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Can I Do Masters in Canada With 2.2 or 3rd Class Degree?

Can I do a masters in Canada with a 2.2 or 3rd class degree? Yes, you can.

There are many programs available that will accept your lower-level degree and provide you with the necessary coursework to earn a master’s.

It is important to remember that not all master’s programs are the same, so it is important to do your research and compare programs before making a decision.

Masters in Canada

Master’s Degree in Canada

Can I pursue a masters in Canada with an upper second or third-class diploma? This is a frequent concern for international students seeking to continue their education.

Some might believe that you are unable to get a good grade, which would prevent students from being accepted into colleges in Canada or abroad to study; however, this isn’t always the scenario.

This means that most institutions across Canada will require that you complete an advanced degree (PGD) before beginning your Master’s program.

Additionally, the undergraduate degree isn’t the only consideration.

The degree may seem to be an obstacle in the way of your dream career, and however, there are methods to get around it.

When you’re thinking about getting your masters in Canada, you must ensure that you’re qualified for admission.

The courses and universities vary, and you can locate some of the best institutions to complete your Master’s here.

Why Do A Master’s Degree in Canada

Canada has the most prestigious academic environment and is well-known around the world. Canada is a country with a diverse population.

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a warm nation with great citizens, and therefore settling down would not be an issue. In short, it’s secure to say Canada is fast, safe, and warm. But the main question is whether you can go to school there using a 2.2 or 3rd-class.

Grading System

As you have read on in the beginning, it is different. However, many schools grade it in this manner. It is necessary to show a minimum score of 3.0/4.0 in your bachelor’s degree.The course you choose will decide whether a GMAT score is required,

Converting to a scale from 4.0 and 4.5 to the CGPA is required. 4.0 scale is required.

You then convert it to a 4.5 scale according to what you will need to follow the International Graduate Student Entrance Scholarship (IGSES) stipulates.

The calculated CGPA is multiplied by 4.5 and divided by 4.0, and the result will be your score.

Can I Do Masters With A 2.2 or 3rd Class Degree?

Getting a degree from a university in Canada isn’t easy, but I am here to say that it’s not. International students who want to study in Canada must have a 2.1. But, with a 2.2, it’s achievable.

It is necessary to have a PGD, and however, it is difficult to get admission with a score lower than 60 percent.

Entry Requirements For Masters Degree

Language Proficiency If English isn’t your primary or primary language, a test in a second language such as IELTS or TOEFL may be required. Similar to the French, they will request the same trial.

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As we have previously said, the minimum degree is that an average of 3.0 on the 4.0 scale represents the minimal.

Examinations for Entrance: exam varies, but only certain subjects like MBA are required to pass this.

Professional Experience: Certain courses require at least one professional experience before submitting your application. (Courses that deal with the field of social service).

How To Apply For Masters In Canada

  • A form for application( completed online)
  • Copy of the transcripts
  • Prove that you are proficient in English or French
  • A curriculum vitae
  • Recommendation letters, or References
  • Personal declaration

It is necessary to pay an international fee to evaluate credentials, and it’s not required for an independent global Credential Evaluation Report.

If you pass, you will be given a certificate. admission letter and you will need an admissions letter.

What can you do to increase your chances of success?

Many universities will not be satisfied with your degree.

So, it would help if you made an effort.

If you’re sure that you’d like to continue your education and have the right motivation, take these steps.

Explore Different Institutions Consider Different Institutions: The more flexible your mind is, the more likely you will be accepted. Broaden your search. Make an application to every school.

Think about Other Courses. Instead of applying for a master’s degree, you could use PGD. PGD. Admission tutors will review candidates for PGD fast since they tend to be shorter. When you have completed the course, you’ll be able to extend the system to an MA degree.

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Employment Experience you’ve had some unfavorable results; you have to be able to prove that the result does not mean you are not worthy.

Show your worth by demonstrating prior experience that is connected to your study.

You can do this during summer, have a year off from school, and focus on your improvement.

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Make Time for The Application Process: Placing in time and effort in your application can’t be undervalued.

You will be competing against other applicants for the same spot, and candidates with first and second-class uppers are, too, making your odds very slim.

So, you must be more persuasive to convince teachers that you deserve to be awarded the award.

You have to present yourself effectively.


Doing a masters in Canada is a great option for students. It provides opportunities to learn in a new and exciting country, while also giving students the chance to network with other professionals.

Additionally, Canada has many excellent schools that offer graduate degrees in a variety of fields. For these reasons, doing a masters in Canada should be strongly considered by students interested in furthering their education.

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