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Executive Pastor Job Description And Roles

A Pastor, also known as a Minister, is accountable to be an ordained spiritual leader in their congregation. Christian faith. Their responsibilities include giving sermons to their congregation, coordinating charitable events and church functions and gathering with their community to help them build their faith or deal with important life challenges.

Pastor Duties and Responsibilities

Pastors are accountable for a variety of things in their spiritual call. Some of the Pastoral responsibilities include:

  • Preparing sermons using research and writing about the best way to deliver Bible lessons to the congregation in order to satisfy their spiritual desires
  • Officiating at important events in the lives of the congregation for example, weddings, confirmations, baptisms, funerals, and confirmations.
  • Assisting in the ministry of the church by taking care of administrative duties

Pastor Job Description Examples

Example 1

FLC-Youth Pastor


Job Type:

Part-time (10-15 hours/week)


Responsibilities The Youth Pastor is accountable for the spiritual growth and development in the Youth Ministry. Responsibilities This will involve leading regularly scheduled Youth Group gatherings (Middle and High School). Additionally, they will be overseeing participants in the Youth Life Group on Wednesday evenings. Assist a team of volunteers who serve as part of this Youth Ministry. We want the applicant to feel a part of us’ (attend Sunday services and other FLC activities). A Youth Pastor would be accountable for coordinating regular youth activities (for gathering and/or serving opportunities).


Qualifications Candidates must have a strong, committed relationship with Jesus Christ and a servant’s heart. We’re seeking a candidate who is kind, caring and humble. They also have some administration abilities. Candidates should possess the ability to use social media to connect with students wherever they are.


Communication :

Participate in meetings with staff and provide up-to-date information on the ministry.

Maintain the senior pastor up-to-date on staff achievements as well as future plans and concerns.

Maintain good relationships and clear communications with employees.


Education :

B.S. in Pastoral/Bible Studies and/or a postgraduate Biblical Education (can be in the process of being)


Work Experience :

Do you prefer to work with the Youth Ministry (Paid or Volunteer) however any experience in ministry is considered a plus.


About Faith Lighthouse Church:

A church with a desire to serve and love like Jesus.


Job Type: Part-time


Compensation: $12.00 to $15.00 per hour



Flexible schedule

Paid time off

Ability to commute or relocate:

Plant City, FL 33565 Plan or commute regularly to relocate prior to starting work (Required)


Hospice care 1 year location One address

More information

Example 2



The Executive Pastor is responsible for carrying the responsibility for the administrative needs that are required by the Village Church. Similar to how the Lead Pastor is responsible for the the spiritual needs of the congregation (in along with Elders) The Executive Pastor will shoulder the burden of the administrative requirements of the church, while also assisting the Lead Pastor with overseeing the church.


This position entails the highest amounts of responsibility, accountability and demands.




Qualifications for Position


The qualifications required for this position originate directly from Scripture:


1 Timothy 3: 1 – 7

Titus 1: 6 – 9

Purpose of Position

In order to free the pastor in charge at the Village Church to focus on the ministry of the Word, prayer as well as other pastoral duties. This position is the central point of liaison for the administrative requirements of the church.

The Ideal Candidate

The person in this position must demonstrate these three characteristics to an increasing degree: humility, passion, and Giving.

Additionally, the below is a list of what the ideal candidate is:

  • A person who is prayerful when making decisions and does not rely solely on strategy without consulting God.
  • The value of Scripture It is a reference to Scripture in all things
  • Affirmative and humble capable of leading, and accept direction
  • Not easily upset However, resilient and gracious when under pressure.
  • Capable of figuring out problems without direction or direction
  • Professional behavior and manner of speaking throughout all conversations, emails and other different forms of communication
  • Highly detail-oriented and doesn’t let crucial aspects pass through the cracks
  • Able to manage several projects at once, and with perfection
  • Expert in the creation of teams and structures for organization.
  • Highly skilled in delegating tasks and holding them accountable for completing tasks
  • They are trustworthy; do exactly what they claim they will do.
  • Expert in expanding and managing finances and expansion; able to design balanced, balanced, and manage budgets
  • Clear / direct communicator
  • Reliable to text messages, email and phone calls
  • Strong and confident in confronting conflict
  • Not shy, sensitive, or forgetful or even aggressive
  • It is essential to be able to constantly discover a way to finish the task

    Areas of Oversight

    The following are the areas of supervision and expansion of the Executive Pastor’s role. The Executive Pastor might not be able to handle all the tasks required to efficiently manage each area however, they will ultimately have responsible for each of the areas.
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Human Resources



Contractor Relationship Management

Admin / Office



Social Media



School (future)

Educational Requirements

Minimum bachelor’s degree (Master’s degree preferred)

Have completed the following:

– Upper Graduate Ministerial Degree

– Ordination by Wesleyan Church
– Ordination through another denomination
I am currently am in the process of working on one of these

Minimum of 5 years of prior ministry experience (preferred)

Practical Tasks

  • Then, you should preach 4 to 10 times per year.

  • Supervise staff management and staff recruitment

  • Control facility construction and expansion

  • Create and manage budgets

  • Oversee preschool management & expansion

  • Consultation appointments for counselors

  • Conflict resolution

    Job Type: Full-time

    Salary: $30,000.00 to $999,999.00 per year


Dental insurance

Health insurance

Paid time off

Professional development assistance

Retirement plan

Vision insurance

8 Hour Location One Location

More information

Example 3

West Groton Bible Church (Groton, NY) – Pastor


The Big Picture


West Groton Bible Church is currently searching for our next full-time pastor on our own.


Our church, which is small and independent, is located in the Finger Lakes area of Central NY in the gorgeous hills that lie between Ithaca as well as Cortland, NY.


Visit our website [website] to find out more about our church in the countryside and the location of our church.


The Candidate


We’re seeking an individual who is spiritually mature who embodies the spirit of Christ in both his personal as well as public lives. A person who is driven to encourage and grow of the Church of God by expository preaching His Word. A person with God gifted capacity to communicate the meaning and wisdom of Scripture in a manner that is able to connect with the congregation and leads to learning comprehension, understanding, and application. A person who is sensitive to the direction from God’s Holy Spirit and who will serve as the head for the Board of Elders with the primary responsibilities of the pulpit ministry, execution of ordinances and and the dedication to complete the Great Commission and will support and support the church’s programs such as Biblical counseling services.


The Qualifications


Born again, baptized Christian who is devoted to the Lord.

Meet the requirements of scriptural apprehensions for the leader mentioned in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

Be proficient in biblical theology, and be able to impart the biblical truth to all ages.

Nationally recognized as a certified professional with Biblical counseling (ACBC) is an added advantage however it is not necessary. A willingness to involve the local community , and to support missionaries and church’s ministries.

Excellent interpersonal skills, with the ability to reflect on listening.

Are able to discipline the members of the church .


Keep a balanced balance between personal development in the Lord as well as family life and in ministry.


Experience in ministry is preferred, but not necessary.

Baccalaureate diploma from an Accredited Institution , Master of Divinity degree or equivalent.


The Compensation


Three-story parsonage that has possibility of a fourth bedroom


Parsonage is located next to the church with all the necessary appliances comprising


Garage that is attached to the parsonage

Well that was previously drilled and drilled, but with a new water system


Electricity and heating expenses included


Internet and phone costs are covered


Lawn mowing/snow ploughing and snow ploughing services offered


Garbage collection services offered


Health Insurance payment is made available


The annual mileage allowance is offered

Salary ranges from $30,000 to $35,000 per annum


The Process


If you are an applicant who is interested and your resume, you must answer these three questions:


  1. Do you believe you would be a good choice to serve as the Pastor of WGBC?
  2. What are your experiences in ministry and what you think makes you suitable to serve as the pastor at WGBC?
  3. In a couple of sentences, Please provide a brief outline of your theology and how it conforms with the doctrines of WGBC?

Send us your resume, your answers to the following questions along with an online sermon link


Job Type: Full-time


Salary: $45,000.00 $40,000.00 – $50,000.00 per year



8 hours of work

Monday to Friday

Weekend availability


Pastor 2 years. Location One Location

More information

What Does a Pastor Do?

Pastors usually work for churches from different faiths within the Christian faith in order to provide direction and leadership to congregations. They interact with the pastors of the church administration to set up the latest policies and themes for worship at their place of worship. Their task is to think about Bible passages and link them to current events in order to offer valuable insight to their sermons. They also manage administrative duties along with other church staff. They could also be in charge of officiating weddings or providing funeral services to congregants.

Executive Pastor Job Description

a man in a suit pointing a text on an open bible on a black background

Pastor Skills and Qualifications

The pastoral position requires a lot of abilities. These include:

  • Skills for communication both verbally and in writing to inform, persuade , and encourage congregation members. Pastor’s communication skills are essential to be able to communicate with the church staff and media, if needed.
  • The ability to keep information confidential when working with members of the congregation to help better counsel and soothe congregation members in situations of crisis. Pastor should respect a church member’s privacy both during and after pastoral counseling.
  • The ability to use church software to handle church administration duties
  • Skills in project management to communicate with the church’s management in a an efficient manner
  • Moral character that is strong to set an example of good faith for the congregation

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Pastor Salary Expectations

The median pay for a pastor is $39,605 per annum. The salary estimates are built upon the salaries provided on Indeed through Pastor employees and other users and also gathered from current and past advertisements for jobs on Indeed. This salary may vary in accordance with the size, seniority as well as the financial strength of the church that is hiring as well as the benefits and compensation for Pastors with many years of experience in the ministry of the church.

Pastor Education and Training Requirements

At a minimum, Pastors must have an undergraduate degree in Arts and a specialization or certification in ministry. A master’s degree from a theological institution that is accredited or seminary is highly recommended as well as some Pastors might want to pursue an advanced doctorate from theological or seminary. Certain denominations have boards for ministry that test pastor candidates in theology and the ministry. A Pastor should be educated in pastoral ethics and The Old as well as the New Testament, Biblical interpretation of the testaments, financial planning and education for the Pastor’s office, the church’s finances and other administrative tasks related to the job of Pastors. The primary responsibility of Pastors being to educate the congregation, lead and encourage congregations, a Pastor is expected to be educated emotionally and trained to the extent that the job requires that they are professionally trained and educated to manage an entire congregation.

Pastor Experience Requirements

Pastors start their careers as associate pastors. They are under the direction of senior pastors. With time and experience, and a good moral conduct, Associate Pastors advance to become senior pastoral positions. Pastors need to learn and demonstrate competence in the fundamentals of social work when helping congregation members who are experiencing crisis and require counseling. A pastor will learn to provide counseling and support to congregation members, whether they are grieving losing a beloved family member or celebrating the arrival of a brand new baby.


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