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20 Highest paying jobs in the world in 2022

Do you want to know the most lucrative careers and their median salaries?

If you’re trying to make more money, or just beginning to look for work to do, This blog post on highest paying jobs in the world is ideal for you!

We’ve listed a few of the most lucrative careers or jobs around the globe to help you figure out which ones pay the highest.

You may be surprised by the number of jobs available because there are many occupations that aren’t always associated with huge earnings potential.


Highest paying jobs in the world

1. Lawyer

Average Salary: $141,890

The highest-paying profession on the planet is one that I’m sure a lot of people have heard of the profession of lawyer.

To make large sums of money in this industry it is necessary to be studying for a few years, complete a variety of tests and of course be able to pass the bar exam!

You’ll be required in order to defend clients’ interests, write legal documents and then spend much of your time providing advice to your clients regarding legal issues or strategies.

The job is known to involve many long work hours and overtime. However, the benefits for all the hard work could be quite substantial with attractive pay, stock options as well as bonuses.

2. Marketing Manager

Average Salary: $145,620

The next step is to are looking for Marketing Directors.

They are responsible for preparing, executing, and implementing the company’s marketing strategies and policies.

It comes in all forms and sizes, but typically, they’ll focus more on the strategic side of things, rather than the implementation.

Along with a great annual pay and benefits package, successful marketing managers are also eligible for bonuses and commissions in accordance with sales targets or revenues.

The $145,620 figure is an average, and based on your experience and previous results, this figure can vary greatly until you prove yourself.


3. Podiatrist

Average Salary: $148,470

If you’ve got an affinity for feet or you’re simply curious about the feet and want to learn more, becoming a Podiatrist is something you should explore.

Podiatrists specialize in diagnosing and treating foot-related deformities, foot-related issues, and ailments.

Things like bunions, ingrown nails, and fractures will become typical of your work routine.

If you’re considering becoming a Podiatrist, you’ll require an undergraduate degree and then attend podiatry schools for about four years.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to be hired in the practice or even start your own.

It’s likely that you’ll be able to make more money through your own business, but $148,470 is pretty good for working for somebody else.


4. Petroleum Engineer

Average Salary: $154,780

If you’re interested in natural gas and oil the career of a Petroleum Engineer could be right up your alley.

These guys are skilled at developing methods to improve the extraction of gas and oil as well as production.

Usually, this is done by developing new technologies that can extract these natural resources in a safe and environmentally-friendly way.

A grasp of maths and science is essential for engineering careers and, depending on your location there are some governments that will offer to pay for your education should you choose to pursue the field of engineering.


5. IT Manager

Average Salary: $142,530

In charge of protecting and securing the business’s IT network and infrastructure from hackers and malware IT managers typically are well-versed in computing, as well as an area of expertise.

In their daily duties, they’ll also oversee any upgrades to hardware or software and help solve any technical problems.

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IT Managers make a lot of money due to their high demand as of the time of this article’s writing. Technology is constantly changing and updates are constantly coming out so businesses require highly-skilled professionals to oversee the processes and ensure that everything goes according to plan without any issues.

It is generally accepted that an undergraduate degree with a computer science major is required from you when you’re trying to be considered for this job.

However, experience can be more important than education, so you could 100 percent be an IT manager without having a degree as long as you are aware of what you’re doing and demonstrate that you know it.


6. Airline Pilot & Co-Pilot

Average Salary: $161,280

If you are afraid of flying, then avoid pursuing an aviation career.

However, if you enjoy flying or simply consider it cool and exciting, then becoming an airline pilot might be the perfect choice for you.

It’s among the highest-paying jobs in the world and comes with lots of benefits.

To make a profit and enjoy all the benefits that come with it, you’ll need to undergo rigorous training and physical exams, in addition, to staying up-to-date with the latest exams and checks.

If you are able to do it then you’ll be in good shape with an average income of $161,280 as well as the opportunity to be referred to as an Airline Pilot whenever anyone asks!


7. Nurse Anesthesiologist

Average Salary: $169,450

In 14th place, earning an average of $169.450 a year We have Nurse Anesthesiologists.

These professionals play a significant part in the security and treatment of hospitalized patients.

They are accountable for administering anesthesia, supervising the patients’ recovery as well as monitoring the vitals of patients.

To be a certified Anesthesiologist You’ll have to begin by becoming a registered nurse. Then, you’ll need to get a master’s diploma from an accredited nursing program.

If you enjoy helping others and have a sense of is about, then this might be the right choice for you.

8. Dentist

Average Salary: $174,110

We’ve all visited the dentist at least once throughout our life, surely?

It’s true that a great one won’t cost a lot, particularly in the event that you are unexpectedly caught and end up with an unexpected process.

All those unexpected events and routine check-ups could make for good revenue for the majority of dental practices.

However, to get to the next level, you’ll need to work for a long time and pass numerous exams and really refine your skills and your image.

Dentists are accountable for looking at their patients, diagnosing, and treating any issue associated with your teeth or gums.

The great thing is that everybody has teeth, so when you’re competent and competent, you’ll always have customers.

9. Pediatrician

Average Salary: $183,240

If you’re a person with a strong fascination with children and could envision yourself caring for the children on a daily basis If so, then you should take a look at becoming a Pediatrician may be your dream job.

Your main responsibility is to identify the cause, treat and prevent diseases and injuries that children suffer from. Also, you’ll be looking for any other mental, physical or social health issues and ensure that the child is as safe as possible.

A year of $183,240 helping children improve their hearing is a huge deal for me!

10. Prosthodontist

Average Salary: $196,960

A bit different than a dentist, Prosthodontists are the ones who design and construct prostheses for oral use for replacing missing teeth, or any other dental deformities.

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They are frequently known as “Dental Plastic Surgeons” since they do a lot of cosmetic procedures.

If this is an intriguing career choice for you, you’re likely to be required to earn either a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or a Doctor of Medicine (DMD) in order to become a dentist. Also, you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree to be able to attend dental school.

After you’ve earned your credentials and gained knowledge, you could expect to earn an average of $196,960.

11. Internist

Average Salary: $198,370

Sometimes, in our lives, it’s difficult to identify what’s causing discomfort in our bodies even if it’s evident on the outside.

Internists are doctors that offer an assessment and non-surgical treatment plan for internal injuries and diseases.

They don’t perform any procedures at all and concentrate on acute diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure as well as Alzheimer’s.

A lot of Internists opt to focus on specific organ systems within the body like the digestive system and concentrate all of their efforts on it.

12. CEO

Average Salary: $200,140

In order to be hired as Chief Operating Officer (CEO) by a business requires you to have a great deal of knowledge in the management aspect of running a business and also leadership skills.

You are responsible for managing and directing the business towards achieving its goals in addition to determining strategies and adhering to the company as well as government rules, regulations, and policies.

It is often a matter of years of relevant experience in the field and a track record of achievement before an individual is qualified to be an executive.

13. General Practitioner (GP)

Average Salary: $208,560

The initial point of contact for anyone who suffers from any form of illness or pain is generally a general physician (GP).

Your doctor can identify and treat health-related problems you are experiencing or suggest to visit a specialist according to your symptoms.

In order to become a general practitioner, You’ll have to complete 7 to 10 years of education and training.

It’s definitely worthwhile if you want to aid others and become the first person to call for someone who becomes sick.

14. Psychiatrist

Average Salary: $216,090

The second highest-paying profession on the planet is the Psychiatrist.

Psychiatrists treat and diagnose disorders that affect the brain. They are paid to hear patients’ problems and figure out the root of their troubles.

It’s certainly more precise and organized than this, but that’s short and long of it.

If this appeals to you then you’ll have to finish your medical school and then pursue a specialization in Psychiatry.

As you can see, it’s worth the effort and time since the median salary is around $216,090.

15. Orthodontist

Average Salary: $228,500

The sixth position is the third dental profession on our list. It’s also the highest-paying of all.

Orthodontists have the responsibility of examining the jaw, diagnosing, and repairing any dental problems that arise from the jaw’s position and teeth.

They can straighten the structure of teeth, correct teeth that are crooked, and alter bite position using braces and retainers.

To become an orthodontist You’ll have to earn a dental certificate before registering and completing the postgraduate Orthodontist program.

Similar to other fields of dentistry The payoff is worthwhile If you’re able to qualify.

16. Gynecologist

Average Salary: $235,240

In the fifth spot, there is a doctor who specializes in medical care in connection with childbirth and pregnancy and also diagnosing, treating, and preventing the development of diseases in women.

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Gynecologists assist women in maintaining their reproductive system and their duties differ from one day to the next.

For instance the day they need to give birth to a child and the next, they might perform laser surgery to eliminate HPV cells or perform regular check-ups.

17. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Average Salary: $243,500

Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons differ from ordinary dentists in that they carry out surgical procedures for the mouth, face, and jaw. They primarily focus on soft and hard tissues.

To be able to pursue an occupation within this area, you’ll have to continue your studies for another four years after you’ve completed the dental degree.

With the average salary close to $250,000 these extra four years might be worth the effort.

Additionally, it’s a job that gives you the opportunity to assist others while being financially rewarding, something that can’t be said about all careers on our list.

18. Surgeon

Average Salary: $251,000

Highest paying jobs in the world

Surgeons are among the most lucrative professions in the world.

It’s also straightforward to justify their annual income since they’re making a difference in people’s lives and improving their overall health and well-being.

Being a surgeon, based on the area of specialization you select takes an additional period of research after you have become a certified doctor.

You’ll have to choose one area that you would like to focus on and perform the necessary work in order in order to qualify as a surgeon professional.

The more experience you’ve got and the more obscure your field of expertise is, the higher your potential earnings to earn.

This is evident starting at position 1 on the list.

19. Anesthesiologist

Average Salary: $265,000

Anesthesiologists are medical professionals who are accountable for the administration of anesthetics prior to the procedure, in the course of or following surgery.

They also have a range of other duties, including handling emergencies offering guidance on pain management, and conducting assessments in the units for critical care.

If the profession of Anesthesiologist seems like something you’d like as a profession After becoming an Anesthesiologist, you’ll have to complete a second 4-year Anesthesiology Residency.

You may also have to sit for a different examination with the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA).

After all, that is done after which you could make upwards of $265,000 per year depending on your knowledge.

20. Neurosurgeon

Average Salary: $381,500

The highest-paying job anywhere in the globe is that of a Neurosurgeon.

This is a highly skilled surgeon who has chosen to specialize in diagnosing and surgically treating diseases of the peripheral and central nervous systems.

Neurosurgery is among the most difficult medical fields and requires a lot of education and training.

For instance, to make the most money you’ll have to finish the usual eight years of training for a doctor as well as a one-year clinical internship for general surgery and 5 to 7 years of a neurosurgery course.

If you’d like to take it an additional step, you may pursue a fellowship that specializes in a particular field.

In addition to that, it is essential to find time to keep current with the latest developments in neuroscience and to take part in regular seminars, meetings, and other conferences.


As you will see, these professions are extremely well-paid and some of them are even more rewarding than other careers.

To reach the same level of income, much sweat, blood, and tears are likely to be poured out and you should keep this in mind if seeking one of these lucrative careers.

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