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10 Part-time Data Entry Jobs From Home In Canada (Hiring Now)

Data entry jobs are an excellent option in the event that you’re seeking work-from-home jobs in Canada. However, the chances of securing any of these jobs are slim when you’re for the position from outside Canada and aren’t yet eligible to legally work in Canada. Employers in Canada will hire an international worker without first providing proof that no Canadians are qualified for the job.

Let’s talk about data entry jobs at home in Canada at present. This isn’t something new that we have all heard of. It’s been in existence since the advent of computer technology into everyday daily lives. However, now that it’s a viable option for working from home via the internet It has gained significant recognition.

 Data Entry Jobs From Home In Canada

1. Data entry clerk

An employee hired to input or update data in a computer system is an employee of the data entry department or control operator, data registration and control operator or data register and management operator, or data processing and register operator. With a keyboard, data is often transferred to computers from paper.

Data entry experts are responsible for the digitization of data to store it. Within the administrative department of a business, their responsibilities include collecting client data, keeping an organized filing system, and making sure that data is accurate and completeness.

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2. Work as a Coordinator for Administration

A professional who is responsible for the responsibility of preparing and managing plans, managing budgets, communicating with clients or staff needing assistance, and keeping organized records is called the administrative coordinator.

3. Clerk for order entry

The principal responsibilities of an office clerk are receiving and processing orders from customers while ensuring accuracy and rapidity. A clerk for order entry is responsible for recording customer data, which includes names and addresses, billing information, and item specifications, into databases upon receipt of orders.

4. SHAWNA research assistant

The Research Assistant assists the research team by assisting in the implementation, execution, and review of research and research-related tasks like studies of literature as well as data analysis and the creation of research papers that are peer-reviewed. The Research Assistant is accountable to the Principal Investigator.

5. Data Entry Specialists

Data entry specialists are accountable for digitizing data to store. They are responsible for assembling client information, keeping an organized filing system, and checking the accuracy and completeness within the administrative department of a firm.

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6. Aide in Human Resources

An individual who is responsible for an organization’s administrative routine and HR functions is known as HR Assistant. They assist employees in clerical duties and assist with recruitment and record-keeping and the processing of payroll. The job advertisement is free.

Data Entry Jobs From Home In Canada

7. Office Assistant III

Time entry Backup assistance of the purchasing clerk coordinating the records project by the records management team and acting as a department resource whenever there are administrative problems arise. just a few of the responsibilities of this job.

8. payroll and Accounting Technicians. and accounting technician

The Administrative Services Department, this position is at the professional level. The Supervisory Accountant (or designee) is in charge of the broad directions. This person performs technical and complex tasks that involve processing pay and benefits.

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9. Health Data Manager

The clinical data manager is responsible for all requirements for data in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies for clinical research. Collecting and conserving information about clinical studies and programs is among the responsibilities of a clinical director of data. You have to collect, handle, and evaluate data as part of your job. 

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To ensure that the results are reliable and valid, you need to regularly evaluate your data collection and analysis procedures. Furthermore, you must make sure that your research is in line with ethical research standards and guidelines set forth by institutions such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA ).

10. Remote Booking Coordinator, International

The remote coordinator manages travel plans for a business or an organization’s top executives and employees of the sales department. Making essential hotel and flight reservations allows you to organize business travel while in a remote job.


As computers first entered our lives the jobs of data entry were among the very first jobs to become available, and the same is applicable to Internet jobs. Data entry jobs online from work from home were among the most popular jobs once the Internet began to gain popularity.

Furthermore, it gave rise to numerous scams. Many websites that require payments and offered data input jobs have come up. Yet, the option for working at home has made this an extremely sought-after job on the Internet currently.


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