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How to Apply and Win the US Presidential Scholarship in 2022

This article will discuss applying for and winning the US presidential scholarship in 2022. The US presidential scholarship is a tuition-based award that issues students with scholarships for their remarkable academic performance. The award is usually given to full-time students with a GPA of 2.00 or higher.

What is the US Presidential Scholarship?

The US Presidential scholarship is a scholar-based program established in 1964 by the president to identify and honor some of the country’s most outstanding and highly distinguished graduating high school seniors. This honorary award is focused on rewarding hardworking and excellent students.

US presidential scholarship

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US Presidential Scholarship Requirements

Over the years, many students have graduated from high school, with only 161 becoming US presidential scholars.

The presidential scholarship recognizes the successful academic performance of students in the country.

Students are usually selected from different programs with some fields added to the already established ones. The process of selection usually depends on the following:

• Academic Excellence

Under the academic excellence, over 4,000 students are being chosen based on their outstanding performance, with only the top 20 male and female students selected from each state. An independent committee of educators usually conducts this selection.

• Arts Excellence

Students who register under the young arts program can partake in the presidential scholarship. The scholarship program recognizes talented art students, and a panel is expected to check materials from ten different art disciplines.

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• Career and Technical Education Excellence

Students who excel in career and education also stand a chance of participation in the presidential scholarship. A committee is expected to evaluate the list, out of which twenty (20) finalists would be decided.

• Essay

Essay writing is one of the main hurdles in earning a scholarship. This essay decides the list of scholars that would be chosen. The ability of the students to express their future interests and show their ambitions in writing will be essentially required to make them eligible for the scholarship.

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US Presidential Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Interested scholars who intend on participating and earning a spot in the president scholarship program must meet the listed criteria.

• An interested scholar must or should be a legal permanent resident of the US or a US citizen by the time of the application deadline.

• An interested scholar should graduate or receive their diploma between January and August of the current program year.

• An interested scholar should exhibit an impressive academic performance or achievements in Arts, Career, or Technical program.

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If you are not a legal resident or US citizen on the day you took the ACT or SAT, you could contact the US presidential scholars program to ensure your scores are adequately accounted for.

How to Apply for The US Presidential Scholarship

The US Presidential Scholars program is based on the invitation. Sometimes you may even be eligible, but that does not necessarily mean you can apply except you are invited.

To stand a chance to apply for the scholar’s program, you must earn remarkable academic achievements in either of the three main pathways, including General Arts, Career, and Technical education.

Also, once you are invited to apply for the US presidential scholars program, you would need to complete an application that will consist of essays, transcripts, and self-assessments. After that, you would be assessed based on your academic performance, leadership qualities, services, personal characteristics, and essay.

In addition, to qualify for this scholarship, you would need to be a representative of your school, so you need to make good results in school to stand a chance.

Tips to Win The US Presidential Scholarship

Interested scholars who would like to qualify and win the US presidential scholarship can consider these tips to increase their chances of securing a spot.

• Give Yourself Enough Time to Assemble Your Papers

Once you have received your invitation for the scholarship, it is wise that you start arranging all essential materials and documents. Be sure to give yourself enough time, do not wait until the last day before sending the required documents.

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• Take the SAT/ACT Again

If you are not happy with your SAT or ACT result, you can take the exams as often. You know the scholarship committee sends invitations based on your test scores: the higher your score, the more your chances of getting invited. Be sure to study the particular sub-component you hope to do better on.

• Get Someone to Proof-Read Your Essays

The essays you write for the scholarship program will increase your chances of getting a spot in the program. Do not allow minor grammatical mistakes to reduce your chance of winning the scholarship.

You could get your teacher or friend to help read and check your essay before submitting it.

The US Presidential Scholarship is an award-winning program based on your academic performance. Scholars can stand a chance of qualifying for the opportunity by following the above-discussed requirements and criteria.

We hope this article will help prepare you to apply for the US presidential scholarship. Kindly drop us a message in our comment section for all your views and opinions.

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