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Formswift’s scholarship program for 2022: Receive $1000 in funding Apply Now

Formswift’s scholarship program is offered by Formswift, the US firm that provides you with the tools to help you write professional business plans as well as additional official documentation.

Formswift's scholarship program

What is a Business Plan?

The business plan can be described as a document written detailing your business’s operations and outlining its plans.

The business plan serves various purposes for people who want to start an enterprise from scratch.

They’re typically the first point of contact between your business and potential investors.

Business plans, therefore, are, in a sense, a “first impression” of your company to prospective investors.

In addition, business plans are frequently employed to draw in employees, establish a greater degree of continuity with suppliers, and other scenarios that require concise explanations of your business’s name and future goals.

The majority of people would be wondering what the definition of the business plan and the overview of the company plan has had to relate to this award.

The business plan has all the information needed to apply for this specific scholarship since it’s an award that pays for a simple business plan or infographic of the business you are thinking of.

The people who offered the scholarships thought of the idea of having all business documents, articles, and other documents in one location to serve as a research tool or archive of business documents.

The company’s deep passion for the business gave this scholarship its name.

Formswift is a firm that loves to help expand the nation’s growing group of entrepreneurs.

That’s why they’ve created and maintained free business documents and the same reason for them to make the Scholarship Program.

Furthermore, the scholarship program is designed for ambitious, young entrepreneurs eager to dedicate themselves to building the world a better place through their business concepts.

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Additionally, by creating a unique infographic for their business plans for their scholarship submissions,

Young business-minded students can develop and test the abilities they will need to use in their careers after college.

In essence, they see the Scholarship Program as a prize to assist students in the current and a test that can help them narrow down their career options in the future.

Formswift thought that an effective business plan if organized in an infographic format, could guide a student’s thinking and assist them in exploring business concepts in-depth and developing their entrepreneurial capabilities.

Formswift in a compact form is a platform for software to design commonly used forms and documents, such as tax forms like Form W-2 as well as W9 Form, personal forms such as a release from liability, as well as professional forms like rental applications, promissory note as well as confidentiality contracts.

The idea for this scholarship came from the desire to create entrepreneurs who can ensure they stay on track and document their efforts.


Application of FormSwift Scholarship Contest is accepted right now.

The contest is available to high school graduates as well as college students.

Create a business Plan infographic on industries to be in the running to be a winner of this scholarship—formSwift Scholarship program.

FormSwift can be a useful tool designed to aid you in the process of quickly and effortlessly designing, editing, and create, and signing forms and documents.

The winner from FormSwift’s FormSwift Scholarship Program will receive $1,000. The award will be made at least four times per year.

Formswift is a platform for software to make common documents and forms that include tax forms, like forms like the W-2 and the W9.

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Level of Study

No specific area of study is required to qualify to receive this award.

The scholarship described in the scholarship description has a significant connection to the business plan, entrepreneurship, and documentation.

Therefore, applicants or students should be keen on business and write an effective business plan with an infographic format.

Students who are graduating from high school and students currently studying at the university or college can apply for this award to create an effective business plan in an image format that provides the overall plan of the business they plan to start.

Host Nationality:

FormSwift provides software designed to aid you in the process of quickly and effortlessly making, editing, signing, and collaborating on forms and documents.

As an active member, you can select from our collection of over 500 forms and templates, upload any documents you want, and utilize the tools of FormSwift to edit the documents.

This business operates throughout America. United States of America is now one of the top firms that have contributed to the growth of businesses and entrepreneurship within the United USA.


604 Mission St. Suite 300

San Francisco, CA 94105, United States of America


Scholarship Worth

The Scholarship Program was designed specifically for ambitious entrepreneurs looking to make a difference by implementing their ideas into businesses.

The design of distinctive information of the business plan to accompany this scholarship application aims at improving the students’ skills in business.

The business plan that students must implement within the framework of this scholarship could be utilized and built upon for their future careers.

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The applicants must be either graduating seniors from high school or are attending college.

Students at four-year universities as well as students of professional or community colleges, as well as graduate students are also eligible.

The applicants shouldn’t work for FormSwift or have any family connections with the staff of FormSwift.

International students, students attending an institution of higher learning or an international high school that is not within the United States are also eligible.

Formswift offers $3000 each year to three winners. The three winners are announced in the winter and summer months of fall and.

$1,000 during the summer.

$1000 in the fall and $1000 during winter.

It is the company’s discretion to confirm the high school or college enrollment date of graduation.

How to Apply

The main requirement for the application is to create a company plan infographic that focuses on one of the topics suggested on the FormSwift website.

The application should be submitted via mail (subject line: “FormSwift Scholarship Entry”) at:

[email protected] within the deadline dates.

Application Deadline

The FormSwift Scholarship Program opens every year four times, and deadlines are March 15, 2022 (Spring), September 15, 2022 (Summer) 15, January 15, 2022 (Fall), and March 15, 2022 (Winter).

The winners will be announced at the close of August, October, December, March, and.

Award Amount: $1,000


Phone: (888) 311-2977

Email: [email protected] Address: 2 Townsend Street, San Francisco CA 94107



I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and apply for Formswift’s scholarship program.

It’s a great way to reduce the cost of your education and ease the financial burden that comes with it.


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