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Computer Support Technician Job Description And Salary

This blog post on computer support technician job description  is an ideal read for those that want work as a computer support technician. A technician who works with computers needs to be aware of any computer issue that might arise, and be able to determine the problem and solve it quickly. They must be well-versed in the various systems and software, hardware, and other technology, always staying current. Customer service is usually an element of their work and therefore a strong communication skill is essential.

Essential Information

The technician who supports computers is a multifaceted professional. The responsibilities include troubleshooting, responding to employees’ technical queries and offering general technical assistance. The tech in charge of computer support is the company’s primary authority for employees with respect to their personal computers and peripheral equipment. The educational requirements for this profession vary and often are based on the applicants’ skills that are compatible with various kinds of computer programs, computers and hardware, not specific qualifications.

Required Education A high school diploma and computer proficiency are required and applicants with postsecondary certificates or degrees are often preferred by employers.
Projected Job Growth (2019-2029)* 8percent of all assistance for computer experts
Mean Salary (2020)* $57,000 for computer user support specialists; $71,040 for computer network support specialists
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Sources: *U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics

Job Description

The technician who supports computers ensures that the company’s computers are set up in accordance with established guidelines. They maintain the entire peripheral and terminal equipment, including modems, printers, personal computers, and data communications equipment. The computer support technician is responsible for identifying and determining the root cause of network issues by using the appropriate software Computer support technicians is responsible for solving the problem. In addition they also repair and replace equipment whenever it’s down. The job usually calls for the person to be the person in charge of repairing malfunctioning equipment and providing technical assistance. The position also involves making sure that all computer equipment is in stock and accessible. In certain instances the technician for computer support is responsible for ensuring compliance with the policy of the company regarding end-users using the network.

Requirements for the Position

This job requires at least a high school diploma however, often you will need a college degree. Computer skills that are proficient are essential and also the ability to solve issues and solve problems. Experience in customer service is generally needed. Computer support technicians must be able to communicate effectively and be able to communicate with employees who aren’t technologically skilled.

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Computer Support Technician Job Description

The job also requires understanding of the fundamental hardware and software functions as well as networking. If the technician for computer support works in a call centre they must be proficient at typing quickly and possess the ability to write the information in the correct manner on the job application. Skills for organisation are crucial.

A good understanding of both the Macintosh and personal computers is also required. Computer support technicians must be driven and have an eye for specifics. Candidates who want to become computer support technicians must be prepared to accept the responsibility and have a track record of reliability. Experience with different versions of Microsoft starting with Vista to Windows 10 is also essential.

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Computer Technician Job Description And Salary

Employment Outlook and Salary Information

Computer support professionals are expected to experience above-average growth during the decade of 2019-2029, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The median annual salary for computer support specialists for users was $52,690 as of May 2020. Salaries varied from $32,830 to $88,940. The BLS reported the median wage for computer network support specialists at $65,450 for the year prior.

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As a customer support specialist, having a broad variety of computer skills is essential, and the majority are able to obtain a postsecondary or college education as well. In general, the more experience and experience that you have in computers, the greater the salary you will earn. Employment growth is faster than the average because of the rising number of computer-related jobs.


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