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10 Education Assistant Jobs In Canada (Hiring Now)

Alongside the teacher who is in charge The educational assistant is responsible for keeping an eye on class times and assists teachers in lesson planning by preparing the materials and establishing tools. They are responsible for changing the lesson plan whether in small or individual groups with students.

 They monitor students during off-hours like in between classes, lunch and out on field trips. Additionally, they ensure that the learning space is neat and secure. To recognize the issues of students and provide solutions, the educational assistants work together with the teacher in charge.

 They keep track of the progress of every student and communicate with parents to inform them of their progress. They help teachers when they create lessons and adhere to regulations from the government, institutions, as well as classroom rules and rules.

 Education Assistant Jobs In Canada

1. Work As a full-time permanent education assistant for Simcoe County District School Board.

Students’ performance in the academic, behavioral and social skills, as well as life skills and cooperative learning settings is supported by educational assistants. Through fostering a safe and a positive learning environment while being multidisciplinary team members Educational assistants aid in the integration and development of all students’ learning.

Physically demanding positions include those that are educational assistants. The job’s responsibilities could include aiding students with mobility issues and lifting, as well as transferring food, diapering or other personal needs. Educational assistants may be assigned to be rotated around the school to meet the needs of children in different groups and grades.

2. job advertisement for a job posting Lambton College for an Online Education Office Assistant (APP D)

This temporary, full-time support staff position will take the place of the one that was part of the unit bargaining. As soon as it is possible the position will run through September 20, 2024. This position will report to the director of Innovation Institute, working 35 hours per week , at an hourly cost of $28.56/HR.

The incumbent is responsible for the course and program support functions that focus on administrative support to online education.

Particular Accountabilities

  • Essential to management of enrollment, such as the setting up, operation and distribution of the data.
  • beginning the activation and deactivation process of online courses
  • Making communication tracks among colleagues
  • Checking the settings for courses on Ontario Learn, Ed2Go, and Lambton College
  • ensuring that you adhere to deadlines for key term deadlines and the dates of exams
  • monitoring exam-related activities for students
  • sending test results to the host colleges and professors in Lambton College and monitoring their tests’ delivery
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A dynamic department within the Innovation Institute called Online Education is focused on part-time education to develop and offer micro-credentials and corporate training which can be entirely online or in-person, hybrid or lab-based.

3. Work  as a Supply Educational Assistant at the Halton Catholic District School Board

We conduct weekly, ongoing interviews and recruitment every week.

It is the Haltom Catholic District School Board which is mostly regarded as uniquely Catholic provides a high-quality education that is focused on achieving the highest standards of faith, conviction being a part of. The Board is a stimulating and lively place to learn as well as work and develop because it is a leading provincial school in the achievement of students with literacy and numeracy, as well in Special Education.

You should be physically fit to work with students from elementary to secondary school who have disabilities in the classroom, if you are looking to become an assistant in the classroom.

Students with a variety of disabilities, including Down syndrome or autism, require full attention due to behavior issues and issues (toileting or feeding, diapering, and lifting).

4. Employment as a learning services assistant at Humber

The options for professionals at Humber offer you access to endless possibilities. Humber is a place where you can be surrounded by opportunities. Humber experience is focused on the people. We strive to achieve excellence every day as a group and are changing the definition of what is meant by being an innovator in polytechnic education. A diverse group of dedicated, enthusiastic, loving and fun-loving people comprise Humber’s workforce. Humber workforce.

We are committed to discovering and developing the most suitable talent. We seek to hire and train outstanding employees who are committed to their work every day.

This is your chance to join us If you’re a person with a passion for higher education and are looking to contribute to the top polytechnic institution in Ontario in transforming how our students and the communities we serve.

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5. Join the York University staff as an Outreach Associate for Partner Field Education.

In terms of partner engagement and outreach regarding field placement partnerships Field Education Manager will be the principal person who is responsible for this task.

Education: A certificate from a college in business administration or something similar (e.g. one year of similar university courses)

Experience 1 year of working with the top leaders with their administrative requirements.

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Outstanding communication skills. Ability to communicate with people effectively and respectfully.

The ability to work as an individual and efficiently when working in the context of a group. Active listening is among the skills in interpersonal communication that is practical. Superior organizational skills, such as the ability to identify priorities and perform well with time constraints as well as high volumes. An impressive track record of accuracy and a keen eye for details. Written and oral communication skills are needed to gather and relay information in a concise and clear manner. The ability to maintain a low profile, exceptional decision-making skills, and take initiative. Honest and punctual.

6. Posting for jobs on Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board for an 1.0 FTE temporary educational assistant

The person who is selected will be responsible for helping students who have special needs (specifically intellectual and physical disabilities, as well as behavioral or other difficulties with learning). 

The job of an educational assistant will assist students with special demands academically, physically and emotionally in the school in order to encourage independence and to develop the individual talents of each student. The job of an educational assistant is an experienced and vital part of the school’s team.

The Principal will determine the timings for this position that will be 33.83 hours per week.

7. Work as an Educational Assistant at TFS Canada’s International School’s West Campus.

In collaboration with the teachers or office staff, and working under the direction of the principal and his delegate You will be responsible to the following:

Supporting teachers and schools

Aiding instructors in the creation of activities and resources to complement lesson plans

participating in excursions, field trips, and even the ravine

If needed, supervising, instructing, giving assistance to students in the classroom either in groups or individually.

Monitoring and helping students during bathroom breaks during lunch, recess or naptime; dressing prior to and following the holiday such as putting on clothing and shoes. (Able to stoop, sit or kneel)

Assisting in maintaining the neat, tidy, healthy, secure and safe environment , and monitoring students’ allergic reactions (food or hand washing etc.)

8. 2022-2023 job advertisement for an educational assistant on a casual basis Catholic School Board of the London District

Education Assistant Jobs In Canada

Who shall we choose?

Within Middlesex, Oxford, and Elgin counties, which include those cities such as London, St. Thomas, Strathroy, and Woodstock and the London District Catholic school Board that has earned an enviable reputation for excellence employs more than 3,000 employees to educate around 24,000 pupils in 43 elementary schools, 9 secondary school, as well as the Centre for Lifelong Learning.

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The London District Catholic School Board is seeking applications for positions:

Unexpected Educational Assistants

The educational assistant part-time serves our children’s physical, emotional and academic needs in an inclusive Catholic educational environment and reports to the director. Candidates who meet the qualifications are added to an “call out list” and be contacted by phone in London, Middlesex, and Oxford counties.

9. Posting for jobs on Sudbury Catholic District School Board for Educational Assistants on occasion

Projects that last for a long time, lasting as long as one year

Through the unique ties that exist between our churches, schools and parents/guardians Sudbury Catholic Schools proudly maintains the rich history of Catholic education within Greater Sudbury. City in Greater Sudbury.

They invite qualified candidates interested to be part of their lively compassionate team as an Occasional Education Assistant. If needed, daily assignments are available. There are a variety of options available for projects with a long duration that could run for up to one academic year. Every internal job advertisement which includes permanent positions, are available to those who are temporary educational assistants. Sudbury Catholic has many chances for development and growth within the workplace.

10. Job postings on Sudbury Catholic District School Board for Educational Assistants on occasion

Projects that last for a long time, lasting as long as an entire year

Through the close ties between our churches, our schools and parents/guardians Sudbury Catholic Schools proudly maintains the rich history of Catholic education throughout Sudbury, the City in Greater Sudbury.

They invite qualified candidates for their lively compassionate team as an occasional educational Assistant. When needed, daily tasks are provided. There are many options for long-term projects that could be completed in a single academic year. All job advertisements that advertise permanent employment, are accessible to applicants who work as occasional educational assistants. Sudbury Catholic has many chances for development and growth at work.


The selected candidate will work with students who have special requirements (specifically intellectual and physical disabilities, as well as behavioral or other issues with learning). To encourage student autonomy and to develop each individual’s talents The educational assistant who is an experienced and indispensable member of the school’s team, is responsible for providing physical, academic and emotional support for pupils at school who have special needs.



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