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The 10 Most Affordable MBA Colleges In France

France is a nation with a reputation for many things. As one of the major centers for research and innovation and research, the country has for a long time been a popular location for students from around the globe. There are numerous reasons to believe that France is a fantastic study abroad destination specifically for those who are pursuing an MBA. If you are having doubts regarding this particular Management School in France, an overview of the most prestigious MBA colleges within France as well as the ranking they hold on a Global Level would dismiss any doubts that you may have. However, cost is one of the main factors to consider and if you’re confident about getting the benefits of an MBA from France but the price is likely to be a source of concern. However, according to the saying, there’s always a way to do it and one of the options is this list of the top inexpensive MBA programs in France.


Most Affordable MBA Colleges In France


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S.No. College First Year Tuition Fee In Eur First year tuition Fee is in Indian Rupees*.
1 ESG Management School 5,250.00 3,56,527.50
2 EPITA Graduate School of Computer Science 9,900.00 6,72,309.00
3 EFREI Engineering School of Information and Digital Technologies 10,000.00 6,79,100.00
4 Neoma Business School 10,674.00 7,24,871.34
5 Paris School of Business 12,000.00 8,14,920.00
6 Kedge Business School 13,000.00 8,82,830.00
7 Groupe ISEE 13,000.00 8,82,830.00
8 Novancia business School 14,500.00 9,84,695.00
9 Grenoble Graduate School of Business 14,650.00 9,94,881.50
10 ESC Rennes School of Business 15,000.00 10,18,650.00

Most Affordable MBA Colleges In France

*Calculated at the current rate of 1 EUR = 67.91 INR

Although the list above talks information on the lowest cost MBAs, what’s important to keep in mind is that it’s also an impressive list of colleges that offer specialized programs. For example, Paris School of Business provides the MBA with a specialization in Luxury Management. Due to the association of Luxury with Paris and the specialization of the industry, this is certainly a good option for career advancement. In addition there is the EPITA Graduate School of Computer Science and the EFREI Engineering School of Information and Digital Technologies provide Management in Information Systems and Management This makes it profitable for IT professionals seeking an international education to aid to advance their careers. A different highlight would be that of the Grenoble Graduate School of Business. With a stellar reputation among the business schools that are growing and universities, this one offers the perfect chance. Its cost is comparatively low, just under 10 Lacs per year in tuition, it’s one of the top MBA institutions in France and around all over the world. Its excellent interface with the business world is a must-visit location for many MBA hopefuls.

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When you think an MBA should be your next choice, look at these low-cost options in France and look into the numerous options. There isn’t one answer that is perfect for all, but if you look carefully you will find the best mix for your professional goals. The way to be successful is not to be a part of the crowd, but to uncover your potential and make yourself stand out.

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