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Software Engineer Salary Per Year in USA

We will be exploring the entry-level salary of a software engineer, senior software engineer salary, and the list of highest paying software engineering jobs in the USA.

Are you an experienced software engineer desiring to work in the USA? You have a great opportunity because software engineering is one of the USA’s highest-paid and in-demand paid jobs.

Today, a software engineer plays an important/critical role in the technological world. A software engineer helps develop how software functions created by a software design team will function.

They are computer science professionals who apply their knowledge of engineering principles to the development, creation, and maintenance of software.

Kindly read ahead to know more about a software engineer salary and the list of high-paying software engineering jobs.

software engineer salary

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Do IT Jobs Pay Well in the US?

IT careers are part of the highest-paying sectors in today’s workplace economy.

List of Highest-Paying Software Engineering Jobs in the USA

Here we have listed out 11 software engineering jobs with high earning potential, and they include the followings:

  • Web Developer

The National average salary of a web developer: is $75,065 per year

Primary duties:

  • A Web developer writes code for the front and back ends of websites (The front end of a website is the part of a computer system that the user interacts with, while the back end of a website comprises the components the user doesn’t see, like the server and database.
  • A Web developer works closely with web designers to define/regulate the site’s appearance.
  • They are also responsible for maintaining websites by fixing errors and keeping software up to date.
  • Systems Administrator

The National average salary of a system administrator: is $79,306 per year.

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Primary duties:

  • A Systems Administrator is responsible for managing the daily operations of computer networks.
  • They identify an organization’s system needs and install the necessary components,
  • Maintaining the network’s security,
  • work to optimize the network functionality,
  • Train users, and more.
  • User Interface Designer

The National average salary of user interface designer: $82,581 per year

Primary duties:

  • A User interface designer designs a website’s look and also the layout of a website so that it’s visually appealing and very easy to understand.
  • They also work on fixing specified design problems to optimize intuitiveness.
  • Application Developer

The National average salary of application developer: $87,60 per year

Primary duties:

  • Application developers are responsible for creating, testing, and modifying code for applications used on multiple systems, including personal computers, mobile phones, and tablets.
  • They may identify and resolve bugs in the application before it is launched; they also work on upgrades after launch.
  • Database Administrator

The National average salary of a database administrator: $94,983 per year

Primary duties:

  • A Database administrator organizes and manages software databases containing vital information like financial records and client information.
  • They ensure the data is easily accessible to credentialed users while secure from others.
  • They also plan and manage solutions for backup and restoration to prevent data loss.
  • Software Developer

The National average salary of a software developer: is $106,231 per year.

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Primary duties:

  • A Software developer creates and designs computer applications for various platforms, including personal computers, mobile devices, and automobiles.
  • They also write code to carry out a specific task,
  • they write new code for software updates,
  • They improve existing software and resolve errors.
  • Front-End Developer

The National average salary of a front-end developer: $106,876 per year

Primary duties:

  • a front-end developer Uses coding languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to design and implement the visual elements in web applications that users can use to interact with,
  • They also resolve errors related to the elements they create and test functionality.
  • Full-Stack Developer

The National average salary of a full-stack developer: is $108,108 per year.

Primary duties:

The full-stack developer works with both user-facing and server software, which signifies that their work encompasses both the front-end and the back-end.

Their duties include:

  • building websites
  • programming databases,
  • Servers and browsers.
  • Some full-stack developers write the code for entire websites.
  • Development and Operations Engineer

The National average salary: $122,087 per year

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Primary duties:

  • They streamline and facilitate communication between the development and operational sides of software development.
  • They also perform a task that ensures software reliability and protects against security problems.
  • Back-End Developer

National average salary: $122,462 per year

Primary duties:

  • They work on a website’s back end, such as a server, an application, and a database,
  • They create and maintain the functions that enable those components to operate together.
  • They are responsible for database management,
  • Data system integration and the creation of API.

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The Entry Software Engineer Salary Per Year in the US 

The national average entry-level software engineer salary is $76,882 per year in the United States.

Senior Software Engineer Salary Per Year in the US

The national average senior software engineer salary is $131,206 per year in the United States.

Let’s have your view on the software engineer salary and the list of high-paying software engineering jobs in the USA.

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