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Shawn Carter Scholarship Program 2022- How to Apply

The Shawn Carter Scholarship Program (SCSP) is a scholarship fund founded by Shawn Carter, also known as Jay-Z.

The program provides scholarships to students who are “underprivileged, underserved, or in need.” The program is open to high school seniors and college students in the United States, and the scholarship can be used for tuition, room and board, textbooks, and other school-related expenses.

Shawn Carter Scholarship

Who Runs the Shawn Carter Foundation?

The Shawn Carter Foundation was founded as a charity for the public good on March 23, 2003, through Gloria Carter and her son, Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter.

Since the foundation’s beginning, it has supported over $4 million in initiatives to help communities and children in need through its initiatives: Scholarship Fund, College Prep and Exposure, International Exposure, Professional Development, Scholar Support, and Community & Goodwill Programs.

The purpose of the Shawn Carter Foundation is to assist those struggling financially to continue their education in post-secondary schools.

What is the Shawn Carter Foundation Scholarship?

The Shawn Carter Foundation launched in 2003 and continues operating until today.

The purpose of the award is to aid students in need to go on to higher education, particularly students in high-risk communities.

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The Shawn Carter Foundation Scholarship has assisted thousands of students in realizing their dream of a college degree. 

Who are Shawn Carter Scholars?

Shawn Carter Scholarship attracts candidates from all backgrounds across the nation.

Students selected for the position of Shawn Carter Scholars exemplify courage and determination to be successful even in the face of hardship and hope for an improved future.

Shawn Carter Scholars can attend conferences and events attended by the top experts in their respective fields.

They also explore new destinations and complete projects with prominent organizations. Are you interested in becoming a Shawn Carter Scholar? Apply today.

Level of Study

It is available to high school seniors of all ages as well as undergraduate college students who are age 25 or younger at the time of applying.


The scholarship is available only to US citizens only.

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The Benefit of Shawn Carter Scholarship

The grant can be used to help with tuition and other related education costs, such as laboratory charges and travel to and from the library, and additional living costs.

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Most Shawn Carter Scholars are required to “give back” by conducting community service and mentoring young to-be Shawn Carter Scholars.

How Much is the Shawn Carter Scholarship?

Each Shawn Carter Scholar will be each year awarded between $1,500 and $2,500.

Eligibility for the Shawn Carter Scholarship

  • All seniors in high school and students who have GED diplomas and students in undergraduate (2 one year, or for four years) students in college and students in trade or vocational schools that have the following requirements are eligible.
  • It must be US national or permanent resident
  • You must be at least 25 years old or younger.
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA

How to Apply for the Shawn Carter Scholarship

 The Shawn Carter Scholarship is an ideal opportunity for high school seniors who want to pursue a career.

The scholarship is worth $2,000 per year.

Applicants must establish a new account to fill out the online form to be eligible. 

Supporting Documents for the Shawn Carter Scholarship

Use specific information when sharing the details of your activities outside school.

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We don’t have any information regarding you until you have shared your information with us. Specific information will assist us in understanding how wonderful you are.

This is also true regarding your writing. They don’t want your essay to belong but make sure your essay is helping us understand more about you and your views.

 Check your application for spelling and grammar mistakes.

 The photo can be used for promotional purposes. Please send a headshot from shoulders upwards like an identification card if you submit an image.

Shawn Carter Scholarship Application Deadline

We encourage students looking to receive a scholarship to apply by this deadline.

The application begins on April 1 and closes on April 30, 2022.


Shawn Carter Scholarship Program is an excellent opportunity for students who want to pursue higher education.

The program provides financial assistance and helps students to achieve their academic goals.

I encourage all students to apply for the scholarship program and take advantage of its opportunities.

I hope this article has helped provide you with information about the Shawn Carter Scholarship.


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