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15 Best Paying Jobs Miscellaneous in 2022

This article covers many miscellaneous jobs and, most importantly, the highest paying jobs in the miscellaneous.

If you’re looking to try new avenues for career development or increase your savings, there are many odd jobs in the marketplace.

They range from gruesome jobs like Embalmer, Undertaker, or Professional Mourner to occupations you’ve not seen before, such as the Soil Scientist or Bed Warmer Podiatrist, Bingo Manager, and even online Dating Ghostwriter.

Don’t fret that you’re not the only person who was unaware of these jobs on the market. However, one thing is for sure taking a different path is extremely beneficial to making it in the workforce.


What Are Miscellaneous Jobs?

The name odd work refers to miscellaneous jobs. They’re referred to as odd jobs because they’re not the typical “go-to” jobs for most people. Some pay astronomically and pay a lot. These are usually employed as a way to complement any “real” job you have working.

While they’re often overlooked, a significant amount of money could be accumulated from these. They can range from odd tasks to work and even ranges according to your talents. These are all tasks you can do with ease during your spare time and earn money.

What Skills do You Need?

To get the highest-paying jobs in various fields, the abilities you must have in your arsenal are:

  • Data analysis and statistics: Statistics and data analysis help you reach an logical conclusion and then communicate the results to other people. Being able to apply these abilities will help you solve complicated problems and improve your standing as an expert who is respected in your area of expertise.
  • Literacy in digital technologies: Best-paying jobs in miscellaneous jobs depend heavily on the latest technology. Staying current with the most recent versions of your company’s main programs will make you more competitive. Earning certifications for innovative technologies will enhance your worth as an employee.
  • Speech and public speaking: Excellent public speaking involves presenting your thoughts to a crowd convincingly and clearly. Learning how to become an effective public speaker is a fantastic method to enhance your abilities in any field and boost your chances of landing the most lucrative jobs in a variety of.
  • Read at a breakneck speed: people who speed read can absorb large chunks of text and paragraphs instead of going word-for-word and slow processing each word. This capability allows you to read faster and retain more information. Speed reading will help you more effectively manage your time and increase your productivity.
  • Flexibility: Employers value the flexibility to change to new technologies, collaborations, and philosophies. To achieve your goals, you must have the ability to change when required.
  • Creativity is crucial in the ability to think outside the box: With the current global market. Innovation can allow your business to stand out and draw your customers’ attention.
  • innovation: Innovative thinking necessitates an ability to think outside the box and accept the risk of using unconventional strategies to improve processes that are already in place and develop new ones. Innovative thinkers are problem solvers, and innovative problem-solving is a talent that employers highly value.
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15 Best Paying Jobs in Miscellaneous Jobs

1. Crystallographer

Crystals may appeal to you simply because they look beautiful. You’ve been advised by someone else that they could bring luck and peace or simply because you wish to learn about crystallography, one of the branches of science that studies the structure and formation of crystals.

Crystallographers play a crucial part in identifying discoveries in the composition of different crystals. This could result in significant advances in medical and science, with an expected increase of 6 percent in the employment market from 2018 through 2028.

With just a bachelor’s degree required to become a crystallographer, the process is relatively straightforward and can pay more than $92,000 a year.

2. Stenocaptioner

It is a mystery who takes note of all these notes when the prosecution announces, “Point to be noted, my lord.” Steno captioners, also referred to as stenographers, are involved in steno captioning. This is a method that makes use of the stenotype machine to create transcripts and captions by using various shorthand methods.

The entire trial and pre-trial proceedings and other pertinent information are recorded and transcribable using stenocaptioners.

With a postsecondary non-degree degree as well as a short-term period of training as conditions, steno captioners will easily earn $60,130. This is over the average salary of the United States. This is among the highest-paying jobs in the field of miscellaneous.

3. Master Marijuana Extractor

Are you seeking an unusually high-paying job? The growing hemp industry within the United States causes the use of professionals who can effectively process hemp and marijuana components into concentrates, oils, and edible products.

They can be described as master cannabis extractors and earn an astounding $250,000 annually. In the end, cannabis extractors who are master marijuana experts can be to marijuana what brewmasters were in the world of beer. Additionally, those with related degrees could easily earn up to $70,000 in their first year.

4. Billboard Installer

Who doesn’t find these glowing billboards seen from afar while driving? Billboard installers don’t put themselves up for display overnight.

They are charged with tasks like making for, putting up, and taking down an advertisement or billboard and maintenance, repairing and minor electrical work trimming tree branches, and repairing weather damage.

With a 5% rise in jobs anticipated between 2018 and 2028, you could be able to do long-term billboard installations without any education requirement and make an average of $40,520 annually.

5. Soap Boiler

As a soap maker, you can make people feel sparkling clean. Small and medium-sized soap makers need soap boilers for a multi-step procedure that transforms oils into “neat soap” for bars and powders.

In making soap, you’ll encounter the “grainy, curdy mass of soap” as well as a “pasty boiling mass that is treated with brine,” according to Brittanica.

With just an education degree from high school, You can take this on as a career. It’s among the highest paying jobs in various.

6. Costume Assistant

Have you ever wondered why singers and actresses alter their costumes repeatedly in live performances? This is where costume assistants are needed.

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You’ll be in charge of deciding on the appropriate costumes for entertainers and maintaining the costumes in good shape between performances.

You’ll be responsible for making Lady Gaga in seconds from a simple meat outfit to ball dress the power suit adorned with Christmas lights. For a job as a costume helper, you’ll need an education degree from a recognized school and some training in the short term.

7. Embalmer

If you’re not averse to working with coworkers who don’t seem to be particularly friendly, Why not consider embalming? Making bodies ready for incarceration is an essential job, and the compensation reflects this. You’ll make about an extra $8,000 per year than the average national.

The only requirements are an associate’s diploma and years of work experience. However, respect and sensitivity are also beneficial. This is among the highest-paying jobs in the field of miscellaneous.

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8. Algae Scientist

The green muck that often is floating on the water’s surface can earn you a lot. Algae are a crucial element of the animal ecosystem, and algae scientists (also called phycologists) examine algae for various objectives, from biofuel production to wastewater treatment production. To begin, earn the degree of a bachelor’s in an area related to algae, which is among the highest-paying jobs in various.

9. Flavorist

A flavorist employs chemicals to make natural and artificial flavours. The primary objective is to design a variety of new and delicious flavours that people love to.

To create natural flavours and make an income, one should be able to comprehend essential oils, flavour scents, botanical extracts, and essences and have a PhD in biochemistry or chemistry. This is among the highest-paying jobs in the field of miscellaneous.

10. Bereavement Coordinator

No one wants to reveal the news of the death of a loved one to their loved ones. No matter what, someone has to take responsibility. Coordinators for bereavement are responsible for those social workers that share the devastating information.

They are active participants in a system of socio-emotional support designed to make this stressful experience as easy as possible. Coordinators for bereavement ensure that they handled these situations with professionalism with calmness, sanity, and cooperation.

Bereavement counselors typically have the degree of a four-year university and are employed in places like nursing homes, hospices, and hospitals, helping the families of those who passed away due to terminal illnesses.

11. Elevator Inspector

There are a variety of professions you might have encountered but you may not have thought of; one is an elevator inspector. Most people don’t think about their job as one until they get caught in one.

Elevator inspectors remain alert to make sure that elevators are in compliance with the safety standards and comply with codes for both passengers and freight, regardless of whether it’s a residential complex that has multiple floors or an enormous corporate skyscraper.

They check escalators and wheelchair lift systems, as well as moving sidewalks. They can suggest specific maintenance or restoration repairs for repairmen. It is among the most lucrative jobs in diverse fields.

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12. Content Creator

Content creators are one of the highest-paying jobs in the field of miscellaneous. They create or edit content for editorial, social and conceptual content, create an execution calendar, and come up with strategies for content.

They also assess the quality of the content and offer suggestions to improve or expand the content, do extensive research that informs both editorial and strategy, including competition analysis, market research, and other assignments that guide articles, videos, and other forms of media.

13. Braille Proofreader

Written words aren’t the only ones to be proofread, and words engraved with dots also need to be read.

Braille proofreaders are experts in identifying errors and marking corrections before printing Braille-based scripts, books, etc. Braille proofreaders earn over 40,630 dollars per year. They need a bachelor’s or master’s degree as well as the ability to comprehend braille.

14. Bingo Manager

However fancy they sound, Bingo managers are the main of the bingo industry in casinos. The bingo manager oversees their approval for the jackpots and payments, the supervision of every aspect of their staff, and budget maintenance.

They also take care of problems with customers who have escalated and ensure compliance of state and federal gambling regulations. To become a bingo manager, you don’t require any college degrees, but you’ll need at the very least five years of experience and a salary of about $61,140 per year.

15. Hot Dog Cart Vendor

It is possible to wonder what the popular hot dog cart vendor can earn while walking the glitzy avenues in Manhattan, Chicago, or Minneapolis. However, you may be shocked to know those cart sellers are paid around $100,000 annually and $1,150 over just one weekend.

Hot dog cart sellers must be able to take orders for food, manage cash registers, take orders with care, and make high-quality hot dogs. This is a job that many do not pay attention to, but it is one of the best 15 jobs in the miscellaneous.

What should you include in your resume for jobs in Miscellaneous?

It’s good to make your additional information specific to the position you’re applying to be exciting and relevant to the interviewer.

When you apply for the most lucrative jobs in various areas to include on your resume, have:

  • Certifications and permits
  • Continuous education or training
  • Skills
  • Special Awards or praises
  • Publications
  • Testimonials of clients
  • Reviews of job performance
  • Hobbies
  • Languages used
  • Charity or volunteer work
  • Certifications and permits


The 15 best-paying jobs in 2022 will be in a variety of industries. While some may be in traditional fields such as healthcare or technology, others may be in more cutting-edge sectors.

With the right skills and training, anyone can find a high-paying job that matches their interests and passions. So if you’re looking for a new and exciting career, be sure to consider one of these top 15 best-paying jobs Miscellaneous in 2022!


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