person applying may appeal for revisions to their visa application.

Suppose an application for a visa is rejected due to the country’s security, criminal reports, defence capability or the security of the state of Poland or the state security of Poland. In that case, the visa is not guaranteed regardless of the number of applications.

So, those applying for visas should ensure they have their files in order and read the documents they submitted before commencing the procedure.

It’s amazing! It’s amazing! Poland student visa (D-type national visa) has been granted the student work permit to Poland since 2015! These Poland students who have a student visa with no restrictions can find jobs in Poland during their studies.

Poland Student Visa


Have you been invited to apply to one of the famous higher education universities in Poland? Congratulations. What’s next? Are you concerned regarding your passport? Take a bottle of chilled water since we will guide you with a step-by- the procedure to obtain the Poland Student Visa.

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Visas are available for Poland students:

  • Schengen visa: With this visa, you can travel across Europe but not those in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia.
  • National visa: This visa allows entry to Poland only. Poland.

The visa studying for students in Poland is the national D-type visa. The visa is valid for a period of up to one year. The holder may request a short-term residency permit for a stay of more than one full year.

It is required that the student applies for this temporary residency permit after entering Poland to prevent residency permit issues.

With this type of national visa, the holder can travel to and out of Poland in an unlimitable amount of times throughout the duration granted by the visa.


When applying for a visa, applicants will have to keep a few documents in mind. These documents for application are typically needed to apply for visas for students in Poland student visa. If any other documents are unusually sought-after or required for special occasions, the student should mention them at a visa office or embassy.

Below is a listing of the required documents to apply for the Poland student visa.

  • Formulary for application to apply for a Poland student visa
  • Valid passports and travel documents for international travel with approximately two blank pages.
  • Two biometric photos (passport size photos in required colour)
  • Health insurance coverage is acceptable in European countries.
  • Proof of financial stability during the time of stay in Poland covers both living costs and tuition of the applicant for a visa.
  • The proof of admission is a letter from the university from the institution to which the applicant was accepted.
  • A copy of the accommodation offered at the time of arrival in Poland.
  • Receipt of payment for admission acceptance and other charges for the first year of study.
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Application form and booking of appointment can be done online and can be found at the official website of ‘Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange‘ at

Tel: +48 22 826 74 34

Fax: +48 22 826 28 23

Email: [email protected]


Visit the Polish Embassy within your nation.


  • The first step is locating a Polish consulate that will process the application. Consulate in Nigeria is located in Abuja.
  • The applicant will need to arrange a visa appointment at the Polish consulate. (This can be done on the website above or follow the direct link to be automatically redirected: You can also apply for the visa by visiting your country’s embassy.)
  • The applicant must complete and be ready for the necessary visa requirements mentioned above. The application form must be completed online, printed, filled in and signed.
  • The applicant has to provide all required documents and the visa fee.
  • The process for applying for visas is completed. The application for visas takes around 15 days for review. This means that you may want to use to get your visa before the date your school is expected to start.

Please note that the required documents and fees for visas must be handed in at the visa office or embassy and not on the internet. The applicant must present the records for the visa in person.

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At the offices for visas at visa offices, it could take between five to ten days to allow an application for Poland student’s visa application to become processed. At the consulate, it could take approximately 15 days until the application is reviewed before consideration begins.


Visa application for non-European countries in Europe. There is an agreed application fee used to review the application documents. This fee for a Poland Student Visa is 60 euros, and the cost is payable at the visa office upon submitting the Poland student visa application.

It’s included a service charge that ranges from 15 to 20 euros in the country’s currency at the visa centre to receive their services.

There are also extra charges related to policies such as health insurance, pictures and photocopies of documents messages sent via SMS or courier services.


If you want to study in Poland, make sure you have all of the required documents and submit them to the Polish consulate in your country.

Be patient, as the process can take some time, but eventually, you will receive your student visa and be on your way to one of Europe’s most beautiful and welcoming countries.

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