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How to Apply and Get the Coolidge Scholarship Program in 2022

The Coolidge Scholarship program is available for USA students only.

If you’re a U.S. student, don’t pass up this chance.

In addition, the cost of tuition and other expenses has always been a major challenge that students face around the world.

That’s why the Presidential Foundation offers a Calvin Coolidge award for students at the undergraduate level.

The Coolidge Scholar program is awarded every year.

It is a full-ride non-partisan, need-blind presidential program.

This program covers students’ tuition fees, rooms and board, and fees for the entire four-year period.

This applies to undergraduate studies in all academic disciplines at a recognized American higher education or college institution.

You must be wondering, how do I proceed? We’re here to assist you. ……

In this article, we’ve included pertinent information on the Calvin Coolidge Scholarship Program 2022.

What you can do to apply and the date to ensure your application is denied.

Coolidge Scholarship

What is Coolidge Scholarship Program

The Coolidge Scholars Program is a Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation program, an independent, non-partisan, and nonprofit foundation with its headquarters at Plymouth Notch, Vt.

It is also the place where President Coolidge was born.

Students must apply for the award in the junior year of high school if they meet the Coolidge requirements for the scholarship.

Finalists are transported to an official weekend in the Coolidge Historic Site in Plymouth Notch, Vermont, where they will interview jurors from the Coolidge Scholars Finalist Jury.

Moreso than that, those who receive The Coolidge Scholarship are notified of the award in late junior year, before the deadline for college applications.

Finalists who do not qualify on the application as Coolidge Scholars are eligible to be awarded a smaller, one-time college award.

The primary criteria …..

The primary criteria that separate Coolidge Scholars are academic excellence, a demonstrated interest in government policy, and humility and service.

The scholars are introduced to Coolidge and assist the Coolidge Foundation in managing its special debate programs.

The scholars will be returning to Plymouth Notch for a week during the coming summers.

In addition, the most promising Coolidge applicants are referred to as “Coolidge Senators.” The Coolidge Foundation will invite Coolidge Senators to attend the Senators Summit at Washington, D.C, in the summer months.

At the Summit, the Senators visit the capital of the United States and learn more about the presidency of President Coolidge and get to know high-achieving students across the country.

The Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation operates the Coolidge Scholars Program.

Interestingly, you can be eligible for Louisiana Tech University Scholarships in 2022 as a USA student.

What exactly is Coolidge Foundation about?

The Coolidge Foundation is the official foundation dedicated to protecting the legacy and encouraging the ideals of America’s thirty-first president.

The Foundation was established in the year 1960 in 1960 by John Coolidge, the President’s son, and an assortment of other Coolidge admirers.

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The Foundation is located in the home of President Coolidge in Plymouth Notch, Vermont.

It aims to significantly improve Americans’ knowledge of the presidency of Coolidge and the ideals that he pushed.

Without a presidential library, The Coolidge Foundation maintains a collection of documents and effects related to Coolidge and a website featuring Coolidge documents and does studies on President Coolidge.

The Foundation collaborates in partnership with the State of Vermont.

who manages the President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site in Plymouth Notch — to inspire more Americans to become familiar with Coolidge through a visit to the site’s historic sites.

Why Coolidge Scholarship Program 2022

The Coolidge Scholarship is the most abundant college award in the world.

As a part under the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation, it is America’s “unconditional” merit scholarship [granted regardless of place, race, family history, financial status, or area of study, or college to attend] only available to students in high school who are enrolled full-time in the approved U.S. college or university for the first time in the fall of 2022.

The Coolidge Foundation was established in 1960 by John Coolidge, the President’s son, and an assortment of fellow Coolidge enthusiasts.

The Foundation is dedicated to preserving the legacy and upholding the values of the 30th president of America.

Additionally, you can apply for you can also apply to the Coolidge Scholarship Program can be utilized at any accredited American university or college where students are admitted. Coolidge Scholars are named before the university application.

The Coolidge Foundation anticipates awarding two or three Coolidge Scholarships to applicants in the 2022 cycle of the application.

Therefore, students must submit their applications directly to the school or colleges they want to be admitted to.

To be eligible for the Coolidge Scholarship is contingent on receiving admission to a recognized university or college located in the U.S.

What is Calvin Coolidge Scholarship Worth?

The applicants who make it to the finalist stage but who do not win the full scholarship will receive the chance to win a single finalist award of $5,000.

The application period for the 2019 cycle was the fourth year for the Coolidge Scholarship.

The Coolidge Scholarship covers a student’s entire tuition, including room and board and a yearly stipend for materials and books.

The contest in the Coolidge Scholarship is certainly significant because the Coolidge Foundation solicits the best 100 applicants to participate in the Coolidge Senators Program, which includes a fully-funded Summit Weekend in Washington, D.C, and a once-in-a-lifetime $1,000 award.

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Eligibility for Coolidge Scholarship Program

To be considered eligible, the applicant must satisfy the requirements listed below. Coolidge Foundation Scholarship Requirements:

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The Calvin Coolidge scholarship is open to those who plan to be full-time students within any approved U.S. college or university as undergraduates for the first time beginning in fall 2022.

The scholarship is administered in the United States.

The Coolidge foundation award is available for U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

Candidates must plan to enroll full-time in any recognized U.S. college or university as an undergraduate student for the first time beginning in fall 2022.

Only students in their final year of secondary school, or equivalent if they are homeschooled, may apply.

The applicants must be permanent residents in the United States of America by the deadline for the 2019 scholarship.

They must not be an immediate relative of a trustee or employee of the Calvin Coolidge Scholars Program or the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation.

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How to Apply Coolidge Scholarship 2022

The following is the recommendation Guidance for this scholarship.

Guarantors must include the initial names and the person’s last name in the very first sentence of their letters.

Include your complete name and your affiliation at the end of the document.

Please provide details of how they know the applicant, what time frame, and which capacity.

Your letter must be as detailed as you can, citing pertinent examples and other details that can help convince the Coolidge Scholars Program why the applicant is a suitable candidate.

Guarantors may consult for more details regarding Coolidge Scholarship.

Coolidge Scholarship and the selection criteria that are used when evaluating the applicants.

The letter should not be longer than 1200 words and can be sent as an Adobe PDF file or a Microsoft Word file.

For submitting your letter of recommendation, your guarantors need to adhere to these steps:

Click on the link in the email sent automatically from The Coolidge Scholarship, indicating that the student has been identified as an example.

Fill out the form below and upload your recommendation letter onto the paper.

To upload your recommendation letter, save the file in a Microsoft Word or PDF file and then select the “+Select a file” button toward the lower right on the page.

A window will open to select the file you would like to upload to the letter.

Once you have uploaded it, fill out the remainder of the form and then hit the “Submit” button.

Should you require any troubleshooting assistance, send an email to [email protected]

Coolidge Scholarship Deadline

Requests for letters of recommendation in the year 2022 for consideration for the Coolidge Scholarship must be received before January every year at 5 pm Eastern Time to be considered.

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April 2022: All applicants named finalists will be contacted via phone before May 1, 2022, and then invited to attend the Finalist Interview Weekend, which will take place at Woodstock, Vermont, and the historic Plymouth Notch, Vermont.

The Coolidge Foundation will cover the cost of lodging and travel expenses for the finalist and one parent attending Finalist Weekend.

Spring 2022: Newly chosen Coolidge Scholars will attend their first-week orientation with the Coolidge Foundation in Plymouth Notch, Vermont.

For more information on how to apply for the Coolidge Foundation, Coolidge Scholarship prerequisites.

Official Website

What is the cost of the Coolidge award?

A Coolidge Scholarship is among the most generous college scholarships offered worldwide.

It covers the full tuition, room and board, and the required fees over four full years of undergraduate studies.

Coolidge Scholarship also provides a stipend for books, supplies, and room. Coolidge Scholarship also offers an annual stipend to cover textbooks and other supplies.

Calvin Coolidge scholarship, where did the money originate from?

The Coolidge Scholars Program is a program of the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation.

The Coolidge Foundation is a nonprofit, independent, non-partisan organization located within Plymouth Notch, Vt. President Coolidge was born.

How old is the Coolidge Scholars Program?

The Coolidge Scholars Program launched in the winter of 2016, and the first-class was officially inaugurated in July 2016.

The 2022 cycle of applications will be five years of Coolidge Scholarship.

What number of Coolidge Scholars are selected each year?

The Coolidge Foundation anticipates awarding two or three Coolidge Scholarships to applicants in the 2022 cycle of the application.

Do applicants that were not finalists but are still being getting contacted?

Yes. Every applicant will be informed by June 1, 2022, of the decision on their application, and updates will be published on the applicant’s online application portals.

What grades are required to be eligible for the Coolidge Scholarship?

For instance, to be eligible for Coolidge scholarships, the maximum grade point average could be 4.0. However, students taking A.P. classes could have a 5.3 GPA.

How many applicants are there for the Coolidge award each year?

This year, more than 3200 students applied for the prize. Each candidate writes an essay on the autobiography by Calvin Coolidge.

What is the Calvin Coolidge scholarship look like?

The Coolidge Scholarship is an annual full-ride presidential award that covers a pupil’s fees, tuition and board, and other expenses during four years of undergraduate studies.

Students who are awarded this Coolidge at any recognized American higher education or university institution.


The Coolidge Scholarship is an excellent opportunity for students seeking a well-rounded education.

I encourage all eligible students to apply, as the benefits are numerous.

The deadline for applications is in early January, so don’t delay!

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