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How Do I Renew My Canadian Passport In 2022?

Your Canadian passport serves as the one that is issued to citizens of Canada through Canada’s Passport Program of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that allows the person who is carrying it to leave and return to Canada without restriction.

Through your Canadian passport, you’ll be able to travel to and out of other countries as per visa requirements.

If you’re in danger or need help abroad when you are in danger, your Canadian passport will allow you to get help or security at the hands of Canadian consular officers.

The Canadian passports usually last for 5-10 years for those aged 16 older and over and five years for those younger than 16 years old.

After expiration, you will be required to apply for renewal for your Canadian passport or not be permitted to leave or return to Canada.

Whether you’re located in Canada or another country, if your passport has expired, you will be eligible to get a new Canadian passport using the steps outlined in this article.

Canadian Passport

If you are applying for a renewal of your Canadian passport, you must meet the eligibility requirements below.

1. Check If You Can Renew Your Canadian passports

It is necessary to have the status of a Canadian citizen in order to apply for an upgrade to your Canadian passport.

To renew your Canadian passport, your current passport must:

  • Not be damaged
  • Never have they been reported as either stolen or lost.
  • were issued with a five-year or 10 year validity
  • be valid or expired for a maximum of one year from the date we accept your application
  • were issued once your age reached at the least of 16 old age.
  • Have the same name, birth date and the place of birth that you’d like to put to appear on your passport.
  • Have the same gender identify that you would like to be able to identify your gender on your passport (either included either on the current passport, or on the observation sticker)
  • You can be eligible to apply for passport as children (under 16 years old) in the following circumstances:
  • one of the child’s parents , and providing proof of parentage
  • The child’s guardian is legal, and providing evidence of legal guardianship or
  • Custodial parents in divorce or separation and supplying the relevant legal documents.
  • Now is the time to apply to renew the validity of your Canadian passport once you have met the eligibility requirements mentioned above.
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Follow the following steps to apply for extension or renewal of your Canadian passport right now.

2. Complete the Application Form

Download an adult passport application form from the IRCC website.

Make sure to check the relevant box at the bottom of section 2 of the passport application form, if your old passport has an entry visa that you would like to keep.

If you’re trying to renew a passport for a child There are different applications procedure you have to adhere to.

It is not possible to renew your child’s passport, and you have to apply for a fresh passport and ensure that all the required documents are in order.

You are able to apply for a passport for your child in the following circumstances:

  • One of the parents of the child
  • The parent with custody of the child if the parents have divorced or separated.
  • All documents (including any divorce decree) that address the custody of any child, mobility of and access for the child
  • The child’s guardian is legal with the appropriate documents
  • All legal documents verifying the lawful guardianship of the child have to be provided.
  • Every legal parent or guardian must sign the form, and we can contact the other legal guardian, parent or other parents.
  • The applications you need to fill out could differ depending on where you’re applying.
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3. Get Your Passport Photo

Be sure to include 2 identical passport photographs and your old expired passport with your application.


Your reference must be comprised of 2 persons who have known you for at least two years.

Notice: Family members aren’t allowed to be a reference when renewing your passport.

5. Pay Your Fees

The age of you and the country you’re applying from will affect the cost you have to pay.

It is possible to pay your application fee using a debit or credit card, cashier’s check, or certified money order. Receiving agents accept cash payments with exact change.

You may also submit applications in-person to a passport counter or an agent for receiving (Service Canada or Canada Post) or submit it via post.

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6 Pick up Your Passport

You can pick up your new passport on a specific date after completing your application.

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You can request someone else to pick it up on your behalf, but the person receiving it must show an acknowledgment letter signed by you authorizing them to pick it up and show proof of identity for them.

If you submitted your application via mail, your passport along with any others documents would be delivered to the address you specified in the application.


passport renewal can be a quick and easy process as long as the correct documents are prepared and submitted.

If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to contact the passport office for assistance.

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