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Edmonds Community College Jobs, Admissions and Tuition Waivers

Edmonds Community College is located in Lynnwood, Washington. It was founded in 1967 and offered a certificate or degree in many courses. The campus of Lynwood has a total area of 50 acres. It includes 28 computer labs, nine laboratories for science, three restaurants, two greenhouses, a recording studio for digital recordings, and an art gallery: a theater, a child childcare center, and an exercise facility.

Contrary to other colleges, which offer only degrees and certificates for all their programs, in 2017, the college was authorized to offer the Bachelor of Applied science degree in Child and family studies. This is the initial Bachelor’s program. The programs offered by the college include the Accounting program, Allied Health Education, Business, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Culinary Arts, etc.

The school is accredited by Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and is governed by the Washington State Board of Community and Technical College. With a primary focus on the highest academic standard, student satisfaction, and involvement in the community. There is no doubt about the school’s determination toward its student achievement.

With an estimated cost of $4,107 for tuition, Edmonds Community College is affordable for low-income earners as well as middle-class families.

Why should you choose Edmonds, the community college?

Here are a few reasons Edmonds community college should be at the top of your list of community colleges within Washington;

  1. The cost of fees is Edmonds College is relatively low in comparison to the other colleges in the community. With tuition of just $4,107 per year, those with low and middle-income families can comfortably manage to pay for it.
  2. A well-equipped campus with 29 computer labs, nine science labs, three eateries, two greenhouses, a digital recording studio, and an art gallery. Theaters, a child childcare center, and gym facilities. The campus has successfully met the needs of the students’ doorstep.
  3. A high transfer rate: With a percentage of transfer of 36%, the school is ideal for students looking to pursue admission to universities after completing the two-year course. According to an article in the Seattle Times, community college students who are transfer students at Washington’s universities are more likely to complete their bachelor’s degrees compared with other colleges.
  4. Training for the workforce at the highest level and immediate acquisition of skills indicates that the college provides 46% of workforce training and 11% of immediate acquisition capabilities. This means that the school is equipped to educate its students with all of the resources available.
  5. Lower tuition rates for veterans and dependents: the institution must reduce tuition for the spouse, child, or spouse of a national guard member or veteran who was disabled while in active service, identified by their guardsman as an enemy prisoner, or died in active duty.
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Requirements for Waiver of Tuition/Fee

  • A disability-related letter that is that has been approved by the government.
  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificate of the child
  • Certificate of death for Service members (if the veteran was killed in active service)

Edmonds Community College Admission requirements

  • Transcripts: High school experience is not required; however, students may be able to earn credit for courses previously completed. Official transcripts for each academic year are to be sent at your school’s request. If the transcript isn’t in English, the transcript will be translated. Will be provided.
  • English proficiency requirements: students receive assessments on English to identify the class in which they will be placed.
  • For graduation requirements, students must pass their classes and sit the required tests to finish the high school curriculum. The successful students will be awarded a high school diploma that meets the requirements of the state of Washington.
  • Students who can provide the above official scores will be admitted to the program for high school in their initial quarters in Edmonds College.
  • International TOEFL 480 PBT, 54 IBT, 157 CBT
  • Edmonds College Institutional TOEFL 480
  • The IELTS Band Overall Score is 5.0, with at least 5.0 within each band.
  • ITEP Level 4
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Edmonds Community College Admission Requirement for International Students

Edmonds Community College Jobs

With 1215 students from 64 nations, there’s nothing to doubt regarding Edmonds’s welcoming nature to international students. But, there are some prerequisites required for admission to the school, and these comprise:

The minimum age requirement is that applicants must be at the age of 16 years old. However, applicants who are 15 years old and have completed the equivalent of high school are eligible to be admitted.

English proficiency An English proficiency test is not required to be admitted.

The application form is available by visiting Edmonds community college’s site.

Edmond Community College Canvas

Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) employed by Edmonds Community College to offer online hybrid, web-enhanced classes. Canvas is used to assign assignments, check grades, collaborate between students, and more. Canvas is the online learning space for students at Edmonds College. Canvas is a learning management system accessible online (LMS), giving instructors an array of flexible tools to manage course materials assignments, student data, and publishing course communication.

Edmonds Community College jobs

There are job openings available at Edmonds Community College, including:

  • Campus Security Officer
  • Custodian – Part-Time Hourly
  • Executive Assistant to the VP for Finance & Operations
  • Family Advocate (Head Start & ECEAP)
  • Foundation – Director of Finance
  • HR Consultant 1
  • Associate faculty in different departments
  • Part-Time Program Assistant – Enrollment Services
  • Maintenance and Custodial Coordinator – Housing and Residence Life
  • Line Cook – Part-Time
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Edmond Community College Scholarships

Scholarships are given to 3 groups of students as a tuition waiver. The scholarships include:

  • A New Student or High School Scholarship ($1,000); The new scholarship for students is available to first-time students attending Edmonds. Candidates must submit an unofficial transcript from their last academic year in the English language with at least one term of grades and a minimum 3.3GPA. They don’t accept scores from tests, i.e., TOEFL or IGSCE.
  • The Intensive ESL into College or high School Scholarship ($300) For the intense ESL towards college and high school scholarships, applicants must have completed level 5 of the IESL program and are preparing to be accepted into the college or high Scholl program. Here are the criteria to be eligible to receive this award:
    • Transcripts that show the most rigorous ESL scores
    • A photocopy of your class enrollment schedule, which shows the minimum number of credits required to be 12 credits
    • Minimum of 3.5GPA
  • Students at colleges and High School Merit Scholarship ($300) For merit scholarships for high school students. Applicants must be taking a high school or college course. These requirements include:
    • the submission of Edmonds’s unofficial transcripts
    • a grade of not lower than 3.5GPA
    • A current copy of their registration calendar that shows at least 12 credits

Each document must contain the student’s name and their SID number to be eligible.

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must have an academic record as international students with an F1/F2 visa.

Scholarships can be applied for through the school’s official site. Be sure to complete the form for the scholarship that applies to you.

Frequently asked questions

What is the distance between Edmond, Oklahoma from Oklahoma City community college?

30 minutes (22.5 miles) through I-44E as well as US-77 N


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