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West Virginia Promise Scholarship 2022 and Requirements – How to Apply

It is the West Virginia Promise Scholarship is a merit-based financial aid program that is awarded through the College Foundation of West Virginia to people in West Virginia.

There is a particular academic requirement that students are required to meet to be in the position to receive these funds.

The funds are distributed in two sections that are the summer and early promise. Go through the post to know the difference between them.

The award amount is $4750 that covers the costs of tuition as well as mandatory fees at private or public schools within West Virginia.

The award is contingent on the annual allocation of funds to programs by the West Virginia Star Legislature.

The amount of the West Virginia Promise Scholarship when combined with other aid sources cannot exceed the cost of attending the college or university where the student is enrolled.

If a student is eligible for federal grant aid like Federal Pell grants, federal aid must be considered to be the primary source of all scholarship or grant aid in the manner permitted by federal law.

Students who have been awarded need-based grants as well as the Promise Scholarship through the West Virginia Higher Education Grant Programme.

The Promise Scholarship award will be taken as the first source.

However, in the event that there is a situation where the Promise Scholarship Award plus the amount of any other financial aid is greater than the cost of attending, the institution’s financial aid director after consulting with the student will determine the amount of aid to be cut.

The adjustments are always done in the best interests of the person receiving the aid.

West Virginia Promise Scholarship

Level of Study

The academic prerequisites required for Promise Scholarship are: Promise Scholarship are:

The applicant must meet the requirements for graduation from high school at a West Virginia private or public high school.

The student must earn at least one-half of the credits required for graduation from high school.

There are some exceptions to this for West Virginia Students who commute regularly to an outside public or state-owned high school and are military dependent under Section 6 of Promise Scholarship Program Rule.

The applicant must have an overall grade of 3.0 on the 4.0 scale, or whatever is deemed to be a “B average, ” based upon the policies of the county board for both the overall course that is required to graduate by the West Virginia Department of Education and core classes.

Private high schools have to submit the grade report form in order for eligibility.

School officials at private high schools check and confirm that the grades have been maintained throughout the end of the semester.

In contrast to private high schools, public high school students are not required to submit reports of grades unless required by the school.

The applicants may be eligible by obtaining grades in the sixth or seventh semesters but must ensure they meet the required grade point average up to the eighth semester in order to be eligible for the scholarship. terminated.

The grade point average of the core is determined by the grades of every core course that a student takes on the list of core classes not only the ones that are required to graduate.

Calculations of grade point averages must be established by school officials or the high school’s counselor.

Students who are using final grades in order to satisfy their eligibility requirements are accountable for having their grades report submitted to form an official transcript by the Office of West Virginia Higher Education Grants by their school to be considered.

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If a student does not possess a qualifying sixth- or seventh-semester grade-point average to apply, they must submit a FAFSA completed by March 1 for consideration.

Grades that are weighted may be used according to the grading policy of the country board.

Dual Credit and College Courses

A student is able to take any number of dual credit classes prior to entering college and be in the right position to receive the award.

Credit hours earned prior to the beginning of the fall semester enrollment are not considered toward the credit hour requirement, especially when determining eligibility for renewal of the award.

Homeschool applicants have to submit documentation of their status as a homeschooler at the County School Board office.

The document must prove that the applicant was homeschooled in both the 11th and the 12th grades.

Host Nationality

Promise Scholarship is a merit-based financial aid program that is awarded through the College Foundation of West Virginia to West Virginia residents. West Virginia.

Eligible Nationalities

Promise Scholarship requires that the student been a resident of West Virginia for twelve consecutive months that continuously commenced prior to the promise scholarship deadline unless a soldier or a dependent of the military as defined in Article 6 in the PROMISE Scholarship Program Rule

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 West Virginia Promise Scholarship Worth

The Promise Scholarship pays $4,650 per year, or the amount of mandatory tuition and fees in accordance with the amount which is less than at a suitable institution.

The scholarship payment is paid straight to West Virginia University or the college of the student’s choice.

The funds are available for eligible two-year and four-year institutions within West Virginia. State of West Virginia.

The funds of the institution can only be used to fund undergraduate classes that pertain to the academic curriculum.

A student who is seeking a bachelor’s degree is eligible for the Promise Scholarship for no more than eight semesters of an undergraduate degree program that is four years long.

A student who wants to pursue an associate degree may be awarded the Promise Scholarship of not more than four semesters of two-year degrees.

Students who want to move from a two-year program to a four-year degree must meet the renewal requirements following the second year to keep their scholarship eligibility.

Eligibility for the West Virginia Promise Scholarship

The applicant must fulfill the following criteria in order to be eligible for Promise Award: Promise Award

Minimum Test Score Requirements

You must be able to meet the standardized test score standards in the ACT or SAT national tests by the test date of July for the ACT and the June test date for SAT of the applicant year.

ACT Score minimum requirement A minimum of 22 composite scores and at least 20 marks in English and Mathematics, Science, and Reading.

The SAT Score requirement is:

The total score of 1100.

Math 520.

Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 530.

The SAT writing portion isn’t part of the calculation for scores for the overall score.

Scores have to be taken only from one test date, and cannot be combined from multiple administrations of tests.

Students are required to submit their application as well as FAFSA before the deadline, even if they haven’t completed the required test scores before the March 1 deadline.

Homeschooled Applicants

In relation to the class of 2022 those who have been homeschooled must earn an overall grade point average that is at or above a 3.0 on the 4.0 scale or what’s considered to be a “B” average in both classes and the overall curriculum that is required to graduate.

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Homeschooled applicants must fill out an official report of their homeschooled grades as well as a transcript in order to be eligible.

Find the report for homeschooled students.

The grade point average of the Core is determined by the grades of all core classes students take on the list of core classes and not just the courses that are required for graduation.

Candidates who miss the deadline could have the opportunity to receive a delayed award that will begin the next spring period of the application year subject to the availability of funds.

Students can apply for the scholarship within the first two years following their graduation from high school is completed.

However, a person who has joined the United States armed services is removed from the eligibility criteria in accordance with section 5 in the Promise Scholarship Program Rule.

Only students who are full-time in their first year are eligible to receive the first award.

The student must fulfill the minimum requirements for core classes.

Click here to view a full list of the requirements for high school core courses.

The essential course requirement comprises:

  • English- 4 credits
  • Maths- 4 credits
  • Social sciences- 4 credits
  • Natural sciences- 3 credits.

Homeschool applicants need to provide proof of being home-schooled from the county school board office.

Documentation should prove that you were in a homeschooling program between the 11th and 12th grades.

Eligible Commuter Applicants Only

The commuters who are eligible must complete their grade report form as well as a transcript to be considered.

The grades report forms should be handed in by a school counselor or school official. The forms are available under forms.

The commuters who are eligible must submit a letter from a high school counselor or school counselor that shows they commuted every day to an out-of-state high school.

If you’re taking the ACT/SAT in another different state than West Virginia, an official score needs to be submitted at our address.

  • Code of ACT Code: 4539
  • Code SAT: 3456
  • Military Dependents/ Armed Services Members Only
  • Documentation of your military status.

Military-dependent applicants need to submit an official grade report and an official transcript in order to be considered.

Grade Report Forms can be found at and must be submitted by a high school counselor or school official.

The dependents of military personnel or Armed Services members must provide proof of legal residency in West Virginia while serving in the United States armed forces while the student was in high school.

If you’re taking the ACT/SAT in another location other than West Virginia, an official score needs to be submitted to our offices.

Code ACT Code: 4539

The SAT code is 3456.

The West Virginia Promise Scholarship Renewal Requirement and Procedures:

It is crucial to understand the need to renew the scholarship since once the scholarship has been lost, it is not possible to regain it in the future.

In order for a student to be eligible to receive an opportunity to have the West Virginia Promise Scholarship renewed, or re-established every year, the student has to keep an average of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale in the first year, and an average of cumulative grade points of 3.0 for the subsequent years.

Students who have received a two-semester scholarship during the academic year must finish and complete a minimum of 30 credit hours over the course of twelve months.

If a student is awarded one semester of scholarship that student is only able to complete and gain at least 15 credit hours during an academic calendar.

Scholarship recipients are not required to be full-time or meet renewal requirements in their final two semesters of eligibility for scholarships.

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Scholars can however utilize the following summer sessions to satisfy the requirements for renewal however at their own cost.

The eligibility for renewal is determined by the institution of the student and is determined by the institution’s grading policy at the close of the academic calendar.

It typically takes a 12- month period to calculate renewal.

The 12-month time frame begins in the fall semester and is completed with the summer term.

How to Apply for the West Virginia Promise Scholarship

In order to apply to this scholarship West Virginia Scholarship to be eligible, you need to first establish an account on the West Virginia Student Aid Management (WVSAM) Online account and complete your application.

The applicant must submit their application on or before March 1st to be eligible for the 2022 award.

The applicant’s FASFA must satisfy the necessary conditions to be processed by the March 1st date.

The students have just six years from the day they were given to claim the Promise award, unless, of course, they’re currently enrolled in the military then the time can be extended.

The applicants to be considered for West Virginia Promise Scholarship awards are strongly encouraged to complete a minimum of 20 hours of unpaid community service in the high school or college.

This could mean, however, it is not restricted to, participation in institutions, non-profit, government, or community-based organizations that aim to enhance the living conditions of residents of the community, meet the needs of residents in the community, and promote civic responsibility.

List of Community Service Contacts

West Virginia Promise Scholarship Deadline

March 1.

It is now possible to download the 2022 FAFSA is available now 

West Virginia Promise Scholarship Application and FAFSA Filing Deadline

Students must fill out an application for the WV Promise Scholarship Application by June 15th.

To be eligible as a candidate for the Promise  Scholarship, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be submitted to the Federal Student Aid Processing Center by March 1 or earlier and must meet the requirements to be processed.

Students who aren’t able to meet the GPA or required test scores are eligible after March 15 but must complete an application as well as FAFSA before the March 15 deadline.

The summer promise program is open for applications. The application deadline is the 15th of March. The scholarship is available.

May 15 – Summer PROMISE application Priority date


The eligibility determination is based on the students who have met the priority deadline of May 15

Student award notifications are sent out via email

Institutions receive payments to applicants who meet the priority deadline of May 15.

June 15- Last June 15 – Summer PROMISE Deadline for applications. Applications will not be accepted after the 15th of June.


Students are eligible for admission if they who applied prior to when the deadline for priority was reached.

Institutions are paid to applicants who are eligible but did not meet the deadline to apply for priority.

Application Link


Phone: (304) 558-4618 or 1 (877) 987-7664

Email: [email protected]

Fax: (855) 292-1415


The West Virginia Promise Scholarship is a great opportunity for students who want to further their education.

The scholarship can be used for tuition, fees, and room and board at any eligible public or private college or university in West Virginia.

I encourage all students who are interested in the scholarship to apply.

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