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Kettering University Scholarships for International Student 2022 – How to Apply

Kettering University Scholarships is pleased to announce the International Student Merit Scholarships and Kettering World Scholarship.

The Kettering University Scholarships programs are open to all international students who are incoming and are automatically evaluated when you are accepted for the annual award for students at Kettering University.

Most importantly, Kettering University Scholarships will assist in covering Kettering University Tuition.

If you think this is the right fit and you can meet the requirements, you should avail this opportunity to Apply for the Merit Scholarships available to International Students.

Students could be qualified for this award depending on their SAT or ACT scores. The application process is not separate.

The amount of the scholarship is $3500 to $17,500.

The deadline for the scholarship is March 8, 2022.

Kettering University offers an education that blends theory and practices more effectively than any other university around the globe.

It can attract top talents, whether an award-winning student or top faculty.

International applicants are automatically considered for the annual award upon acceptance.

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A separate application is not required.

The scholarship cannot be used in conjunction with Merit Scholarship but can be used in conjunction with other Upper-Class or Freshmen scholarships.

Kettering University Scholarships

Level of Study

These Kettering University Scholarships are open to students at the undergraduate level.

Host Nationality

The Kettering University Scholarships are available in Flint and are the largest municipal and county seat in Genesee, Michigan, USA.

There are also US Scholarships for International students from 2022.

These scholarships are available to students who want to use these opportunities to address most of their academic challenges.

Find other scholarships you could be eligible for from 2022 for study across Europe, Africa, Asia, America, etc.

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Eligible Nationality

Merit Scholarships for International Students Merit Scholarships for International Students are available for United States citizens and international students.

In addition to those offered by the Kettering university scholarships, many other scholarships are available to international students who want to study abroad.

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We have a scholarship database by country to find all scholarships offered.

Scholarship Worth

The Kettering University scholarship is definitely worth applying for.

With a wide range of majors to choose from, and the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in some of the top research laboratories in the world, Kettering University is definitely an excellent choice for those seeking a top-tier education.

Merit Scholarships for International Students are worth between $ 3,500 and USD 17,500 to international scholarship. $3500 to $14,000 for Kettering’s World Scholarships.

Application Procedure For Merit Scholarships for International Students:

The University strongly encourages students to fill out their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form that can be used for aid according to the needs they meet, in addition to any scholarships offered.

How to Apply For Merit Scholarships for International Students:

By applying for scholarships, you are not only increasing your chances of attending the university of your choice, but you are also showing the scholarship committee that you are an ambitious and motivated individual.

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Remember to start early and to be persistent in your search for scholarships – you never know which one might be the perfect match for you.

To be eligible for the scholarship program, prospective international students need to visit the following link:

Applications Deadline For Kettering University Scholarships:

The deadline for the Kettering University scholarships is fast approaching, so be sure to submit your application as soon as possible.

These scholarships provide an excellent opportunity to obtain a world-class education, and the selection process is highly competitive, so make sure your application is well-crafted and thorough. Good luck.

The deadline is March 8, 2022. After that, applications will not be taken into consideration.


Kettering University offers international students an opportunity to obtain the best education available while receiving financial aid that makes attendance feasible for many students.

There are a range of programs available, and the option of studying abroad


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