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Apply for the Fully Funded Maria Goeppert Mayer Fellowship 2022

International students can apply for the Maria Goeppert Mayer Fellowship. They must be from any country and intend to study at Argonne National Laboratory USA. This fellowship is awarded to outstanding doctoral researchers and engineers worldwide.

Fellows need to demonstrate exceptional skills in engineering or science studies. They also have to be committed to being great leaders in the chosen studies they pursue. Fellows work closely alongside the sponsor of Argonne to pursue their research interests.

Fellows work as Argonne Scholars and receive total rewards, a highly competitive wage, and a research grant. Fellows can renew their appointments annually for up to three years with the possibility of retention.

The most prestigious Fulbright Scholarship USA is available.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level Of Study: PhD
  • Institution(s), Argonne Laboratory
  • Study in the USA
  • Opportunity Focus Areas See the list below.
  • Program Period: Maximum 3 Years
  • Deadline October 1, 2021, at 7:00 PM Central Standard Time (US).

Offers Courses

  • Autonomous Discovery
  • Climate and Energy Action; Clean Energy. Energy Storage
  • Hard X-ray Science
  • Quantum Information
  • Radioisotope Discovery
  • Science for a Circular Economy
  • Our Laboratory is the Universe
  • Accelerator Science and Technology
  • Measurement, Signature Science, and Data Fusion
  • Microelectronics

Scholarship Coverage

The Maria Goeppert Mayer Fellowship provides the recipient with the following benefits:

  • Highly competitive salaries
  • A stipend to support research.
  • Fellowships are 100% funded.
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Maria Goeppert Mayer Fellowship Eligibility Criteria

Maria Goeppert-Mayer Fellowship applicants must meet these criteria to be eligible:

  • Language Required: English
  • All world countries are eligible.
  • Three years from the date of application or completion by appointment of Ph.D. requirements
  • Academic achievement and potential for leadership in technical and research areas
  • Research in areas that align with Argonne’s mission
  • Leadership skills are demonstrated through community outreach, service, volunteering, activities to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, professional society engagement, and so on.
  • Motivation and creativity
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Alignment with Argonne’s Core Values: Impact, Safety, Respect, Integrity, and Teamwork

Fully Funded

How do I apply for the Maria Goeppert-Mayer Fellowship?

Maria Goeppert Mayer Fellowship

Visit the official website link at the end. Here are some essential steps to apply for the Maria Goeppert Mayer Fellowship.

(1) Candidates must submit a Requisition 4111040 to be eligible for the Maria Goeppert Mayer Fellowship. You will first need to sign up from the link. Next, click on “Apply” in the application link. The complete application package will contain:

  • Research Proposal. Proposals must be submitted using Research Proposal Template. The Research Proposal Template Guide at the end of the section provides detailed instructions. The template and the guidance can be found on the fellowship’s web.
  • Curriculum Vitae, with a list of publications, introductory presentations and patents, and other relevant activities that show research productivity, independence and leadership experience, and other pertinent skills. For tips on how to prepare your CV, see the appendix. Candidates are encouraged to give the proposal document a unique name, such as YourLastName_CV.
  • Transcripts for graduate studies.
    • Transcripts should include the name of the school, students’ names, watermarks, official seals or symbols, and signatures from the Registrar. Transcripts that indicate a degree have to reflect the date of completion.
    • The school does not require transcripts. A copy of the diploma or letter from the Graduate School Office that confirms you have been enrolled and completed all requirements for the Ph.D. is acceptable. The letter must be signed by an official representative of the Graduate School Office and printed on official school letterhead.
    • Please provide a translation of the transcript and a summary of the information in the transcript if the transcripts are in English.
  • A nomination form from Argonne sponsor (with a copy to Division Director). It addresses the strengths and merits of the candidate as well as how their work will contribute to org row Argonne’s research programs.
  • Three letters from a recommendation from people other than Argonne employees. Candidates should request letters of recommendation from people who are familiar with the candidate’s work and can offer their opinions:
    • Ability to work independently or in a group.
    • Leadership qualities and the ability to communicate well.
    • The candidate has demonstrated independence, creativity, and maturity.
    • Contributions to the field and significant accomplishments.
    • The candidate’s rank about other candidates at the same career stage.
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(2) Sending these supporting materials to (0d******[email protected]***


  • Click to find out more.
  • All letters should be sent as a PDF file with signatures on official letterhead. Please include the name and address of the candidate in the subject line.
  • To ensure timely receipt of all materials, applicants should contact references and sponsors before the deadline. After the review process begins, late materials will not be accepted. To inquire about your application’s status, please email (0d******[email protected]*** with a copy to your sponsor.


Visit the official website to learn more about Maria Goeppert Mayer Fellowship

Official Site

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