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Becoming a Canadian Citizen Through Marriage

Becoming a Canadian citizen by marriage remains a myth to many people, and some have even considered getting Canadian citizenship just by marrying a Canadian citizen.

Although it’s not a standard procedure to become a Canadian citizen when you marry the country’s citizen, be a possibility to do this in the future, but there are a few steps involved.

If you are married to a Canadian citizen, you won’t immediately become a citizen right away.

First, you must be sponsored by Canada even if you’re not a resident of Canada. After that, you must be granted a temporary residence in Canada.

After a few months, if you fulfill the criteria to become a permanent resident of Canada and are eligible, you’ll be issued a PR card.

Being a Canadian citizen happens after you have been in Canada for a significant amount of time and you’ve fulfilled all the conditions for Canadian citizenship.

Becoming a Canadian citizen

Benefits of Becoming a Canadian Citizen

Like the advantages that you receive in your country of origin as an American citizen in Canada, once you are an American citizen, you have the same rights and privileges, too.

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The advantages of becoming a Canadian citizen include:

  • You are entitled to vote and to be the one to vote in any political election.
  • You can easily be an official sponsor in Canada and aid your family members, friends, and family members to migrate to Canada and aid them in becoming permanent residents of Canada.
  • If you are a Canadian citizen, you will be able to carry an official Canadian passport to travel anywhere comfortably.
  • As you are a citizen of Canada. You are not in the position of being subject to any removal order for the rest of your life.
  • You can move between provinces within Canada without restriction.

How to Become a Canadian citizen through marriage

The first step is legally marrying a Canadian citizen. A wedding ceremony in a courtroom is generally preferable since it is the most widely accepted evidence of marriage documents. There are many other options apart from marriage to establish the connection.

Two people are considered married if they’ve been in a relationship for a long time. This is known as a common-law marriage.

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You’re now qualified for sponsorship if you’ve received an official marriage document. Spousal sponsorship is typically the best option, but you need to be able to satisfy other conditions to be eligible for this category.

After having gained permanent residence, the next step will be to apply for Canadian citizenship. It is essential to meet the conditions mentioned above to become qualified to apply for citizenship.

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Requirement To Become A Canadian Citizen

  • It is first necessary to be a permanent resident of Canada.
  • Then, you will gain some work experience during your experience in Canada.
  • You must have resided in Canada in Canada for not less than 3 of five years in the application period.
  • You do not owe government officials.
  • The Canadian government, but you should have paid your taxes if you have to.
  • To be a citizen, there is a test you must pass, and it is known as the citizenship test.
  • You’ll also have to show proof of your language proficiency.
  • Be aware of Canada’s past as well as its culture and its government.
  • If you were convicted of an offense within or outside of Canada, it is possible that you will not be eligible for citizenship for some time. Additionally, the time you spend in jail will not be counted as the time you living in Canada.
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If you are married to a Canadian citizen, you may be eligible for Canadian citizenship.

There are a few steps you will need in becoming a Canadian citizen, but with the help of a lawyer or immigration specialist, the process should be relatively easy.

Becoming a Canadian citizen is a great way to secure your status in Canada and gain all of the benefits that come with being a Canadian citizen.

If you are interested in applying for Canadian citizenship, please contact an immigration specialist today.

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