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Top10 Software Engineer Jobs In Canada (Hiring Now)

Computer science and computer engineering are a part of working with software engineers. They develop software and resolve problems in the software. To ensure that the program is operating properly they evaluate and test the software. Software engineers are often in close contact with developers and programmers. They also give a thorough knowledge of technology to their jobs.

Software Engineer Jobs In Canada

1. Work with Immigration Avenue Private Limited as an engineer for software testing

discussing specifications and software controls with the development managers. Examining the functional capabilities of software when using it in the manner intended. The design of test plans to allow both the manual and automated testing of every software product. Making, programming and implementing testing programs for software review.

Implementing test programs to ensure that the testing process is accurate in analyzing the software. Optimizing the testing infrastructure of software to improve efficiency. Writing and compiling documentation for test procedures. Testing is complete as well as test reports are created. The management is presented with the test results and making suggestions for improving software.

2. Join Canonical as an Engineer Manager to sustain software engineering throughout the Americas.

A passionate engineer manager who is knowledgeable about free-of-cost software and Linux as well as cloud-based computing should make the most of this great opportunity. Join Canonical, the growing global software firm that developed Ubuntu and can help you build an exciting, rewarding career with the best and most brilliant tech experts.

An essential group, called Sustaining Engineering, is responsible for the most complex customers’ escalations and fixes errors in code, software bugs and other issues starting from the kernel and reaching at the very top of the open source stack.


3. Developer position on the back-end for GE Markham, Ontario, Canada

A software engineer can be a part of a team and can assist in advancing the HMI change to new products and development teams. They are accountable to the director of the team responsible for software tools. You are a respected software developer who is able to collaborate together with developers in order to help review and approve designs for software that are used in different Web applications based on containers and micro services.

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It will also assist in raising DevOps KPIs related to testing automation as well as traceability, test coverage and the CI/CD.

4. Employed by Huawei Technologies Canada Co., Ltd. as an Gateway Software Engineer.

The complete stack architecture and the development of the software TCP/IP for the next generation network gateway appliance is the job for the gateway’s engineering software team of Huawei’s Vancouver Research Center. In the next six months the team will increase from eight to twenty under the guidance of the top specialists in the field. 

The team will comprise newly graduated and experienced veterans. When you join our team, it will give you access to our vast technical know-how and our fervent search for the latest technology. The team we have created has strong leaders who will guide the team as it expands.

5. Senior Full Stack Developer position available at Insight Global Canada

Insight Global needs a Senior Software Developer to join an established HCM client in Canada for a period of time. The selected candidate will work on a project that involves implementing micro services that are separate from the application that is monolithic. The front-end support required to accomplish this task is more; however, it will require back-end development.

Desired Experience & Skills

  • Software developer with 6-10 years of experience
  • React.JS C#, React.JS, and .NET knowledge
  • 2plus year of Azure DevOps for Experience in CI/CD Automation
  • A familiarity with cloud environments Micro services architecture
  • Experience cloud-based experiences
  • MS SQL query writing support and SQL server
  • API REST knowledge

6. Work with Game loft located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as an Unity developer

In the last decade, Game loft(r), a well-known mobile game publisher and developer has earned its place to be one of the sector’s top creators.

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Two games developed from Game loft for all digital platforms are featured as part of the “Top 10 Games by All-Time Worldwide Downloads” by App Annie. Game loft has a partnership in major licensing companies, including Universal, Illumination Entertainment, Disney(r), Marvel(r), Hasbro(r), Fox Digital Entertainment, Mattel(r) and Ferrari(r) as well as running its own successful franchises such as Asphalt(r), Order & Chaos(r) Modern Combat(r) as well as Dungeon Hunter(r).

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7. Work As the IT support engineer working in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada working using Hello Fresh

With our aim of providing our customers with top-quality food and recipes that can be used at different meals, Hello Fresh hopes to alter the way people eat forever. We’ve witnessed the world-wide growth of this organization over the past 10 years, which has exceeded our highest expectations. 

Presently, operating in 17 countries across three continents, we have become a world-wide food and nutrition company and the most prestigious meal kit manufacturer around the globe. What specifically did we accomplish? Consumers looking for tasty, healthy, sustainable, and nutritious solutions have embraced our weekly boxes filled with innovative dishes and ingredients that are fresh. Our principal products, Hello Fresh, Green Chef, Every Plate, Chef’s Plate, Factor and You foods all now belong to the Hello Fresh Group.

8. Lightning Sales force Developer Job Vacant on Proviso located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

To join our amazing team at Proviso located in Toronto, Ontario, we are seeking a dazzling Sales force Developer – Lightning.

This is a fantastic opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge to enhance your career as a full-time Sales force Developer – Lightning.

Apply now for the job for Sales force Developer Lightning at Proviso for those who have an excellent ability to work in a team, outstanding people management skills, and a proper mindset for the job.

Software Engineer Jobs In Canada

9.Work As a Frontend Software Engineer for Microsoft Vancouver, Canada (B.C.

Microsoft For business, Yammer is the social platform that sets the bar. Yammer is utilized daily for millions of workers including 85percent of those employed by Fortune 500 businesses, to build a sense and culture, exchange knowledge and connect with their bosses and with their colleagues.

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Microsoft bought Yammer, one of the very first unicorn startups in the past ten years, in the year 2012. In the present, we have the benefits of working with one of the most successful software firms in the world and the benefits of a start-up – speedy technological advancement, rapid innovation and a massive impact on each individual.

10 Get a Job with Danaher on Concord, Ontario, Canada as a manager for software development

Are you interested in becoming the leader of an engineering and design team that develops cutting-edge software for one of the top life sciences companies around the globe? Are you excited when you realize that the program you develop will assist in the creation of new medicines, the analysis of the quality of water and food as well as the detection of chemical dangers that are present in our environment, the execution of criminal tests, and other things that positively impact the lives of people?

You’re looking to join the same team as. We’re eager to have you join us!

In order to design, develop and maintain software for Scitex products The Software Development Manager is responsible for a group of developers.


Software engineering isn’t an innovative technique, but it is continuously evolving , and at times appears new. The knowledge of science and technology that we have is growing and, consequently, the abilities required to be a software engineer. Software engineers work in the beginning, at least, with theories rather than actual code that sets them apart from engineers working in other fields.

All of us use software and therefore, making sure the software is working properly is essential. If it isn’t this, it can cause the loss of money, damage to reputation and, in certain circumstances even death.


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