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Endeavour Scholarship for Thailand Students 2022 – How to Apply

The Australian government is thrilled to invite submissions from Thailand students to the Endeavour Scholarship for Thailand Students 2022.

Only students who have met the eligibility requirements and have been considered eligible applicants for this scholarship program. Apply now!!

Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships Endeavour Awards and Scholarships seek to establish Australia’s standing as a place of excellence in research and education.

They also support the internationalization of Australian research and higher education sectors and offer highly-achieving people from all over the world and Australia the chance to boost their efficiency and knowledge in their area.

In this blog post, we have included information on the scholarship and the application process.

Thailand Students

What are you required to accomplish?

Take your time reading this article in full, without scrolling through. You may also check the table of contents to summarise what we have put together in this post.

About Endeavour Scholarship 2022

The Australian Government Department of Education and Training oversees the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships.

The purpose to Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships is to Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships is to provide students who are academically talented with top-quality learning opportunities that enhance Australia’s position as a world pioneer in research and education.

The program supports Australia’s initial National Strategy for International Education that outlines the 10-year strategy for advancing Australia’s position as a world leader in the fields of education, training and research.


The funding to support The Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships program is made available by the government of Australia. Australian Government.

The program typically provides three-quarters of the scholarship and fellowships every year to citizens of other countries, as well as support that ranges from short-term research assignments to full postgraduate degrees.

Australians receive assistance to conduct specific studies and training in other countries.

Endeavour Scholarship International Category:

Many categories are associated with the scholarships in Australia which international students as well as also Thai students may benefit from These categories include:

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The Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship offers financial assistance to international applicants who wish to pursue a postgraduate degree at Master’s and Ph.D. degree through research or coursework within any field of study within Australia that lasts up to 4 years.

The VET Scholarship offers financial assistance to foreign applicants to study professional education at a Diploma, Advanced Diploma, or Associate Degree in any field within Australia for up to two and two-and-a-half years. Vocational education and training provide practical or work-related skills and abilities.

The courses are closely related to an occupation, trade or ‘vocation’ which the candidate is involved. The studies do not include degrees or higher-level courses normally offered by universities.

Endeavour Research Fellowship Endeavour Research Fellowship is a financial aid program for postdoctoral and postgraduate students worldwide. fellows to carry out brief-term studies (4-6 months) toward an overseas Masters’s degree, PhD or postdoctoral study in any field within Australia.

The Endeavour Australia Cheung Kong Research Fellowship is a financial aid program for postdoctoral and postgraduate students from the participating Asian countries to conduct shorter-term studies (4-6 months) in any field within Australia.

The Endeavour Australia India Education Council (AIEC) Research Fellowship provides funding for postdoctoral students and postgraduate Fellows of India to carry out brief-term studies (4-6 months) in Australia.

Endeavour Executive Fellowship Endeavour Executive Fellowship offers financial assistance to professional opportunities for development (1-4 weeks) for top performers in the industry, business education, or government for applicants from abroad.

Endeavour Executive Fellowship Endeavour Executive Fellowship is a program that focuses on acquiring and developing abilities and knowledge by working in the host workplace within the applicant’s field of expertise or area of knowledge, rather than formal enrolment in a study course.

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What do you need to be aware of about the Endeavor Scholarship for Thailand Students?

Endeavour Foundations, Scholarships and Awards The Endeavor Scholarships and Fellows program, the Australian government’s globally competitive, merit-based scholarships program, is available to people from all over the world to apply between April through June each year.

The scholarship program is open to all areas of study. It also provides financial assistance to international students, which includes Thai citizens.

Since the program’s beginning at the end of 2007, 177 Thailand Students have received Endeavour Fellowships and Scholarships.

The Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships offer the opportunity for Australians to pursue study and development for their profession in Thailand.

In addition to advancing studies and professional development, Apart from offering the research and professional development, this Endeavour Scholarship program is designed to improve ties between the participating nations.

The four Australians have also been learning in Thailand as prize winners, along with 160 students doing work and study placements there as part of the New Colombo Plan.

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Endeavour Research Fellowship Worth

Benefits of this scholarship include

  • Travel allowance expense: $3000 (provision for up to $4500 in special situations)
  • allowance for establishment amount: $1,000 (fellowships) and $4,000 (scholarships)
  • Monthly stipend of $3000 (paid in increments of the duration for the category on a pro-rata basis)
  • health insurance coverage for the entire period of (OSHC for international beneficiaries)
  • Travel insurance (excluding when the program is for international participants)

Endeavour students awarded scholarships will be eligible for tuition reimbursement over the maximum study or research duration on a pro-rata basis. The tuition fee includes student service and prices for amenities.

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The eligibility criteria for Endeavour Scholarships 2022

The requirements for Endeavour scholarship are typically dependent on the countries participating. Check out the conditions via this link.

This program of scholarships is intended for students pursuing postgraduate postdoctoral and fellowship, vocational education and training scholarships, and executive connections.

There’s a broad field of study to scholarship opportunities for Thai students. However, certain Thai winners went on to pursue the following areas:

  • Education
  • Health Science
  • Nano-biotechnology
  • Agricultural Science
  • Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Science

This scholarship is offered by students in Australia as well as Thailand. There are a variety of USA scholarships open to international students starting in 2022.

You can use these scholarship opportunities to address most of your academic issues. Find other scholarships you could apply for in 2022 to pursue studies within Europe, Africa, Asia, America, etc.

Thai, as well as Australian students, can apply for this scholarship.

Apart from the Endeavour scholarship in, 2022 there is a variety of other awards open for students from other countries. students who want to pursue their studies abroad. It is possible to search our scholarships per country for a list of available scholarships.

Application Procedure

All details on the application process for the scholarship can be found on the official website of the Endeavour Scholarship, so please visit it here.

Application Deadline

Information on the deadline for applications for this program will be announced when they become available. Please stay tuned for more details.


The Endeavour Scholarship for Thailand Students 2022 is a great opportunity for students who want to further their education.

The scholarship will help students pay for their tuition, room and board, and other expenses.

I encourage all Thailand Students who are interested in studying abroad to apply for the scholarship.

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