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Apply Now for Chevening Scholarships in Canada 2022-2023 – Apply Now

Chevening Scholarships in Canada for 2022-2023, take advantage of this opportunity.

Scholarships like these are rare, and it is essential to be prepared and know what to expect. For this reason, we give you an update on Chevening Scholarships available in Canada.

This article will let you know about CHEVENING Scholarship Applications.

The Chevening Scholarships will be open from the dates of application submission.

All applicants for Chevening scholarships are encouraged to make sure they have absorbed this information and are prepared before the deadlines for application submission are near.

Chevening Scholarship

About Chevening Scholarship

The Chevening program is the UK government’s global scholarship program which allows future leaders to pursue their studies in the UK.

These scholarships are granted to top professionals from across the globe to complete a master’s level degree in any area in the UK university.

Chevening provides fully-funded scholarship opportunities that allow you to concentrate on reaching your professional goals while having the time of your lifetime.

You will be able to live and study in the UK for one year, in which you will improve academically and professionally and network extensively, get to know UK culture, and establish long-lasting positive connections in the UK.

If you are ambitious, have leadership skills, and have a solid educational background, we suggest you travel to the UK and make progress within the UK as Chevening Scholar.

How to apply

The applications for Chevening Scholarships are only completed using an online system. Chevening online application system.

Before submitting your application for Chevening Scholarships, before submitting your application for Chevening Scholarship, please ensure you have the following information ready:

Necessary: Three distinct UK master’s courses

Other: English language test results (if you’ve completed the test)

Alternate: UK master’s university offer (if you’ve already fulfilled the requirements)

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Required Documents Chevening Scholarship

You may make your initial application with these documents and then add the documents to your application anytime until November 3, 2022.

Note that only PDF formats are accepted for upload, and the papers must not exceed 5MB in size.

Suppose you’re eventually selected for one of the Chevening Scholarship.

In that case, it is crucial to prove that you can meet all Chevening English language requirements and have at minimum one offer from a qualifying course before November 3 to stay in the selection process.

Chevening Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a citizen of one of the Chevening-eligible state
  • Return to the nation of residence for a minimum period of two years following your award is over
  • Achieve the degree you earned at an undergraduate level to enter the postgraduate programs at a UK university. This usually corresponds with upper-second class honors 2:1 diploma within the UK.
  • At the very least two years experience (this can be up to five years for fellowships Please refer to your country’s website for more information)
  • Apply to three suitable UK university programs and have received an unconditional acceptance from one of these universities by November 3, 2022.
  • Complete the Chevening English requirement for language before November 3, 2022.

You’re not eligible to receive a Chevening Award if you:

You are a holder of British and dual British citizenship (unless you are a resident or a British Overseas Territory or hold BN(O), and you are applying to apply for British citizenship Hong Kong)

Are you an employee, former employee, or a relative or a relative of one of the employees (since July 15, 2015) or of the Her Majesty’s Government (including British High Commissions and Embassies as well, for instance, the Department for International Development, the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, Department for International Trade and the Ministry of Defence and the Home Office) or and the British Council, or an employee or a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities?

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Former employees, employees, or the relatives of an employee (since July 15, 2015) or Chevening Partner organizations are eligible to apply.

However, they cannot be awarded an award for Chevening/Partner from the organization they are employed, previously worked with, or associated with through relatives.

(Note The term “immediate relatives” is defined as step-parents or parents siblings or step-siblings parents or stepchildren.

They also include the spouse or non-married spouse (where the couple has had a connection similar to a civil partnership or marriage for at minimum two years)

Have you previously attended a course in the UK through a UK Scholarship funded by the Government? However, suppose you’ve been once enrolled in an award from the UK Government (including Chevening).

In that case, you could be eligible for the Chevening Fellowship five years after completing your first British Government-funded scholarship.

After being submitted, the applications go through an electronic screening process to determine selection criteria for eligibility. Applications that are deemed to be unqualified are taken off the list of applicants.

It is important to note that you cannot modify an application retroactively once an application is submitted.

 English Language Requirement

You are allowed to take more than once to satisfy the Chevening English requirement for language.

It is important to note that Chevening doesn’t pay fees associated with English tests for language, and it is your responsibility to book and pay for the costs related to these tests.

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Chevening Accepts English Tests for English From Five Companies:

  • Academic IELTS
  • Pearson PTE Academic
  • Cambridge English: Advanced (CEA)
  • Trinity ISE II (B2)


Select your three courses with care since you won’t be able to alter the courses after you’ve submitted your application.

To be eligible for the scholarship, you must receive an unconditional offer on your chosen course before November 3, 2022.

Applicants must select three different master’s degrees which could be three distinct courses offered by the same university or identical course, but with three different universities.

You should choose your subject of study with care and choose courses that are in line with your future or current goals in your career.

To be eligible, the classes you select must meet the following criteria:

  •  Full-time
  •  The autumn season begins in September (usually September/October)
  • Master’s degree taught (i.e., not research-oriented programs)
  • A master’s degree can be a qualification
  • Based in the UK

Courses are not:

  •  Distance learning
  • Part-time
  •  Nine months or less in length
  •  Over 12 months in length
  •  Ph.D. or DPhil are not permitted.

Chevening Scholarship Benefits

Since Chevening Scholarships are fully funded, your scholarship includes the following:

  • University tuition fees
  • A monthly stipend
  • The cost of transport between and to the UK
  • An arrival allowance
  • A homeward departure allowance
  •  The price of a single visa application
  • ·A travel grant to go to Chevening activities in the UK

Chevening Scholarship deadline

The application process for Chevening Scholarships in 2022 is available until noon (midday) GMT on November 3, 2022


The Chevening Scholarship is an excellent opportunity for students to study in Canada. We encourage anyone with the qualifications and willingness to apply now.


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