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How to Apply for Sanctuary Scholarship at Newman University in UK, 2022

Sanctuary Scholarship at Newman University: This is an excellent opportunity for pursuing a degree within the UK. We are pleased to inform you of this information.

Sanctuary Scholarship application is presently being processed on the campus of Newman University. Learn everything about the scholarships in this particular article.

Sanctuary Scholarship is offered for the undergraduate degree. The Scholarship is being provided to students by Newman University.

Newman University is a public university established within the suburbs of Bartley Green in Birmingham, England.

Sanctuary Scholarship

About Sanctuary Scholarship

The University was founded in 1968 by Newman College of Higher Education.

From 2008 to 2013, it was named Newman University College until it was granted full university status in 2013.

The term “university” is derived from the 19th-century religious figure John Henry Newman, close contact with Birmingham.

Birmingham for his position as an Oratorian and was a part of the Birmingham Oratory.

His vision of a university was a scholarly society that focuses on educating your mind for thinking, rather than simply spreading knowledge.

1965 in 1965, in 1965, the Catholic archbishop from Birmingham, George Patrick Dwyer, provided the land at Bartley Green that was once the site at the site of Athol House Farm to establish an educational institution for teachers.

In 1966, when it was under construction, the college chose Simon Quinlan as its first principal and Joe Blackledge as vice principal.

When it was first established, the college was the first mixed-gender institution that was under lay control. The college was able to recognize the first 182 students in 1968.

The campus of the University is at Bartley Green, about 8 miles (12.9 km) southwest of the city’s center. It is located on Bartley Reservoir. Bartley Reservoir.

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More About the School

The campus is designed around several quadrangles near administrative, academic, and pastoral structures.

The campus buildings are named for people with significant local significance or an educational connection to Newman University.

They are named in honor of ladies who’ve made a tremendous impact on Birmingham in the past.

The Halls of Residence are named in honor of significant places for John Henry Newman.

A large portion of the campus has its roots in the original beginning of Birmingham College in the 1960s, and modern changes later enriched it.

According to the Complete University Guide, Newman University is the fourth-rated of the five universities in Birmingham; The University is consistently high in 90 to 95 percent graduation rate.

Newman was among fifteen universities that received the ‘High’ grade in the first University Guide. In June of 2014, the University named the safest college students can attend in Birmingham in the independent’s Complete University Guide.

Student Support was named the best in Birmingham by Independent’s Complete University Guide. Student Support was chosen for the ‘Outstanding’ Student Services Team award at the Times Higher Education Awards in 2017.

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Scholarship Worth

Sanctuary Scholarship will provide a tuition fee waiver.

The fee waiver is normally not extended to repeat years of studies and is available until you receive a status that permits you to obtain legal student support.

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Sanctuary Scholarship will provide study and travel assistance.

Sanctuary Scholarship comprises a yearly bursary of PS1200 per year to help in the cost of travel and research.

Is the bursary not intended to be? It is tested and payable in 2 installments (one every semester). The bursary is not typically be given for any repeat years of study.

Sanctuary Scholarships will offer personal assistance: The support will be provided to every student, enabling students to recognize and overcome obstacles in their course.

Sanctuary Scholarship will offer applicants who are not within a reasonable distance from Newman University; consideration will be given to the possibility of providing accommodation on campus at no cost.

Students must only apply if they have the financial capacity to cover these expenses on their own for the entire length of their university program.

Eligibility for Sanctuary Scholarship

  • To be eligible for Sanctuary Scholarship, An asylum seeker/partner/dependent has been granted Discretionary Leave to Remain (DLR) or some other form of temporary status. However, your temporary position should be for the duration of your expected duration of the study.
  • To be eligible for the Sanctuary Scholarship, You must be granted a conditional or unconditional offer to a student who is enrolled in a full-time position to pursue your studies at Newman University
  • To be qualified for the Sanctuary Scholarship, You must have been granted asylum in the UK before submitting your application to UCAS or in person to Newman University
  • To be eligible for the Sanctuary Scholarship, You must be enrolled in a school or college, community, or a voluntary organization that can give a reference as a part of your application
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How to Apply

To be eligible for Sanctuary Scholarship, you must be qualified.

  • Sanctuary Scholarship, you must have applied and received an offer of admission (conditional or unconditional) for a three-year full-time undergraduate degree (or an undergraduate degree program of 4 years that starts with the Foundation Year) within Newman University.
  • If you require assistance with one of our courses and entry requirements, or how to apply through UCAS and directly to Newman University, you can get more information on the Study at Newman webpages.
  • After the initial evaluation After the initial assessment, the University will be in touch with you to inform you whether or whether your application will be accepted to the next phase in the process of selection.
  • When your applications are considered for consideration, you are invited for an interview to confirm the information you’ve submitted when filling out your form.
  • If you’re successful in securing the Scholarship, You receive notification within five working days following the time of your interview.

Deadline for Sanctuary Scholarship

The deadline for applications for this award is June 22, 2022.


The Sanctuary Scholarship is a great opportunity for students who want to further their education.

It provides financial assistance, as well as a support system, which can be extremely helpful for students who are new to the United States.

I encourage all eligible students to apply for the Sanctuary Scholarship.

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