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10 Scholarships for Adopted Children in the USA 2022

There are a lot of scholarships for Adopted Children in the USA.

If you are an adopted kid and feel that education isn’t appropriate for you? If so, then you’re not alone.

These scholarships for students who have been adopted can be worth a lot of money, and these are awarded to college-adopted students and international adoptees.

If you’re in the latter category, then you could apply.

A recent study from The University of Chicago found that only half of foster and adopted children graduated from high school.

In addition, of the students who graduate from high school, just six percent earn an undergraduate degree.

The financial support of students is the main obstacle to their success.

Adopted children are numerous and can profit from adoption scholarship, as it gives them the chance to pursue their education goals.

Below, we’ve listed high school and college scholarships for adoptees to aid them in reaching their goals.

scholarships for Adopted Children

Scholarships for Adoptees

There are also scholarships available for adoptees like :

  • International adoption scholarships
  • Scholarships for adopted students
  • Scholarships for adopted children from Russia
  • Internationally adopted children can receive scholarships
  • College adoption scholarships

The scholarships are for adopted children attending high school as seniors or graduates and undergraduate students.

Adopted children often face immense hardships throughout their lives, like abuse and neglect.

This is why numerous organizations have provided the adoption of scholarships to assist them in getting over their difficult past to create better prospects.

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Scholarships are available for Adoptees to go to any school in the world.

These scholarships’ benefits range between $1000 and $20,000. So, if you’re eligible for any of these scholarships, you should apply.

These are college scholarships for adoptees as well as other students.

  • Carlos Lara and Don Hazel Scholarship Fund
  • The NLEFCF General Scholarship
  • Richard and Janice Van Deelen Scholarship
  • NLEAFCF Foundation Vincent Bennett Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Foster Care To Success Scholarships
  • Adopted Children Fee Assistance and Tuition Waiver Scholarships
  • NFPA Youth Scholarship
  • Higher Education Opportunity Scholarship
  • First Responders Children’s Foundation awards the scholarships
  • Adoption Network Law Center Scholarship Program

If you’re a left-handed student and require a scholarship, take a look at this list of the Top 25 left Handed Scholarships

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1. Carlos Lara and Don Hazel Scholarship Fund

Texas Foster Family Association is pleased to inform you that the Carlos Lara and Don Hazel Scholarship Fund operates.

The scholarship is available for students in high school only who are residents of Texas and their parents.

The Carlos Lara and also Don Hazel Scholarship Fund provides $1000 annually to foster parents of members’ biological or adoptive.

It also offers foster children who have graduated from high school and are enrolled full-time at any U.S. college or institution of higher education.

Provided By: Texas Foster Family Association

Students at High School

Award : $1,000

Eligibility: Children who are biological or adopted must have the parents’ permission to write a letter

Deadline: May 31 of the previous school year.

2. The NLEFCF General Scholarship

National Children Foundations is Very We are pleased to announce that it has been awarded the NLEFCF General Scholarship is now available.

This scholarship is intended for stepchildren, dependent children, and legally adopted children from a licensed law enforcement officer.

It also provides for firefighter children who have been injured or permanently disabled while on duty.

General scholarships provide a maximum grant of $5,000 per year.

Provided By: National Children Foundations

Course: Multiple Courses

Award: $5,000

Eligibility: A candidate who is an adopted child must be adopted

Deadline: July 1

3. Richard and Janice Van Deelen Scholarship

Calvin College is providing you with the Richard and Janice Van Deelen Scholarship.

The scholarship is open to students who have attended Calvin College and have been selected.

Students must achieve not less than a 3.0-grade point average and major in sociology.

The scholarship is worth $2,500 of financial aid. The amount of the award is $2000.

Provided By: Calvin College

Course: Multiple Courses

Award: $2,000

Deadline: February 1

4. NLEAFCF Foundation Vincent Bennett Jr. Memorial Scholarship

The NLEAFCF  Foundation is pleased to announce the Vincent Bennett, Jr. memorial scholarship.

The scholarship is offered to students who have been accepted by a firefighter or election officer in the past before death or a permanent handicap.

Furthermore, the process of adoption should have started prior to the date of their death or their total permanent disability.

The scholarship will be worth $20,000 for a period of 4 years ($5,000 every year).

Provided By : The NLEAFCF Foundation

Course: Multiple Courses

Award : $20,000

Eligibility: Biological/Adopted Children need an official letter from their parents

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Deadline: July 1 of the previous school year.

5. Foster-care to Success Scholarship Fund

Foster-care to Success will provide you with Foster-care to Success Scholarship.

This scholarship is intended specifically for students in the undergraduate level who are not yet 25 by the 31st day of March of this year.

Students can apply even if they haven’t had any previous scholarship funds through Foster Care to Success.

Its award amount is between $2,500 and $5,000, determined by a combination of merit and need.

Provided By: Foster Care to Success organization

Course: Multiple Courses

Award : $2,500-$5,000

Eligibility: Adopted or put into legal guardianship

Deadline: The period January 1 to March 31 is annually

6. Adopted Children Fee Assistance and Tuition Waiver Scholarships

Massachusetts Department of Higher Education is providing you with An Adopted Children Fee Assistance as well as the Tuition Waiver Scholarships.

This scholarship is available to DCF Adopted Children.

Students who qualify for this program DCF Adopted Child tuition waiver and fee Assistance program will be entitled to an exemption from tuition and aid in 100 percent of the resident rate.

Provided By: Massachusetts Department of Higher Education

Course: Multiple Courses

Award: 100 percent from the rate of residents

Eligibility: Are under the care of the DCF and have been adopted by the DCF

Deadline: Contact at (617) 391-6070

7. NFPA Youth Scholarship

This scholarship is for students who have yet to complete an advanced degree and are not yet 25 as of March 31 of this year.

They can apply if they have not received any Foster Care to Success scholarship funds.

The award range is $2,500 to $5,000, depending on the combination of merit and need.

Provided By : The National Foster Parent Association

Course: Multiple Courses

Award: It is awarded to high school students

Eligibility: Students from high school

Deadline: Varies. April 5, 2020.

8. Higher Education Opportunity Scholarship

Its Higher Education Opportunity (HEO) offers the opportunity to award a scholarship to children of full-time employees of TEAMS.

This scholarship is offered to children who are either natural or adopted foster, step or under legal guardianship of a full-time TEAMS employee.

Provided By: The University of Florida’s Higher Education

Course: Multiple Courses

Award: Varies

Eligibility: It is imperative to adopt

Deadline: Varies. November 15

9. First Responders Children’s Foundation awards grants

First Responders Children’s Foundation announces its annual international adoption scholarship.

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It is offered to children of the first responders in need, academically brilliant children, who excel in sports, arts, volunteering activities, and leadership skills.

Its amount of award is the amount of $5,000.

Provided By: First Responders Children’s Foundation

Course: Multiple Courses

Award: $5,000

Eligibility: For foster children or adopted children

Deadline: Varies.

10. Adoption Network Law Center Scholarship Program

The Adoption Network Law Center is happy to announce the Adoption Network Law Center Scholarship Program.

This program will offer the support of Birth Parents and Adoptees who want to take up higher education.

Adoption Network Law Center awards up to $10,000 worth of scholarships each year.

The deadline is October 15.

Scholarship Link

Provided By: Adoption Network Law Center

Course: Multiple Courses

Award: $10,000

Eligibility: Be a Birth Parent or an Adopted Child

Deadline: Varies. October 15, 2020

Are There Scholarships for Internationally Adopted Children?

There are indeed college scholarships for children who were adopted.

They are specifically for those who are adopted from abroad. Some of them

  1. The Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund (APIASF)
  2. Leon Bradley Scholarship
  3. Fellowships for Doctoral Students of African Descent
  4. Blacks at Microsoft Scholarships

Are there specific scholarships for children who are adopted from Foster Care?

Of course, there are.

Many kinds of college scholarships are available to children who were adopted from foster care or getting older and leaving foster care.

There are also different types of grants, financial aid and other benefits.

Are There Colle range Scholarships for Adopted Children?

Yes, there are college scholarships for adoptees to apply for.

But, being an adopted child is not the only requirement for these awards.

It is common to keep an acceptable grade point average as set by the organization that offers the award. A few of them are:

  1. The Adoption Network Law Center Scholarship Program
  2. Calvin College Richard and Janice Van Deelen Scholarship


There are many scholarships for children who have been adopted across the USA, and these grants can cover expenses for education and assist families who adopt.

If you’re an adoptive family, make sure to look into the opportunities for scholarships offered.

If you’re planning to adopt, you might consider adopting a child born in the USA because there are numerous opportunities to assist you financially.


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