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10 Best Data Analyst Jobs Entry Level In Canada (Hiring Now)

Every business uses data to guide its decision-making. Coffee shops can decide to base their operating hours for the holidays on sales records from various years. Software companies can weigh the cost of labor against profits in deciding on the number of employees to recruit for the next year.

Data analyst jobs are crucial for strategic planning across every industry. Occupation as an analyst of data could be rewarding if you like the use of data (hints or other evidence or other information) to address issues and provide precise forecasts and judgments. Actually, Data analyst jobs do not require the same amount of education that other computer-related jobs.

Direct certification is not always required for analysts who work with data. But, it’s certainly advantageous.

Learn about the entry-level job of a data analyst and their obligations in an organization in this blog post.

Data Analyst Jobs Entry Level

1. Database Expert

Alongside collecting, organizing, and analyzing statistical data based on the database’s information, the analyst of the database will study data structure and keep track of the database’s data.

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2. FTT Data Analyst

Data analysts analyze data to uncover crucial customer insights and possible applications for the data. They also inform the management of the company and other stakeholders of the information.

3. An analyst of the irrigation information

As an analyst of irrigation data, you’ll collect, analyze, and manage the data required to analyze the irrigated agriculture’s current and future requirements and develop policies that mirror the ministry’s irrigation plan.

4. Partner, Data Analyst

What exactly is the role of an associate analyst in data analysis? Like the title suggests, the primary task is to analyze and present data from the company in a way that is understood by the senior management and assists them in formulating the business’s long as well as short and short-term goals.

5. Intern Data Analyst

An organization can hire an intern who is a data analyst for an audition for data analysts. They usually have the responsibility of making data, working on them, and keeping track of its accuracy and quality.

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6. Data Analyst Delve

Software named Delve can be used to analyze qualitative data. It’s a user-friendly, qualitative analysis tool for groups online that quickly allows users to discover accurate, real information.

7. Analyst to Data Warehouses

An analyst in the data warehouse collects, examines, extracts, and aids the company in the use of data stored at storage warehouses for data.

As an analyst of the data warehouse, You collect and examine data to provide advice to management on ways to improve data reporting, storage, and other related business challenges. Analysts at the senior level can manage the work of a team, take charge of the quality of data extraction and ensure that data security is secure.

8. Informatics and systems data analyst

Data Analyst Jobs Entry Level

Data analysts gather and look over data using sophisticated techniques to create information that can aid in decision-making. They respond to queries regarding information and look to find patterns, trends, and anomalies. The typical tasks involve extracting the required data using tools that are specialized.

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9. Analyst for Business Systems

Specialists in information technology who gather and examine data from businesses to identify where improvements could be made are referred to as business system analysts, frequently called systems analysts or computer Systems analysts.

10. Data Analyst for Inventory

The daily tasks of an inventory company are handled by a specialist referred to as an inventor analyst. Analysts of inventory must keep track of the inventory data and analyze financial data to determine which products are sold most and those that aren’t performing.


Are you looking to learn how to get an entry-level position as a data analyst? There are many ways to achieve this.

There is no guarantee that everyone will get the same answers to the issue of how to obtain basic data analyst positions. You can take a degree to gain more discipline, or opt for networking and self-study in order to reduce expenses and duration.


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