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Marine Biologist Job Description And Salary

The Marine Biologist also known as a Marine Life Biologist, studies and studies the ocean and aquatic life. Their main responsibilities are conducting research, taking care of injured or sick sea creatures , and monitoring the daily activities of marine life.

Marine Biologist Duties and Responsibilities

The responsibilities and duties of a marine biologist are acquired through the university years as well as internships and volunteer opportunities in addition to entry-level positions that provide a similar working setting. Marine Biologists have a distinct list of responsibilities and duties which are specific to their work.

  • Research and development on the interrelations between organisms within the ocean environment.
  • Learn about the characteristics of the animals that live in the ocean such as interactions with other species, movements patterns, diseases, etc.
  • Examine the impact of human activities in marine ecosystems.
  • Collection of biological samples and data to study.
  • Monitor and manage the wildlife population as well as invasive species of plants and animals.
  • Create research papers and write articles describing the results.
  • Make conservation plans and make suggestions for policymakers as well as the general public.

Marine Biologist Job Description Examples

Example 1

Company Introduction:

Something Fishy is leading the market with its design, installation and management of aquarium exhibits that are located in The New England Market. They have clients like Yale New Haven Health, Google, Mystic Aquarium, The State of CT, Shark Ninja, The Massachusetts Audubon and many more enjoyable customers. Our team of Something Fishy is looking for an energetic person to join the team. help build and strengthen its brand’s identity by providing highly engaging and visually appealing merchandise and service. 

Position Description

Service Aquarists are accountable for the maintenance and installation of stunning aquarium exhibits for commercial and residential locations for clients. They are accountable to ensure the health of, function and aesthetics of these exhibits. They are also accountable for 

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keeping a positive and enjoyable relationship with their clients.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities:

The company’s vehicle is driven to customer locations

Cleaning aquarium exhibits

General aqua-related management

The Life Support System (LSS) maintenance

Installation of LSS equipment or PVC plumbing

Customer relations

Being on an emergency call schedule that rotates

Required Skills

The job requires great time management and focus on the smallest details, problem solving skills and interpersonal abilities. The Service Aquarist should be able to perform in a fast-paced work environment and have an adaptable timetable. You must also possess an official driver’s licence in good standing and the ability to lift 50 pounds. Aquarium experience is required with a degree in the related field preferred.

Pay & Benefits

It is a permanent job with a minimum of 40 hours per week guaranteed. The starting pay starts at $18/hr and the pay ranges from $37,000 to $55,000 within 12-18 month dependent on experience and performance. Retirement, profit sharing and health insurance and pay time off (PTO) Ping pong foosball, and a great team!

The position does not declare or suggest that these will be the primary duties or the responsibilities that this position is entrusted with. This position’s employees are required to carry out other duties related to their job as directed by management.

Additional Compensation:


Other types

Benefit Conditions:

A waiting period could be in place.

Only full-time employees can be eligible.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $37,000.00 to $55,000.00 per year



401(k) matching

Dental insurance

Employee discount

Health insurance

Paid time off

Professional development assistance

Retirement plan

Supplemental Pay:

Commission pay

COVID-19 considerations:
Follow all procedures to ensure the safety of employees.


Aquarium Service 1 year Location One Location

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More information

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What Does a Marine Biologist Do?

Marine Biologist Job Description

The Marine Biologists work as scientists that work in marine life and laboratory centers to study marine life and discover solutions to increase the quality of their ecosystems and the environment. They regularly collect samples of marine creatures to determine how they react to different contaminants and other hazardous exposures to their environment. Marine biologists will examine these samples to formulate new theories and methods to assist aquatic life to live an enjoyable and safe life within the sea.

They’ll also uncover new specimens when they review their specimens. A lot of them also perform experiments to study the movements, ranges, and distributions of diverse marine species. Following the completion of these studies the Marine Biologists will prepare reports detailing the potential damage that oil companies or other organizations could cause to marine life.

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Marine Biologist Skills and Qualifications

To fulfill the duties of a Marine Biologist it is necessary to have specific qualifications and skills which must be acquired in the course of time working as an intern or volunteer, and at the higher level at the university level, like.

These are the most important competencies and qualifications needed by Marine Biologists:

  • Marine Biologists could be required to endure prolonged periods without human contact , and even in remote locations, so they must have mental stability and physical endurance to stand up to the stress of working in close proximity to wildlife.
  • Marine Biologists need a keen ability to observe changes in behavior or the environment they are studying.
  • Biologists need to have strong communications skills in order to present their work in front of an audience.
  • It is important to use reasoning and judgment to draw conclusions from your observations and studies.
  • Biologists might also collaborate alongside other experts in similar or related projects, so they must have excellent interpersonal skills to be able to work with other people.
  • Biologists develop possible solutions to the issues which arise through their research like the loss of habitat or diseases It is therefore essential to be able to think on your feet.
  • Outdoor skills are vital because biologists spend a significant amount of time outdoors which is why having a creative approach to the field or transporting heavy equipment is essential.
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Marine Biologist Salary Expectations

The average pay for marine biologists is $47,443 per annum Based on the recent and current job advertisements on our site in the past 36 months.


Marine Biologist Education and Training Requirements

Marine Biologists generally possess a minimum bachelor’s degree from a related field such as Biology, Ecology or Zoology. In order to specialize in Marine Biology, you need to earn a higher degree , such as a master’s, to carry out scientific research. A Ph.D. is required for the majority of research positions that are independent.

At this stage, marine biologists are more familiar with statistical software and methods of research. Scientists who have a higher level are expected to have a broad, complete scientific background in which classes such as mathematics, statistics as well as physics, chemistry and physics were studied.


Marine Biologist Experience Requirements

A lot of marine biology students get experience through internships or volunteering throughout their college years, or right after they graduate. When they have gained experience, their responsibilities rise because Ph.D. graduates typically conduct independent research on projects. They might also be responsible for finding the funds needed for their research.


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