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Computer Technician Job Description And Salary

The Computer Technician also known as Computer Service Technician, or Computer Service Technician is accountable for maintaining and servicing computers as well as other electronic devices, such as audio and video systems. Their tasks consist of installing electronics as well as maintaining and maintaining electronic equipment, as well as diagnosing issues with electronic systems.

Computer Technician responsibilities and duties

Computer technicians have many responsibilities and duties in the daytime. Some of the most frequent tasks that are expected in all fields are:

  • Install, repair, and maintain electronic devices, including audio/visual equipment and computers
  • Complete maintenance reports
  • Give estimates on repair costs prior to finishing repairs.
  • Learn and follow blueprints as well as schematics
  • Train and supervise other technicians on computers.

What exactly do Computer Technicians do?

Computer Technicians are individual who installs electronic equipment like computers, televisions, and various other audio or visual equipment. They construct new equipment adhering to the procedure for installation and using hand tools and power tools as necessary. They also are responsible for testing the newly installed equipment to make sure they are functioning. A Computer Technician can diagnose electronic issues and fix damaged or defective components.

Computer Skills and qualifications for technicians

There are many qualities and skills that a competent Computer Technician requires to carry out their job duties. The most important qualities to search for in prospective employers include:

  • Utilization of special tools and instruments
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent analytical abilities
  • Skills for problem-solving
  • Deep understanding of mechanical maintenance
  • Customer service skills
  • Knowledge of electrical equipment and electronic devices
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Computer Technician experience requirements

A successful Computer Technician might only have experience on the job gained during their education and is suitable for a job at an entry-level. If the job requires the Computer Technician to instruct or supervise other technicians The candidate should be able to demonstrate between three and five years’ actual knowledge in the area.

Computer technician education and training needs

A Computer Technician is expected to finish a three- or four-year training program in electronic services. Although trade certification isn’t mandatory to be obtained in Ontario, British Columbia, and the Yukon Candidates who have certification within these three provinces can be thought to be of high potential. In other provinces and territories, applicants must possess trade certification from a regulatory organization.

Computer Technician Job Description

The salary expectations for Computer Technicians

As per Indeed Salaries, the average wage for Computer Technicians working in Canada averages $24.51 an hour. The rates can vary depending on various factors, including area, the size of the business as well as the degree of expertise.

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Computer Technician job description Frequently Asked Questions

How can you tell the difference between Computer Technicians and Computer programmers?

Computer Technicians prepare repairs and maintain electronic devices that are intended for use. They might assist customers with troubleshooting their devices by providing instructions or repairing the devices themselves. They also use computer programs as well as other software technology required for the operation or repair of devices. A Computer Programmer creates the software used on behalf of Computer Technicians. Computer Technician and create the code and software that the Computer Technician relies on to complete the installation and repair of electronic equipment.

What are the different kinds of Computer Technicians?

There are a variety of types of Computer Technicians that service various kinds of equipment. There are Computer Software Technicians who concentrate on software issues such as installation or troubleshooting of software, eliminating viruses, and recovering information. Hardware Computer Technicians concentrate specifically on electrical parts of devices and fix or replace them if needed. Retail Store Computer Technicians are specialized in the products they sell in their stores and are able to repair items bought at their stores. The Independent Contractor computer Technicians can service all kinds of equipment, no matter the place it was bought. They are independent contractors and are well-versed in a wide range of brands.

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What can you do to help the Computer Technician job description stand out?

A great Computer Technician job description includes all the information necessary to understand the job while giving information on the benefits and salary that the company offers. Include details about the kind of devices that the person will need to have a working knowledge of and the kinds of software they’ll use, as well as any travel requirements like visiting the home of people or moving between offices in the same area. If you need to have any specific certifications for the kind of equipment that the Computer Technician will work with making sure it’s easily understood by the reader.

What are the characteristics that make an ideal candidate for a Computer Technician candidate?

A Computer Technician requires a variety of technical abilities and certifications however, employers must seek candidates who possess the interpersonal skills required to manage clients. A Computer Technician interacts directly with customers on a regular basis and therefore the ability to provide customer service is a benefit. They must be well-versed in computers and possess a genuine passion for helping others. You should look for people who are comfortable speaking, patient, and enthusiastic to solve problems.


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