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How to Successfully Apply for Turkey Student Visa in Nigeria

This article is a comprehensive and short guide on applying for Turkey Student Visa in Nigeria with all the necessary information required to apply for a Turkey student visa. Please stay with us.  

Turkey Student Visa is a permit issued by the Turkish government, through an official at the Turkish Embassy, to international students who wish to study in Turkey.

This visa only lasts for 90 days but can be renewed afterward.

Turkey Student Visa in Nigeria
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Requirements for the Turkey Student Visa in Nigeria

Individuals who wish to apply for Turkey Student Visa must meet the following requirements as requested by The Turkish Embassy:

  • Admission to study in a recognized higher institution or college in Turkey.
  • Sufficient funds/ financial resources to pay tuition fees and living expenses throughout the study year and stay in Turkey.
  • No criminal record in Nigeria and must be law-abiding.
  • Good health.
  • Valid Travel/Health insurance: Proof of travel insurance for your entire stay in Turkey
  • Your passport, valid for at least 90 days
  • Has required supporting documents requested by the Turkish Embassy.
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How Much is the Turkey Student Visa Fee?

The visa fee for a single entry into Turkey in 2021 is 758.90 TL (Turkish lira)

While it costs 2.542,20 TL (Turkish lira) to apply to multiple entries.

How Much Bank Statement for Turkey Student Visa?

The turkey student visa requires at least the last three month’s bank statement of the company and personal confirmation and signing by the bank.

If an applicant is a Salary earner/Employed person they are expected to provide the last three months’ salary slips with the original sign and stamp of the company.

Also, the previous three month’s Salary account statements were confirmed and signed by the bank.

Turkey Student Visa Online Application Form

Students who wish to study in Turkey must obtain a Turkish student visa from the nearest/closest Turkish Republic Consulate available to them. You also have the opportunity to apply for a Turkish student visa on the Internet/online.

For this procedure, to apply online, you can visit

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The Major Causes of Turkey Student Visa Rejection

The major causes of Turkey student visa rejection are:

  • Lack of sufficient financial funds and proof to support foreign education
  • Incorrect / false documents
  • Inadequate language or communication skills
  • Misbehaving during the visa interview
  • Failure to explain the reason for choosing a particular course, university, or country
  • Inability to provide convincing answers during the interview

How Long Does it Take to get a Student Visa to Turkey?

Getting a turkey student visa only takes about 24 hours when applied online. At the same time, it takes up to 90 days when the applicants to apply through a foreign representative or a consulate.

When all the documents and representation of information are accurate, it is faster to process. And this is said to be the quickest time when all the documents and information are correct.

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Can I Work in Turkey on a Student Visa?

International students with a turkey student visa can legally work in Turkey after obtaining their Student Residence Permit.

Though, international students enrolled in undergraduate or two-year associate programs can only start working in Turkey when they must have completed their first year of study.

According to Article 41 (1) of Turkish law, it is stated that undergraduate, master, and international doctoral students can work under the condition of obtaining a work permit.

Still, the right to work for bachelor’s students starts when their first year of studying is completed.

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