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Drake University Scholarships 2022 : How to Apply

It’s not straightforward for everyone in college, so numerous scholarships are available, drake university scholarship is one of them.

If you’re looking for the chance to earn an academic degree that is tuition-free, pay attention to Drake Scholarships, which is an idea by Drake University, Iowa, United States.

Drake University offers a wide variety of tuition-free study opportunities to reward students for their abilities regardless of where these abilities are displayed.

The award is determined by various factors based on its kind, but it is not based on financial conditions.

scholarships are renewable (up to 4 years or until you’ve earned a Bachelor’s Degree). If needed, your academic standing, as well as the grade point percentage, will be kept.

This article will provide you with information about the drake university scholarship, and it will also provide you with all the requirements that you have to fulfill to be considered eligible.

Keep reading as I share everything you should know about Drake University Scholarship and more.

drake university scholarship

About Drake University

Drake University is considered among the top schools within the Midwest.

Being a small private institution located in Des Moines, Iowa, drake university scholarship offers the benefits in resources and facilities of a bigger institution and small class sizes and personal connections.

drake university scholarship offers undergraduate and graduate programs, including professional degrees in law, business, and pharmacy.

Drake’s college is among the oldest universities in the nation.

It was established on October 18, 1881. It was founded in 1881 by George T. Carpenter, the pastor, teacher, and Francis Marion Drake, a general in the union during the Civil War.

Drake was initially a member of The Christian Church (Disciples Of Christ); However, Drake’s religious affiliation is not acknowledged today.

In 1883 the first permanent structure, Old Main, was constructed. Old Main remains prominent on campus, as do housing administrative offices and Levitt Hall, and Sheslow Auditorium.

It has also been the location of numerous United States presidential debates and other occasions.

The Law School at the University of Missouri is the second-oldest legal school within the nation to the west along the Mississippi River, after Saint Louis University School Of Law.

It had its first international students who enrolled in classes in 1886. they were from China, Persia, Armenia, and Japan.

The first library on the school’s campus was inaugurated on June 16, 1908.

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Drake is home to greater than 3000 students and 1 800 doctoral candidates from more than 45 states and more than 42 nations.

They also offer various training courses for community members, professionals, and regional firms.

What Amount Of Financial Assistance Is Available

Drake’s typical financial aid program for new first-years is $32,631.

The plan is estimated to be around 100.0 percent of new students receive financial aid, the majority of that are grants and scholarships.

Reduced Cost

The term “student loan” technically falls under the heading of ‘financial aid,’ but the only discount you can get from the cost for college would be a grant or scholarship, which you don’t need to repay.

Students Loans At Drake

A loan isn’t an actual price reduction at a college and is more of a cost-conscious consideration.

Learn the total amount of students’ loan obligations from Drake you may be faced with.

Number Of Drake Grants And Scholarships

The following statistics provide reference to the assistance offered to students by Drake University.

100.0 percent of first-year undergraduate students (758 total) received scholarship money in the first year at Drake University, averaging $22,437 each.

Drake University is within the top 20th percentile among all colleges all over the nation.

One hundred forty first-year students received Federal grant assistance.

A little over 18.0 percent of Drake first-year students received grants of about $5,512 per recipient.

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How Financial Need Affect Financial Aids

The table below shows the scholarship and grant distributions according to income for students in the first year who receive federally-funded Title IV aid, including Federal PLUS loans.

Income Level Percent of Freshman Average Assistance

  • Income 0-30k 7.1% $31,209
  • Income 30k-48k 5.9% $28,565
  • Income 48k-75k 8.7% $27,383
  • Income 75k-110k 13.1% $24,744
  • Income 110k + 31.0% $21,185

Financial Aid Information At Drake University

For more details on the financial aid available to you, check out the Drake University Financial Aid Department Website.

Drake Presidential Scholarship: Award $20,000-$23,000 Annually

Drake Presidential Scholarship range from $20,000 to $23,000 each year.

Anyone who has submitted an application and been admitted before the deadline of March 1 is automatically considered to receive these scholarships.

The winners of these grants will be determined by a complete exam of the applicant’s applications for admission.

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National Alumni Grants


Drake University National Alumni Association Drake University National Alumni Association offers prestigious scholarships to exceptional students.

Students are welcome to participate in this program.

Applicants are not required to be connected to Drake alumni to be eligible for this award.

The application process for the national alumni scholarship is competitive. Awards are given out via the National Alumni Scholarship Program.

This National Alumni Scholarship awards annually:

Two full-ride Alumni Scholarships (lessons as well as accommodation and meals)

Three full scholarships to George Carpenter

Students who meet all the necessary qualifications and can participate in two National Alumni Fellowship Days will be granted a Fiduciary Fellowship amounting to $3,000.

National Merit Scholarships: Award-$2,000

The merit-based national scholarships can range from $2,000 a year for students who are not financially disadvantaged to $2,000 for students who need financial evidence.

Students in the first year of their studies who are designated National Merit finalists and have selected Drake University as their first choice institution could be eligible for grants from Drake University.

Students awarded corporate-sponsored merit scholarships for the national competition cannot be eligible for the Drake-sponsored national merit awards.

Drake University Athletic Scholarships-Award:$5,000

Athletic scholarships are awarded to students who excel in female and male sports.

Men’s scholarships are offered for football, basketball, cross-country skiing, athletics, tennis, and golf.

Women’s scholarships are offered in the same sports as men’s; they also have softball, volleyball, and rowing.

Law Scholarships

Drake Law School awards more than $6 million annually in scholarships.

Scholarships are only available to full-time students within the J.D. program, and most scholarships are renewable for the full three years on academic achievements.

For more information on Drake Law School’s retention of scholarships, check out Drake Law School’s ABA required disclosures.

Dwight D. Opperman Scholarships

The Opperman Scholar Program was established through a donation by Dwight D. Opperman, LW’51.

The program offers up to three full-tuition scholarships to outstanding students every year.

Furthermore, the program gives an annual stipend for $10,000.


Joseph H. Morris Scholarship

The Joseph H. Memorial Fund was created in 1976 to help financially struggling students with disabilities.

Every year, the fund offers scholarships that Drake Law students can use to pay tuition expenses for room and board.

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Also, consideration is given to materials and books such as tutoring, social equipment, and other things, provided that the applicant’s account is completely paid.

The number and value of the awards will differ each year, based on the funds’ earnings.

Morris Scholarships are offered only to those with disabilities that are documented or to finance facilities with capital equipment that students with disabilities directly use.

The Coordinator must formally approve the students who qualify of the University for Student Disability Services.

Opportunity Scholarship

The Law School awards scholarships each year to new students of economically, academically, or socially marginalized origins and those who can demonstrate that their participation will greatly increase the diversity of the student population.

Furthermore, the student must prove that they have financial needs.

Opportunity Scholarships are available from 1/4 up to full tuition awards. Each award is renewed to the third and second year of law school is fully enrolled.

Students can submit applications in response to disadvantages or diversity, or both.


For more details, you can find out regarding Drake Grants by clicking the link below.

What is the GPA you require to compete with Drake National Alumni Scholarships?

Drake, the national alumni scholarship candidate, must maintain the minimum grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale, ranging from 2.0 to 3.25 according to the awarded award.

What is drake’s scholarship value?

Drake’s scholarship value is determined by the wide range of scholarships available to students.

What is the value of the president’s scholarship at Drake University

Drake president’s scholarship is among the most prestigious opportunities for sponsorship offered by Drake University, and the value is the total amount of $20,000 – $23,000 annually.

Drake Scholarships deadline

The Drake Scholarships deadline is quickly approaching, March 1 is the deadline so be sure to submit your application as soon as possible.

The scholarships are a great opportunity to receive financial assistance for college, and the selection process is highly competitive.

So, make sure to submit a well-crafted application that stands out from the rest. Good luck!


the Drake scholarship is a great opportunity for students who are looking for financial assistance.

The deadline for applications is in March, so be sure to apply soon.

If you have any questions, be sure to contact the scholarship office. Good luck!

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