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10 Safest Cities In Brazil For 2022

Brazil is seen to be among the most beautiful countries in the world. It is home to iconic beaches, breathtaking scenery, and vibrant and lively culture. It’s a dream for those who love everything tropical. Furthermore, the nation has one of the most secure urban areas in Latin America.

In any city that you’re located in, it’s comfortable knowing that the place is secure. This is especially true when you’re traveling to unfamiliar territory. Certain cities around the world can be dangerous, but there are other places in which danger is not as prevalent.

In order to help you make an informed decision about the cities to visit For your convenience, here is an overview of cities that are safest in Brazil. Let’s begin!

 Safest Cities In Brasil

1. Palmas

Palmas is situated close to the geographical middle of Brazil located on the Tocantins River. It lies in the state of rainforest known as the Tocantins and is famous as a place of tribal tribes indigenous to the region, stunning rivers, and diverse species of wildlife.

It is among the cities that are growing at the fastest rate in Brazil. The cost of living in the city is not too high, however, there are plenty of amenities. The city is well-equipped with an advanced public transportation system, which includes ferry and bus services.

Palmas is regarded as one of the most secure towns in Brazil. This is due to the fact that it doesn’t have any gang activity or organized crime when compared with other Brazilian cities. The city has an uninhibited crime rate despite the rapid growth it has experienced in the past decade.

Another reason why Palmas is so secure is the rapid growth in economic activity which has occurred in the city over the last several decades. The city has seen an increase in skilled workers from across Brazil and more coming to the city for work. They have contributed to the improvement of the economy.

2. Florianopolis

Florianopolis is an island city located in Southern Brazil and also the capital city of Santa Catarina. The majority of the population is located on the islands. It is split into two separate parts by an escarpment.

The Brazilian city on the island is considered to be among the safest areas to reside in to live in South America. The inhabitants feel a strong sense of community that helps keep the rate of crime low.

The city is known for its strong attention to the environmental aspects. It is home to several nature reserves scattered across the landscape. It’s well-known among tourists looking for outdoor adventure and activities. The region also has some stunning beaches. It’s, therefore, an important draw for tourists from across Brazil as well as from around the world.

Florianopolis remains a secure destination for residents and tourists alike despite its increasing popularity. Criminality has been a concern in Brazil for several years. However, the rate of crime in Florianopolis has decreased in recent times.

3. Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte is regarded as the capital of the state of Minas Gerais. It is situated on the coast of Southeastern Brazil. The city is also considered to be amongst the best gorgeous cities in Brazil. It’s famous for its vibrant incredible architecture and culture.

The name translates to “beautiful horizon.” It’s perfect considering that the city is in between two mountains (Serra do Curral, and Serra da Moeda).

Belo Horizonte has earned a reputation as being among the most secure cities in Brazil. Belo Horizonte has an extremely low rate of homicide and a decrease in crime. Be aware when you go out in the street because violence can occur at any time of the day.

The city is generally secure for tourists, but minor crimes, like pickpocketing, do occur. While visiting the city, you should try to stay clear of walking in the dark and using taxis that are not marked.

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There are many reasons why the city is considered to be secure. One of the reasons is due to the fact that its citizens are helpful and friendly to visitors. They’ll be able to help you with everything, such as directions or finding restaurants and hotels in the vicinity. There’s no need to worry about being alone when you’re in Belo Horizonte!

4. Brasilia

Brasilia is known as the capital city of Brazil and is also regarded as one of the most secure cities in Brazil. The rate of crime in this city is lower than in other cities in Brazil.

There are many reasons why Brasilia has an extremely low rate of crime. It, for instance, has some of the most prestigious universities and schools in the country. The levels of education within this area are higher than the average, and they draw people from different cities too.

Brasilia is also a magnet for thousands of visitors each year. There are many security personnel in the city throughout the day to guard visitors in Brasilia.

Many students who go to school here remain and stay in the city after having completed their studies. This means there’s lower unemployment and more jobs are available in the area. This helps reduce the rate of crime because individuals can work and provide for their families rather than turn to crime due to desperation or bored.

Though it has experienced problems with street crime and thefts, they are steadily decreasing over the last couple of years.

5. Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is the economic capital of Brazil. Sao Paulo is a diverse range of architectural styles including Gothic Cathedrals, to modern-day skyscrapers.

The concrete jungle can be a great way to become lost in this sprawling city. But, don’t worry. The city that is cosmopolitan Sao Paulo has been named one of the most secure cities in Brazil.

In addition, one reason why many people decide to choose Sao Paulo as a destination is security. The rate of crime in the city is less than that of Rio de Janeiro or other cities in Brazil. The crime rate is lower for violent crimes however, you might be confronted with cases of petty theft or pickpocketing. So, keep your valuables close.

The presence of police throughout Sao Paulo is high, and you can spot the presence of police officers with guns at every street intersection. This deters criminals, and locals feel secure.

The city has lots to offer visitors. The nightlife is lively and thrilling. If you are planning to go out late at night it is possible to hop into taxis without having to worry about your security.

The city is also home to numerous cultural venues that range from theaters and museums to nightclubs and restaurants. It’s also home to the top shopping districts in the nation.

Safest Cities In Brazil

6. Salvador

Salvador (Brazil’s 3rd-largest town) is a paradise on the beach with a rich past and a vibrant culture. Salvador is becoming increasingly sought-after by foreign tourists. It can be a bit intimidating for those who are new to the area. However, it’s awash with people from the area who want to give their insider advice on moving around, taking in the beach, and tasting delicious food.

Salvador is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Brazil. Salvador is also known as a large city that has more than three million residents. The unemployment and poverty rates are quite high, leading to criminality. But the city does have more police officers and vigilance against criminal activities. In the end, the city has been made much more secure in recent years and the rate of crime is declining.

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Salvador’s low crime rate is because of the efficiency of the police force. Police use cameras and GPS devices for tracking their vehicles to keep track of the possibility of crime in real-time and react quickly.

Investigators from the police force have been trained to make use of social media sites, including Facebook as well as WhatsApp. They can gain information on criminal gangs.

7. Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a breathtaking city. From the white beaches to the sprawling forests, Rio de Janeiro is one of the most stunning cities on earth. It is also Brazil’s biggest city. The most well-known landmark of the city Christ the Redeemer statue.

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most sought-after places to visit in Brazil. It’s considered to be the capital of culture in Brazil. Therefore, it’s worth a trip in case you’re searching for a place to be your home.

While some areas are prone to high rates of crime, the city is considered to be one of the most secure cities in Brazil because of its low murder rate.

There are many reasons that Rio de Janeiro is one of the safest cities in Brazil. There are some slums in which crimes could be committed, and where people are able to cover their tracks from police officers. There are also a few street gangs operating within Brazilian cities.

The third reason is that Rio de Janeiro has one of the highest percentages of police involvement per person in the world. There are numerous police officers patrolling the streets which makes it hard for criminals to commit crimes.

Fourthly, a highly-tech surveillance system is monitoring the activity within Rio de Janeiro. It gathers all the available information from different sources. It also ensures that every effort is taken to stop crime from occurring.

8. Natal

Natal lies in the northwestern region of Brazil and is often referred to as”the “city of the sun” and is famous for its sun-soaked beaches as well as its relaxed lifestyle. It is a great place to enjoy the weather all year long, making it perfect for a full-time beach party or a peaceful holiday away from the bustle and hustle of major cities like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. It is among the most popular tourist destinations in Brazil.

Natal is also among the most secure city in Brazil. In addition, it is ranked as the 2nd safest capital city in Brazil. This is due in large part to the fact that it is a major tourist destination. Because it depends heavily on tourism to support its economy The city takes steps to ensure tourists feel secure and safe when traveling there.

There are fewer murders and robberies in comparison to the other Brazilian cities. Also, it has an extremely small crime level. Additionally, the crime rate, in Natal has dropped by 5% in the last year.

The government is continuing to intensify efforts to ensure that tourists and citizens are secure in the city.

9. Recife

Recife is considered to be the capital city of Pernambuco the state which was once referred to as the nation’s Wild West due to an explosion of drug-related violence.

Recently, however, crimes have been brought under control by large-scale police operations. In the city, there is a lower level of crime and a well-functioning police force. This makes it an extremely tranquil and safe city in Brazil.

The city is well-developed in the tourism business. It’s now a favorite among visitors to its beautiful beaches and historical cities.

Recife’s crime rate has decreased recently. This is due to a community-policing program. In this program, police officers are assigned to specific areas. They’re expected to be acquainted with people on a personal basis.

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In addition to this program of policing, Recife has also adopted the “zero-tolerance” policy for crime. Criminals are swiftly penalized for crimes they commit, even the slightest of infractions.

10. Campo Grande

Campo Grande is one of the most modern and secure cities in Brazil. The city lies near the border between Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay. The rate of crime is low in Campo Grande is low. You’ll feel secure walking around the city, even in the dark.

The low rate of crime in Campo Grande can be attributed to the city’s prosperity in the economy. In general, countries with higher incomes have lower rates of crime. Furthermore, countries with higher incomes tend to invest in programs that aim to decrease criminality and ensure that citizens are safe. In the case of Campo Grande, the Campo Grande police department works tirelessly to stop crimes from happening in the city.

In addition to low crime rates, Campo Grande also has low violent crime rates. Crimes that are violent include murder and rape. These two kinds of crimes are feared by people living in cities or rural. Fortunately for the residents of Campo Grande, violent crimes are rare!

In addition, the rate of crime has been decreasing significantly over the past couple of years. There are numerous reasons this is happening. For instance, they’ve launched a program called “Safe City,” which includes the installation of cameras all over the city. This has stopped criminals from committing crimes and deterred them from engaging in crimes since they know they’ll be caught by cameras right away.

How to Stay Safe in Brazil

Brazil is a huge country with a number of major cities that may be slightly rough in the corners. But, as with any other major city you’ve visited there are a few tips to ensure your safety and avoid any difficulties.

The first rule is to stay clear of areas known as neighborhoods known as the favelas (slums) and other dangerous areas. Don’t go out by yourself in the dark, particularly when you’re carrying expensive items such as cameras or laptops.

When you take taxis, choose radio taxis from reliable firms. Taxis can be booked directly from your restaurant or hotel. Do not hail taxis from the street. This is because of scams that are widespread in Brazil. When you get to one of the major airports in Brazil there will be a taxi stand, which allows you to book taxis.

Don’t accept any ride from someone who comes up to you at the airport, or else. If you require a cab outside your restaurant or hotel it is possible to use an app instead of calling one from the street.

Be alert to your surroundings. Criminals who pickpocket you can be adept. Therefore, be vigilant and make sure you don’t throw valuables on the ground. Print copies of important documents like your passport and travel insurance policy and credit cards.

In this way, you’ll have something to use in the event that the original documents have been destroyed or lost. Lock your valuables away in the hotel room when you’re they are not being used.

Also, avoid flashing money or jewelry. Don’t wear expensive jewelry or wear accessories at a moderate price instead. Avoid wearing flashy clothing or expensive watches when walking through the streets in the evening. They will make you stand out as a potential target for robbery.

You can also purchase tickets online for tours and performances. You will avoid the hassle of being scammed by sellers selling fake tickets on the streets.

Finally, drinking is an essential aspect of the Brazilian culture, however, drink responsibly. Don’t drink in a way that leaves you vulnerable, or drunk and raucous. This can make you a target picking pockets or worse.

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